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Ortronics Network Infrastructure Solutions

Legrand is a global leader in network infrastructure solutions, offering a wide array of copper and fiber connectivity, cable management, and cabinet solutions. The Ortronics product line provides efficient, flexible solutions to keep our data center or building network running seamlessly- all united by Legrand’s superior design principles.

About Otronics

Your Data Center Can Rely On Ortronics by Legrand

Data centers are the foundation on which modern communications and technology are built. Legrand provides the comprehensive network infrastructure to handle the ever-evolving requirements of today’s data centers, offering a diverse array of physical infrastructure, connectivity, power, cable management, and cooling solutions. Legrand’s infrastructure system solutions such as the Ortronics line support next-generation technologies while allowing future growth and improvements in energy and installation efficiency. All of Legrand’s products, including the Ortronics line, are united under Legrand’s superior design principles.

Ortronics Is Part Of Legrand’s Cabling and Network Solutions

In recent years, Legrand has been working hand-in-hand with industry leaders to help establish the next generation of the Internet of Things within the Smart Building. Legrand’s goal is to integrate separate building applications and services into a convenient, shared infrastructure, allowing occupants, operators, and building owners to access new kinds of services and experiences. Visit Legrand’s bio page or website to learn more about the Smart Building and how they’ve partnered with industry experts like C&C Technology Group to help clients achieve new efficiencies and cost-saving practices.

Ortronics Products & Services

Check out these innovative new Ortronics product lines Legrand recently launched.

Infinium Quantum Fiber

Legrand’s Ortronics complete fiber offering redefines data center performance with the latest advancements in network systems: Infinium Quantum, Ultra, and Core. While many other competitors decided to stop at Ultra Low Loss, Legrand has taken Fiber to a Quantum level with its new Ortronics products. The Ortronics fiber offering scales up by order of magnitude: The Infinium Quantum Fiber System provides the lowest total system loss available on the market, offering the choice to push the limits of what recently was considered impossible. With an overall channel attenuation of 0.75 dB, the IQ Solution is perfect for hyperscale, supercomputing, cloud, AI, and other environments with high bandwidth demands. 

Infinium quantum fiber

Legrand’s proprietary, proven manufacturing process guarantees consistent performance to optimize resiliency, capability, and usability. If your organization is considering the Infinium Quantum Fiber System, request a demo from Legrand today and test the Infinium Quantum Fiber System in your lab.

Options for 12 and 24 fiber connectivity: The Infinium Quantum Fiber System offers modular or high density mounting options for a versatile installation.

Lowest total channel connection loss on the markets with a 67% improvement compared to standard systems: The single-mode total channel connection loss comes to a mere 0.75dB, with a single-mode total channel connection return loss of -52dB. The multimode total channel connection loss is 0.75dB, with a multimode total channel connection return loss of -34dB. 

Helps with OPEX savings and corporate social responsibility: Lowers overall energy consumption up to 30% for transceivers.

Open path to 400G for future expansion: The need to replace links in order to handle the demands of 400G and beyond is drastically reduced or totally eliminated. The Infinium Quantum Fiber System also provides the choice to add signal drops, cross connections, splitting, or switching components into the link to handle a specific transmission distance.

Swing-Out Wall-Mount (SWM) Cabinets and Vertical Wall-Mount (VWM) Cabinets

The Ortronics SWM and VWM series of wall-mount network cabinets are ideal for edge-computing applications. Both kinds of cabinets are perfect for environments where floor space is hard to come by, or if only a minimal amount of IT or networking equipment is necessary. 

Wall mounted cabinets by ortronics

The Swing-Out Wall-Mount (SWM) series takes the traditional wall-mount network cabinet to the next level with a swing-out design enabling easy access to networking terminations and the back of mounted equipment. The SWM series features adequate space to handle the needs of most small networks with up to 26RU of available space, making it ideal for education, retail, and small offices. 

The Vertical Wall-Mount (VWM) series offers a new vertical angle for mounting IT and networking equipment that helps to minimize the overall footprint of off-the-wall cabinets. The VWM series is engineered for smaller edge installations needing a more distributed topology and offers up to 8RU of space.

Shielded High-Density Jack and Solutions

The Shielded High-Density Jack reimagines Legrand’s best-selling HDJ footprint and provides optimal electrical performance potential by introducing new features engineered to maximize installation efficiency. The HDJS boasts an industry-leading current carrying capacity paired with heat dissipation applications for high-powered PoE systems. The speed and ease of installation coupled with the general performance of this highly flexible jack give network professionals and contractors the most forward-thinking cabling experience possible. The jack can be easily mounted into faceplates and patch panels at both ends of the channel, thanks to the rear-loading design and HDJ footprint.

Shielded high density jack by ortronics

Shielded High-Density Jack Products

Shielded High-Density Jack: Explore Ortronics High-Density Jacks in CAT 6 & 6A, providing industry-leading installation and electrical efficiency with a robust and durable design.

Shielded HDJS Patch Panel: Work with a wide variety of Ortronicscompatible Shielded HDJS patch panels, including black and white and flat and angled variations.

End-Device Mounting: Work with the extensive Ortronics line of workstation boxes and plates.


Easily terminated: The HDJS jack employs an innovative lacing cap design that enables a reliable and efficient termination. The cap can be terminated with a free tool that is included with every carton of jacks, reducing the amount of additional equipment necessary.

High-Density Footprint: The Shielded High-Density Jack is part of Legrand’s HDJ footprint, allowing up to 48 ports in a single rack unit for the highest density currently available in a copper patch panel.

C&C Technology Group Partners With Otronics

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