Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5666V-C5 Review

When it comes time to keep your high-value equipment connected, you want to count on a reliable device. If you put too much drain on an outlet, you could have a blown fuse. In turn, that can lead to damaged equipment or lost data. The Raritan PX3-5666V-C5 PDU is the best unit for the money. 

Takes the Guesswork Out of Power Management

Keeping a data center connected is a full-time job. With expensive computers, servers, and other equipment, you want something that you can trust. With the PX3-5666V-C5, you have many features, including three-phase power distribution, outlet switching, and individual metering. 

This unit is an exceptional choice for anyone who needs constant power to their commercial enterprises. Along with that, you never have to worry about outdated firmware. The PX3-5666V-C5 has technology that allows you to communicate between your hardware and software, which leads to reduced downtime for your business. 

There are so many PDUs on the marketplace, and they all promise to keep you connected. However, Raritan is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Before the PDU reaches consumers, it is placed through rigorous tests. As a result, you can be guaranteed that this product will work in any real-life application. In the event that something does go wrong, Raritan has got you covered. You can rely on its disaster recovery support to get your power back up and running. 

Monitoring is Simple With the PDU PX3-5666V-C5

If you need to check out the status of an individual outlet, you can easily accomplish that with this PDU. You can observe the interface and sensor points all at the same time. With that, you can monitor the power loads in the current time or peak times. 

For those looking for more connectivity, the expansion port of this particular PDU allows you to connect more units to the system. If you are concerned about any power failures, this Raritan unit sends you an alert to your smartphone or computer. You will never be “surprised” by down equipment again. These alerts help you stay ahead of any situation. It’s nice to know that this unit is tracking the status of the equipment. 

Do You Need a PDU?

While many people are searching for the best way to power their equipment, these PDUs have a specific purpose. The PX3-5666V-C5 allows you to monitor your power supply from another location. Along with that, you can have reliable and constant power to your high-value equipment. Keep in mind that these units are designed for machines that require heavy loads of power. If you want to power a small appliance, there are other options on the market.

You don’t need an advanced degree to program this power distribution unit. With easy-to-read screens and convenient smartphone apps, anyone can manage their power in a few simple steps. The PX3-5666V-C5 makes a massive difference for those who want something powerful yet simple to use. When you need a reliable PDU for your essential machines and equipment, make the PX3-5666V-C5 your first choice.

Raritan rack pdu px3 5666v c5
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