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Power Over Ethernet Lighting Technology

Power Over Ethernet Lighting Technology

Power Over Ethernet Lighting Technology

Overtime, ethernet has given us near-infinite possibilities and information at our fingertips – and power over ethernet lighting technology is just one of the many ways it continues to shape our world. Understanding what a PoE lighting company can do for you and your workspace is the first step towards a more efficient, worker-friendly, and cost-effective work environment. Read on to learn how PoE can revolutionize the workplace.

Ethernet: A Brief Background

Ethernet was first invented in 1973, and since then it has been constantly changing, evolving, and adapting to suit professional and personal needs. At its conception, ethernet was envisioned as a way for computers to connect to other computers and devices together. This made local area networks (LANs) possible: multiple computers in one room, building, or group of building became connected.

Early ethernet was created to connect computers that were in close proximity to each other. Once the world wide web was launched, everything changed. Ethernet became a tool for global interconnectivity, and it has since evolved to do much more than simply transmit data. Ethernet is a cable-based system, and those cables have come a long way.

What is Power over Ethernet?

In the most simplest terms, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is electrical power through network cables. While certain devices such as cameras or telephones once required two cables to function (one for power, and one to connect to a network), PoE streamlines this requirement and provides the necessary power and connectivity all in one. PoE is the next step in a long line of ethernet evolution, and it can benefit businesses and networked buildings beyond increasing efficiency and versatility of connected devices.

Power over Ethernet lighting technology is a valuable tool for smart buildings. PoE lighting allows the programming of each light in a network, and each light can direct information to sensors to monitor workspace usage. This allows connected devices to relay information about energy usage for increased efficiency, and the constant flow of information from sensors can also ensure maintenance is carried out proactively to prevent the damaging of any network components.

C&C Technology Group

PoE lighting is a growing field, and to fully take advantage of its benefits, it pays to contact a digital building contractor for a smart building consultation you can count on. C&C technology group provides information and consulting on how to best enhance your workspace using PoE technology, including lighting, sensors, and more. Our expert IT infrastructure team has assisted with the creation and adoption of efficient business and technology solutions for over 35 years, and we take steps to ensure our clients stay on the cutting edge of smart building development.

Don’t hesitate to enhance productivity and connectivity, and don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate PoE technology for a more streamlined business and workspace. Learn more about what Power over Ethernet lighting technology can do for you, and contact C&C Technology Group for a consultation today.

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