Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5497V Review

Want a more intelligent power distribution unit for your data management needs? Raritan’s PX3-5497V PDU offers more stability and flexibility to your business or home than other power distribution units. You can use it to monitor environmental sensors and manage data center infrastructure while providing real-time remote powering needs

Reliable Power Distribution Unit

The PX3-5497V PDU features individual outlet metering and three-phase power distribution. The PX3-5497V is great for anyone who needs to keep their equipment connected and powered

You get real-time data for all of your infrastructure and alarm systems. There is plenty of power with this PDU, ensuring the future of your data center or other vital equipment is powered 24/7.

Trusted Name for Your Power Operations

When you search for the right power distribution unit for your needs, you want a name that you can trust. Raritan has been trusted by the world’s largest data center operators, with over 30 years of real-world tested physical engineering. With the PX3-5497V, you can ensure that your data center continues to have full power for continuous uptime. 

PX3-5497V offers low-profile, flush-mount circuit breakers. There is no need to stock fuses for your data center ever again. Along with that, this feature reduces the chance that you could use an incorrect fuse that can damage your equipment, void warranties, or compromise safety. 

By eliminating those circuit breaker houses, this PDU improves the accessibility around your center. Raritan’s PDUs help you identify all of those power feeds, lowering the risk of unplanned downtime and errors. 

With this flush-mount controller, you can easily configure firmware while relying on its industrial-grade power capabilities. In addition to that, the PX3-5497V offers disaster recovery support in the case of a malfunction. 

The PX3-5497V provides incredible metering accuracy to ensure you can measure real-world power loads. With that measurement quality, you can observe all of the ports and interfaces of the PX so that you can guarantee reliability in your center. 

Certified Rack PDU PX3-5497V

All of the Raritan’s PDUs are put through a rigorous set of tests to make sure that the product is compliant with the most stringent electrical standards in the world. That is a great relief to know when you plug it into an outlet for your home or business. 

Solid Design

This product features built-in failover power. Using the expansion port can maintain the power and network connectivity between two connected PDUs. For faster remediation, this unit alerts you to power outages, allowing you to keep control of your power system. 

While some PDUs leave you in the dark about your system, this Raritan features circuit breaker trip alarms that can help you monitor power management for every branch circuit of your PDU. With that, you can watch the current voltage to see which circuit has tripped. This circuit breaker trip detection system provides real-time alerts to potential problems. 

Easy Network Access

This model features USB Webcam accessibility, and it can be controlled with an iPad/iPhone/Android app. You can quickly check on the status of your power system with the easy-to-read LED screen. 

When you need a simple power solution for your data center, make sure to select Raritan’s PX3-5497V.

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