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PureLink: Go Beyond 4K with PureLink Audiovisual

Here at PureLink, our goal since inception has been simple: be a leading innovator and educator in the Audio/Visual field. Since 2002 our R&D team has accomplished this by innovating new features into old A/V products. 

About PureLink

We’ve also verged into the unknown by providing fresh products and services that can operate efficiently across vast networks. However, this R&D-related aspect represents only one piece of the puzzle regarding our values. You can break down PureLink’s purpose into three main areas:

  • Design to provide innovative solutions within our products and services
  • Sharing intelligence from what we learn with our partners
  • Service and support for any of the technology that we create. 

Many industries face problems properly sending A/V signals over a large and sometimes outdated system. Luckily, PureLink’s line of renowned network switchers, IP encoders, and IP decoders are the perfect solutions for bridging this gap. 

Best of all, we make it easy for the average person with training to navigate these products and services. That’s why our world-renowned A/V products are sought after by some incredibly high-profile companies. 

Some companies we’ve worked for include Carnival Corporation, Georgia Aquarium, and even the United Nations. Let’s explore some of the different industries we serve. 

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PureLink Works For

Corporate Enterprises

In the age of remote work, it’s never been more critical to have a conference room that can operate on both an in-person or remote level. 

Regardless of which option you need, PureLink can provide you with a plethora of A/V solutions, from digital signage to extenders for long-distance transmissions. 


Anyone that works in broadcasting knows that it’s vital to convert formats from analog to digital before transmitting them. 

Luckily, our matrix switching system gives you lightening fast distribution speeds and switching that you won’t notice. Plus, our AV and SDI integration converge onto a single platform. 

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Digital Signage

When airports, concert venues, and malls need dynamic video displays to convey critical information, who do they turn to? 

Simple: the A/V signal management system provided by PureLink. Our digital signage product makes it easy to communicate with your customers clearly and quickly. 


In the past A/V integration wasn’t a big part of healthcare. However, everything from daily training to department head meetings requires audio and video distribution systems. 

PureLink can implement solutions for your healthcare A/V, whether you’re communicating with a neighboring hospital or one that’s thousands of miles away. 


Gone are the days of chalkboards. These days, educators rely on A/V systems for teaching thanks to their convenience and interactive nature. 

Whether it’s a presentation system for your auditorium or a full campus monitoring system, PureLink can help you maximize the potential of your students. 

Luxury Transportation

Whether it’s a luxury yacht or a full-blown cruise ship, both of these forms of transportation require advanced A/V solutions. 

PureLink allows you to save much-needed space on these vessels by integrating your A/V components into one centralized system. 

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship depend on their A/V system to deliver a memorable worship experience. And it’s not just the audio components that technicians need to worry about. The video components are just as crucial since they provide a visual aid both during the music and sermon. 

Luckily, the connectivity solutions offered by PureLink make it easy and intuitive to deliver the right type of experience for your congregation. 

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Military & Government

Sometimes military operations depend on a stable A/V connection. For decades PureLink has been bringing cutting-edge technology to both military and government contracting work. We know that these industries have exacting standards, and we work hard to meet them. 

Residential Communities

Why should your home get to miss out on PureLink’s A/V solutions? Manage the home theater of your dreams with our systems designed for residential applications. 

Purelink av media axis
PureLink AV Media Axis

PureLink Products

Curious about what types of solutions PureLink provides for A/V problems? In this section, we’ll be going over some of PureLink’s most popular products. Keep in mind that this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the products we offer. 

We offer a whole range of cameras, cables, broadcast streaming devices, drivers, and more on our products page

Want to check out our latest offerings? Explore our new products section to find the latest and greatest innovations we’re working on. 

Matrix Switchers

Our matrix switchers allow you to control any media signals you need across lots of different sources. They also offer the seamless distribution of Ultra HD video and audio. 

We’ve also recently introduced Media Axis, which allows for matrix switching on a large scale. If you want to learn more about cutting-edge signal extension systems, you can check out the product description here

A/V Over IP

Do you require multiple sources of video distribution across your entire network? Look no further than our A/V Over IP products. Things like our PureStream brand provide both hardware and software solutions for signal distribution and media playback. 


If you’ve been having trouble with your long-range, you need an extender to help you with your connectivity. Our Fiber and HDBaseT pair of extenders are perfect for this problem. And if you need even more signal, you can utilize our extension packages. 

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Wireless Audio Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a church or a conference room; you deserve wireless audio solutions for your distanced communication needs. The best part is that we offer both rentals and permanent installations to fit whatever audio needs you require. 

Having trouble implementing our products and services? Simply contact our support squad to get your system working again as soon as possible. 

Switchers & DAs

If you’re tired of needing to program or master a control system to stay connected, you need to check out our switchers and DAs. They’re so simple to work with that nearly anyone with basic training can operate them.

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