Ortronics Compact Edge Cabinet Review

If you want a solution for your IT infrastructure, look no further than the Compact Edge Cabinet with Plexiglass Door. The Compact Edge Cabinet (CEC) series of wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect option for cutting-edge computing. You can use them for managing advanced applications and equipment while still keeping that compact form. The low profile design of the cabinet allows you to rack-mount the equipment but still keep space open to access the panel for adds, drops, upgrades and refreshes. When you need a compact edge cabinet, make sure to select this model. 

Reasons to Choose the Compact Edge Cabinet 

There are many reasons to love this particular cabinet. First, it is the ideal selection for a wall-mounted cabinet, especially when your floor space is at a premium. These cabinets are great options for small offices, healthcare spaces, classrooms, and retail buildings. The cabinet allows you to organize your IT equipment and reduce your overall footprint. Plus, with the clear plexiglass, you don’t have to guess about the contents in the cabinet. You get a clear view of the equipment from the outside. 

Easy Access

Speaking of easy access, the CEC allows you to have wide-open access to all of your computing equipment. When you open the back panel, your connections and equipment are kept all in one place. This cabinet provides you with unfettered management and accessibility. There is no reason to struggle with adding or dropping gear. The cabinet gives you the access that you need for those vital upgrades. 


This model can host a complete network of equipment, such as power distribution units, thermal management components, connectivity devices, and rack-mounted equipment. If you have a small network, PoE, IoT, or edge applications, you cannot find a better solution for your computing needs. The CEC with Plexiglass Door can easily hold up to 4RU of traditional rack-mounted equipment. That equates to about 135lbs of equipment, with 125lbs per mounting rails and 10lbs on the door. What is not to love about that?

PCI Compliance

When you are operating a networking center, you know that space is at a premium. Along with that, you want to make sure that the equipment doesn’t pose a risk to visitors. This model features user access that is controlled with a lock and integrated swing handle. Not only does it keep everyone safe, but it also protects your valuable equipment from any unauthorized access. 

Maximize Your Space with CECWM4RUPL-M

The CEC also allows you to rack mount your equipment vertically. With that, you have a cabinet that provides simple maintenance, easy access, and convenient installation for all of your components. Finally, this cabinet helps you to maximize space in a small room. There are two 4RU rails so that you can mount a wide variety of equipment. You can also free up vertical space with the pivoting panel to improve access points near the rear patch panels.

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to make a great decision. However, the compact edge cabinet is the ideal choice for those small networking spaces.

Compact edge cecwm4rupl m
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