Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5520R Review

Are you searching for an intelligent rack solution that does more than distribute power? It’s time to look at the PX3-5520R PDU. With this unit, you can launch your data center into the future. This PDU allows for real-time monitoring of environmental sensors and infrastructure. You can choose to meter individual outlets, provide three-phase power distribution, or switch between outlets. 

Trusted Technology of the PX3-5520R4

PDUs are perfect for anyone who needs consistent power to a data center or any other type of vital equipment. Raritan has raised the bar for power management around the world. You can count on secure software and hardware technology to keep your center up and running. This technology allows you to collect data on alarms while providing accurate communication to your operators and software systems. It would be hard to find any other PDU that can accomplish that. 

PX3-5520R is engineered to work hard to keep your equipment powered up. When looking for an exceptional PDU, many of the top data centers in the world trust the Raritan brand

When you need industrial-grade reliability, the features of the PX3-5520R are some of the best in this category. This power distribution unit provides exceptional disaster recovery support and hot swap capabilities if there is ever a malfunction. 

It offers accurate KWH metering accuracy of +1/-1%, which you can track all types of power loads in real-time, not just those peak times. To ensure the highest degree of reliability, you can observe all the sensing points and interfaces at the same time with this PDU. 

A Reliable Product with a Solid Design

Some PDUs just look like they can’t hold up to the job. With Raritan, you never have to worry. All of the products, including the PX3-5520R, must pass rigorous tests to be certified by the company. With that, you can trust that this PDU will have met the most stringent electrical standards in the world. When you need reliable power for your data center, this is a great unit to keep everything connected. 

With its built-in failover power, the expansion port of the PDU maintains its network connectivity even when connected to one or more units. When there happens to be a problem, you are alerted through your computer or smartphone. In any case, you always remain in control of your data center’s power system. You can’t physically monitor your equipment 24/7, but this PDU will keep a watch and provide updates to you. 

This convenient unit is perfect for those who want to actively monitor their power needs within a data center or other places requiring a constant, reliable power supply. The PX3-5022R is the ideal choice for those who want a technically advanced unit but still want simple features that can be used in combination with existing equipment. The PX3-5022R offers an LED screen with an easy-to-read menu that can benefit both novice and expert users. 

If you are searching for a reliable power distribution unit for your data center or high-value location, take a look at Raritan’s PX3-5502R.

Raritan rack pdu px3 5520r
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