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Raritan is a Legrand brand specializing in environmental management, intelligent rack PDUs, and KVM switch products. For years, Raritan has delivered solutions to maximize data center intelligence and reliability worldwide for many top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies. Raritan’s custom PDU designs and innovative technologies help push power and infrastructure management solutions forward.

Raritan Products & Services

Raritan Power Distribution

Raritan’s innovative data center power products include inline meters, rack power distribution units (rack PDUs), branch circuit monitoring systems, and transfer switches. All Raritan power distribution products leverage the Xerus Technology Platform to improve availability and uptime by making power management devices easier to control, deploy, and remotely manage across multiple locations. Raritan power distribution products are natively compatible with DCIM software, allowing your organization to conveniently scale new access control and environmental monitoring devices along with gathering actionable insights for smarter, more efficient decision making.

Raritan power distribution unit

PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

Raritan’s PX Intelligent Rack PDU series connects IT equipment cabinets with reliable power distribution. 

  • The PDU series provides metering at the outlet, inlet, and PDU circuit breaker level.
  • Form factors from Zero to 3U
  • Single or Three-phase support for 120 to 400V
  • Additionally offers environmental monitoring support

PX Inline Meters

Raritan’s PX Inline Meter series is an uncomplicated, easy way to add environment and power monitoring to basic PDUs from other vendors. They can also monitor standalone IT equipment- all you have to do is wire or plug the inline meter into existing circuits to see real-time power data and check for hot spots.

Intelligent Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch

Raritan’s Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch reduces downtime in cabinets using single power supply devices:

  • Offers power metering at the outlet, inlet, and branch circuit level
  • It also provides outlet-level switching for optimal remote power control
  • Patent-pending hybrid design enables reliable load transfers within four to eight minutes

Branch Circuit Monitor

The all-new BCM2 branch circuit meter series gives facilities and data center managers access to historical and real-time views of power usage and electrical capacity at the floor PDU, panelboard, overhead busway, or RPP. Contractors can install the monitor with new construction or add metering to an existing data center.

PXO Compact Power Distribution

Raritan’s PXO-line of intelligent, compact power distribution units (PDUs) offers control and visibility for locations that IT personnel cannot easily access. The thin, space-efficient chassis design means that the device can be mounted in almost any position and is ideal for powering audiovisual and IT systems.

Raritan Rack Management

Raritan offers a diverse array of rack solutions to optimize critical IT device management from a rack level. Raritan has a solution that meets your unique needs, from innovative, intelligent asset tags to a full line of environmental sensors for monitoring your data center atmosphere.

Raritan rack management

Intelligent Asset Tags and Sensors

Raritan’s Asset Management Tags and Sensors work in conjunction with their DCIM software to offer an automated, accurate, real-time inventory of all IT assets and their locations. 

SmartLock System

Raritan’s SmartLock door access control system is a plug-and-play, networked control solution engineered to conveniently improve compliance and physical security for your organization’s whitespace and IT assets. 


Datacenter managers can employ SmartSensors for humidity, airflow, air pressure, wear, and contact closure to pinpoint hot spots, effectively cool equipment, reduce expensive downtime, and maintain data center security.

Smart Rack Controller

Raritan’s Smart Rack Controller is a premium intelligent sensor management solution with applications as a central connection point for asset location, environmental monitoring, physical access, and other security and monitoring sensors. It handles the gaps in instrumenting a data center or facility by creating an all-in-one intelligent device that gathers and delivers real-time, relevant data about your facility at minimum disruption to the existing IT infrastructure or power distribution. 

KVM-OVER-IP Switches

Raritan offers a range of KVM-over-IP Switches employing modern TCP/IP and Ethernet networks to provide remote access, control, and management from anywhere in the world. Raritan’s Dominion KVM-over-IP switches offer unlimited IP access and control through WAN, LAN, and the Internet, along with at-the-rack access. Suitable for every organization size, from the largest enterprise data centers to small labs, Raritan is proud to lead the market in KVM-over-IP switches.

Raritan kvm switches

Dominion KX III

KX III is a series of high-performance KVM-over-IP switches employed by food labs, data centers, and server rooms. A single switch can connect to multi-platform servers and serial devices up to 64. It accommodates 1, 2, 4, or 8 remote users and 1 local user. Easily connect to HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, PS2, USB, and serial ports. The high-performance User Station is ideal for labs, broadcast studios, and control rooms.

Dominion KSX II

Raritan’s KSX II series of combined KVM-over-IP and serial console server appliances assist with remote IT management:

  •  KSX2-144 offers 4 KVM and 4 serial ports by accommodating 1 local user, 4 serial users, and 1 remote KVM user.
  • KSX2-188 accommodates 8 serial users, 1 remote KVM user, and one local user
  • Accommodates 1 remote KVM user, 1 local user, and 4 serial users

Dominion KX IV-101

The Dominion KX IV-101 is a single-port, ultra-high performance KVM over-IP Switch:

  • Supports 4K video resolution and 1080 at 60 frames-per-second
  • Offers high-performance, versatile KVM-over-IP remote access, management, and control
  • 4th generation Dominion KX switch

Dominion LX II

Engineered for small to midsize businesses, Raritan’s affordable KVM-over-IP switch allows data center, IT, network, and lab administrators to manage computer and serial devices remotely and maximize uptime, reduce unnecessary travel, and resolve issues efficiently.

Dominion SX II

Raritan’s Dominion SX II offers Java-free, convenient access to networking devices, servers, security appliances, virtual hosts, rack PDUs, and telecom/wireless equipment.

Dominion KSX II

KSX II is a series of combined serial console server and KVM-over-IP appliances for IT remote management:

  • Accommodates 1 remote KVM user, 1 local user, and 4 serial users
  • KSX2-144 has 4 serial and 4 KVM ports
  • KSX2-188 has 8 serial and 8 KVM ports

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