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OWI Incorporated started in 1978 as a manufacturer of loudspeakers. The company’s lines of indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, and weatherized speakers are still industry-standard today.

As a company, OWI Incorporated focuses on research and development to bring the best products to our modern world. That R&D has led to a large product line of award-winning audio equipment for AV integrators and commercial, residential, and industrial markets.

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About OWI Incorporated

OWI Incorporated is known worldwide for its products, including:

  • Landscape and rock garden speakers
  • In-ceiling and in-wall surface-mounted speakers
  • Unique trumpet speakers for music and paging
  • BSK weatherproof shower speakers

Through the company’s internal R&D efforts, OWI Incorporated has created breakthrough products like its:

  • Self-amplified, trumpet, and in-ceiling speakers
  • 70-volt in-wall amplifiers
  • Compact in-wall and mounted control system modules
  • Wall-mounted wireless microphone systems
  • Integratable amplified speakers with Bluetooth features

OWI Incorporated is a world leader in advanced audio systems and manufacturer of sophisticated audio equipment designed for educational, commercial, and residential use.

OWI Speaker Solutions

OWI Incorporated designs audio products for various industries, including:

School & Education

OWI Incorporated’s Sound Pro’s Choice line of products, including microphones, speakers, and audio systems, are perfect for school and educational uses.

For over 20 years, OWI Incorporated has found numerous solutions to real-life problems in the education sector. The company has integrated with many major brands and is known for its prompt, responsive service.

OWI Incorporated develops:

  • Classroom audio integrations that meet NFPA72 requirements
  • Amplified audio systems for assisted listening
  • Solutions to provide sound to large areas with fewer speakers

Hybrid classrooms are more common than ever, which has led to the importance of proper sound systems. OWI Incorporated creates audio systems to help keep teachers comfortable and students engaged.

OWI Incorporated has designed classroom sound systems for decades, adapting to the changing nature of the educational environment. The company’s classroom speakers ensure teachers don’t need to raise their voices to be heard even while wearing masks. They also ensure that students can easily hear the teacher from the back of the classroom.

The company also offers projector audio enhancement solutions for classrooms with its AMP-HD models designed to connect with flat panels and projectors.


OWI Incorporated has worked with commercial companies worldwide for over 40 years. You’ll see the company’s speaker solutions in outdoor parks, restaurants, malls, retail stores, meeting rooms, and almost any place you can imagine.

Because retail spaces need speakers that provide background music with universal coverage at a low volume, OWI Incorporated designs speakers that cover large spaces with intelligible audio.

With tweeters in an NSEW configuration, the company’s speaker solutions can cover up to 3,000 sq. feet from heights of 15 feet. OWI Incorporated’s Saturn and Neptune models feature a 5” woofer with four tweeters, while its Mercury models come in 6” and 8” models to drive more power and bass.

OWI Incorporated also offers 10” subwoofers for retail locations that need even more bass. The company’s solutions can cover retail spaces with fewer speakers, resulting in significant savings for the companies they serve.


OWI Incorporated also works with various hotels and restaurants worldwide to provide reliable audio. For example, you’ll find the company’s products in Las Vegas parking structures, Caesars, the Bellagio, and various casinos in Macau. 

The company also makes cost-effective, aesthetic solutions for rooms and bathrooms, specialty speakers for saunas and showers, and garden speakers for pathways and patios.


OWI Incorporated develops unique and cost-effective solutions for medical facilities, including treatment rooms, patient rooms, and surgical rooms. Its systems integrate Bluetooth and TV with emergency mass notification and nurse calls.

The company provides simple solutions for HIPAA regulations and Bluetooth with manual environmental control.

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OWI Speakers Products & Services

OWI Incorporated offers various products for different industries worldwide. The company is most known for its:

Listening Systems

The OWI Assistive Listening System provides the best end-to-end assistive listening experience. These products are perfect for corporate boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, or anywhere else you need private audio signals.

OWI Incorporated’s 2-channel transmitter-radiator is unique — it’s the only product that provides 100% coverage in any venue space. The advanced IR product is cost-effective, easy to use, blends into any environment, and offers double the IR power of its competitors with six times the coverage. It’s the first IR system that implements delay compensation with expansion radiators, which means no signal cancellation dropouts.

The company’s assistive listening system is also the only transmitter-radiator that uses two channels and up to four frequencies (3.8 MHz, 3.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, and 2.3 MHz), eliminating the need for specific frequency-based products and providing flexibility in the field.

They are also easy to install and include mounting hardware for table, ceiling, or wall installation. OWI Incorporated’s listening systems also include multilingual legislative compliance signs. The products also feature flexible frequency selection to minimize on-site hassles and enhance input connectivity.

Microphone Systems

OWI Incorporated’s CRS201 and CRS301 wireless microphone systems are ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, computer training rooms, hotel meeting rooms, and more. With its slim, wall-mounted, and fully lockable design, the receivers, amplifiers, and mixers accept different line level inputs.

Because these two systems are designed to mount on the wall, there are no rack-mounted or freestanding components to fall off shelves, take up closet space, or make an unsightly mess of wires.

OWI Incorporated’s microphone systems can control two infrared microphones, allowing you to adjust each device’s volume to obtain the perfect audio effects for any room layout.

Other Products

OWI Incorporated also offers a variety of speakers, including:

  • Amplified speakers
  • Bluetooth wireless speakers
  • Pendant speakers
  • Surface mount speakers
  • In-ceiling speakers
  • All-weather garden speakers
  • In-wall speakers
  • Speaker accessories

In addition, the company manufacturers control systems, including:

  • Media control mixers with six inputs to control mic levels, line levels, and more
  • Bluetooth control mixers with balanced line outputs and manual control
  • Toslink control mixers for optical input and CAT5 connection with other OWI Incorporated products
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