Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5147R Review

Powering up all of your equipment shouldn’t be difficult. However, it can be hard to find the right device to meet your needs with so many options. With Raritan’s PX3-5147R, you have the best power distribution unit for your money. Its features are innovative yet simple to use in many commercial settings. 

Should You Purchase a PX3-5147R PDU?

A power distribution unit is a safe and effective way to power up high-value equipment (think servers in a data center). You don’t want to trust this critical job to just any power bar. The PX3-5147R is a convenient way to keep track of your power management. These devices can power up a large number of components. However, they are more than a basic power strip. This model allows for individual outlet metering and remote outlet switching. 

The PX3-5147R takes your power management to the next level. It is durable enough to handle any real-life situation that you may encounter. For example, if your data center happens to lose power, it has disaster recovery support available to help mitigate any potential losses

Raritan Is a Great Brand Name

When you are searching for an exceptional product for your power needs, make sure to choose Raritan. All of their products have been tested and meet only the strictest standards. That means you can count on the PDU to keep your equipment connected and reduce any problems with downtime. 

Since it features three-phase power outputs, you can trust that this PDU will have a continuous uptime. There is a temperature monitor on the unit that can alert you to any troubles in your space. As a result, you don’t have to worry about damaging any valuable equipment when plugged into the PX3-5147R.

Power Management Made Easy

Managing your power can be frustrating. However, if there is any problem with the power grid, you will be alerted. Those alerts can help you prevent any disasters in your data center and limit prolonged downtime

For those who need to meter the power voltage, this unit is highly accurate. In fact, it has an accuracy level of +1/-1%. If there is a problem with any current loads, you can quickly and conveniently make changes. These features allow you to be in complete control of your power management. 

The PX3-5147R has exceptional circuit monitoring as well. In the case of a circuit breaker trip, the PDU sends you an alert for the system. Without a PDU, your equipment was subject to power surges and blackouts. The PX3-5147R can help you keep all of that valuable equipment up and running throughout the day and night. 

Convenient Options

Today, many people use their smartphones and other devices to operate a business. Running a data center is not any different. The PX3-5147R is Android, iPhone, and iPad capable so that you can check the status of the power while on the go. 
After you have used the PX3-5147R, you will never look at power management the same way again. This powerful PDU is one of the best solutions to meet the vital power needs of your commercial equipment.

Raritan rack pdu px3 5147r
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