Surveillance Cameras vs. Security Cameras: What’s the Difference?

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Security and surveillance cameras serve different purposes in ensuring safety and security in various environments. Security cameras are commonly used in retail stores, large parking lots, and office buildings. Think about stores like Walmart that have large parking lots. They are open 24 hours and can be unsafe during the night. 

These cameras need to be able to detect movement in dark areas. Surveillance cameras are placed in high-risk public spaces and are usually informed by A.I. Surveillance cameras are also monitored by law enforcement. 

The main difference between these two security systems is their utility. Security cameras are designed to deter crime. Surveillance cameras are mainly used for monitoring purposes.

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Security Camera vs. Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras are usually placed in secret places that are not visible to the public. Security cameras are visible inside businesses and other venues. Both systems serve a similar purpose: to record video footage daily to detect suspicious activities that can compromise workers and company property.

For example, CCTV cameras are primarily used in businesses such as casinos, banks, airports, and even manufacturing facilities. These surveillance cameras are placed out of plain sight to avoid detection and tampering, which could lead to an unrecorded crime. 

Every environment will have different needs for optimal security. The primary purpose of security cameras is to oversee multiple areas within a building. Adding on-site security not only acts as a deterrent to crime but also adds an extra layer of protection for workers and property. These cameras are visible in public places and record what is happening within their angle of view.

In contrast, surveillance cameras are optimized to capture and record video footage for evidence purposes. They are typically hidden from plain sight and can detect motion within a specific area. Security personnel can access a surveillance system remotely. Usually, they receive alerts via SMS messages, mobile apps, or other notification systems.

Whether you need a surveillance or security system, C&C Technology Group can help you decide on a comprehensive system tailored to your specific needs. Our expert team can help you decide which is best for your environment and ensure that it is installed and maintained to the highest standards. 

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Advanced and Specialized Surveillance Systems

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Advanced security surveillance systems have come a long way, some offering much more than just detecting motion. Some surveillance cameras can differentiate between objects in motion, like people, animals, and vehicles, making detecting suspicious activity such as break-ins or thefts easier. 

Such systems also detect when one enters or exits personnel within buildings and can alert operators when suspicious activity occurs. Lasers can also be added to these systems that detect both motion and temperature changes.

It is essential to have a security professional assess your building when choosing a security system. Every surveillance system is different in terms of its capabilities and cost. 

Some surveillance systems can be equipped with specialized detectors that sense pheromones, and magnetic or infrared motion sensors, which can be monitored via laptops, tablets, or smartphones. However, depending on your need and budget, there may be better long-term options for your business.

If night monitoring is a priority, surveillance systems can be equipped with night-vision capabilities and heat sensors that identify heat emitted from a person or a hot object, such as an oven. 

Weatherproof materials can also protect surveillance systems from water, dust, dirt, and other environmental elements that could damage them. With C&C Technology Group, you can find the perfect security solution tailored to your needs. 

Choosing The Best Solution for Your Business

When choosing the best security option for your needs, understanding the benefits of security and surveillance cameras is important. Security cameras are effective for protecting your business, deterring crime, and observing scenarios and suspicious activity. They can also record high-quality footage that can be used as evidence.

On the other hand, surveillance cameras improve public safety and reduce crime rates in public areas. They are often placed in places of high activity and allow law enforcement to take action when criminal activity is captured. Some surveillance systems also allow operators to monitor the video feed from remote locations easily.

When considering security solutions, assessing the vulnerable touchpoints in your place of business is important. Surveillance cameras work best in public areas, while security cameras handle transitional spaces such as entrances and exits

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