Protect your Tester with Fluke Gold Support

Fluke gold support

There’s nothing more frustrating than business downtime due to tester issues. You need the right support for your tester to ensure a high return on investment. It may be beneficial to look at Fluke Network’s Gold Support. Why consider this premium program for your tester needs? Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits.

Non-Stop Support

You need help whenever issues arise, not only during certain business hours of the day. Fluke Gold Support means unique access with members-only phone numbers to our technical assistance center (TAC). Fluke Networks has a full staff of elite experts that are highly trained and always on call. That includes into the evening, through the night, and even on weekends. So, you never have to go without the support you need. They are there to answer any complex troubleshooting issues you may have so your staff gets the extended expertise they need to get the job done.

Calibration and Repairs

Having Gold support qualifies you for one calibration per year for free at an authorized Fluke Service Center. In addition, if you schedule your calibration ahead of time, you can obtain a loaner unit. That means no downtime for you and your team.

What will happen during calibration? Your units will be exactly regulated to factory specifications using the full array of proprietary Fluke Networks test procedures, as well as adjusted if necessary with genuine repair parts, and software and firmware updates will be applied. All done in a typical turnaround time of five working days.

What about repairs? You can receive unlimited repair services for free. That includes labor, parts, and shipping with premier priority. Not only that, but you can also obtain a loaner unit during the repair time so you can stay up and running.


Any parts and accessories that come with your unit that qualify as flawed or defective are not your problem. Simply contact the technical assistance center, day or night, and you can get a replacement free of charge.

Members-Only Perks

Everyone likes a good members-only exclusive! Your membership makes you eligible for special programs and promotions including discounts, access to reconditioned equipment at special prices, and much more.

Fleet Gold Program

If you are a Fluke Networks customer and have a substantial amount of copper or fiber products, you may qualify for their Fleet Gold Support program. This program is reserved for customers and partners that have displayed a commitment to maintaining their Fluke Networks equipment to the highest industry standards. You can ask your Gold Support Sales Specialist for more information on Fleet Gold and the benefits that come along with it.

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Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Josh Mahan

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