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Primeview Global: LCD & LED Wall Solutions

Primeview is a leading provider of premium LCD and direct view LED solutions for industries including broadcast, retail, corporate, control rooms, data centers, and more.

The company’s systems are designed by renowned video wall experts with combined experiences spanning decades. They specialize in display technology, system controls, mounting solutions, and mission-critical wall processing.

About Primeview Global

Launched in 1997, Primeview specializes in visual solutions, focusing on the corporate market. They design, produce, and deliver industry-leading visual display technology for various needs.

The company’s video walls combine the latest in plasma and LCD technology with the known functionality of more traditional video walls. As a result, Primeview’s products are the perfect way to capture attention and present any content with an anti-reflective surface and unmatched brightness and contrast.

In 2012, the company started offering turnkey video wall solutions with built-in mounting and interactivity. With an array of options and more versatility than ever, the company’s video walls are a step into the digital transformation of the future.

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Primeview Global Works For

Content and Animation Creators

Primeview’s extensive team of engineers, artists, producers, developers, animators work seamlessly to turn any vision into a reality. From digital out-of-home engagements and LED spectaculars to retail facelifts, data visualizations, and hospitality applications, Primeview works to overhaul your customers’ and clients’ visual experience.


The company also services the broadcast market with various solutions for studio applications, including screening and training, post-production environments, studio backdrops, and broadcast and distribution monitoring rooms. Primeview is a company committed to satisfying its clients’ needs through extensive research and development combined with reliability and the newest technology.

They are a project-based manufacturer and bring the highest video quality, the lowest latency, and the most connectivity for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Command and Control Professionals

Primeview offers flexible solutions to meet its clients’ command and control needs with products like:

  • 4K UHD multi-viewing defense and weapon systems
  • LED LCD video wall systems
  • Control room monitoring
  • Control room management
  • LED tile video walls
  • And more

The company designs command and control screens using various approaches, all compliant with military and industry standards. Primeview Global provides solutions for campus security, traffic control, bank surveillance, border control, airport security, and police and public safety. The company’s displays operate 24/7 to support the most demanding, mission-critical applications.

Digital Signage

Primeview Global also provides services within the digital signage market with various solutions applicable in many environments, like retail, hospitality, restaurants, museums, cinema lobbies, transportation venues, higher education, arenas, large venues, and more. It is a company committed to catering to its customers’ needs in a flexible and proven way. Primeview’s digital signage displays run with military-grade reliability and help businesses communicate effectively across multiple touchpoints throughout their box offices, menu boards, interactive displays, etc.

Enterprise Signage

The company also offers digital signage for the enterprise market and provides solutions for corporate applications, including conference rooms, waiting rooms, employee desks, monitoring rooms, lobbies, and service desks. Primeview’s displays help enterprises communicate throughout their corporate campuses, from conference rooms for employee meetings to welcoming guests in their lobbyists and engaging employees with company information, news, and more.

Primeview global display solutions

Primeview Products & Services

Primeview is a global leader in LED wall solutions and seamless LCD systems. Thanks to technology advancements, video walls are increasing in popularity and can deliver spectacular digital experiences in any shape, size, and curve for any content from any vantage point. The company provides a broad range of high-resolution solutions for indoor and outdoor environments.

Fusion Series

Primeview’s Fusion Series LED displays to offer the crispest, clearest, and brightest images and the highest refresh rate available on the market. Their direct view LED wall displays to have HDR capabilities then come in various pitch options. In addition, they are seamless walls available as 16×9 cabinets that you can install quickly and maintain and operate with little training.

Reliable and dynamic, the Fusion Series displays are vibrant and reliable, making for a perfect solution for retail stores, broadcast studios, and corporate applications. The displays are available from 2K to 8K resolutions and feature segmental design and innovative full front serviceability for easy maintenance.


The Fusionmax line of displays from Primeview is the company’s newest offering. They offer HD and UHD displays with bezel-free panels and eliminate the major concerns associated with older video wall solutions.

They’re available in sizes from 110″ to 220″ and make the perfect option for digital signage use to up-close immersion applications and everything in between. With its scalable building block model, you can install the Fusionmax LED displays in almost any space. They’re ideal for classrooms, executive boardrooms, retail, simulation, private theaters, customer experience centers, and other commercial and enterprise situations.

These turnkey displays from Primeview have many accessories and options and come with a 5-year warranty.

Fusion Lite

The Fusion Lite series from Primeview are cutting-edge displays that offer high refresh rates and crisp, clear images. Available in various pictures, these displays offer a seamless video experience and are available in unique sizes and designs so that you can achieve high-impact visuals almost anywhere. They operate 24/7 with reliability, and their dynamic range of uses is perfect for various applications, from custom digital art displays to retail and corporate settings.


The company’s FusionXL series of displays offer the same benefits as the Fusion Lite line of products but are available in larger sizes with an 8:9 aspect ratio perfect for larger spaces in retail stores, broadcast studios, and a variety of corporate settings.

Standalone UHD Displays

Primeview Global also offers standalone UHD monitors in various sizes for companies looking for a more budget-conscious solution for high-tech conference rooms, NOC needs, and training room applications. With 8-bit color-driven pixel resolutions to create stunning images and led backlights to allow for the best color uniformity, these standalone displays are the perfect solution for businesses on a tight budget.

C&C is proud to be a partner of Primeview Global for audiovisual solutions.

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