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Server Technology, along with their sister company Raritan, is a Legrand brand in the Datacenter Power and Control Division. Server Technology is Legrand’s division leading the manufacture and engineering of innovative, customer-driven, and reliable access, power, and control solutions for managing and monitoring vital IT assets for uninterrupted availability. The power strategy experts at Server Technology have offered power solutions for data centers, labs, and telecommunications operations for the past three decades. More than 60,000 customers worldwide depend on Legrand’s award-winning power management solutions and rack power distribution units to facilitate capacity planning, minimize downtime, optimize efficiency, and improve energy utility. 

Server Technology Products & Services


Server Technology’s HDOT Cx is one of the most flexible and highest density PDU solutions available and is the only PDU on the market to snag multiple awards. The new and innovative Cx outlet offers a two-in-one solution: There’s a C13 and C19, allowing it to accommodate both C20 and C14 plugs. This simplifies the selection process while reducing end costs. With CDOT Cx, there’s no need to spend money on a new set of PDUs when equipment changes. HDOT Cx PDUS retain all of the great features from previous HDOT PDUs:

  • Easy load balancing
  • The maximum number of outlets per form factor
  • The ability to customize your PDU to the selected configuration in four simple steps

3-Phase PDU Solutions

Today, almost all the power in the world is generated as 3-Phase. It is the most efficient way to create and distribute electricity. 3-Phase power is employed in data centers to support high-density IT applications and reduce the cost of cables needed to deliver that power. One of the biggest challenges of the 3-phase power system was load balancing. Previously, it meant carefully dividing power evenly across three branches of the rack PDU to draw a roughly similar current per branch. Server Technology now offers 3-Phase PDUs with alternating phase power on a per-outlet basis rather than a per-branch basis.

415 PDU Solutions

Cost savings and efficiency are why many data center operators are why so many data center operators are shifting 415 V PDUs to the rack level. Changing current requirements to 415V power increases data center power efficiency and cuts costs. Switching current requirements also cuts the power losses that data centers go through every time electricity passes through a transformer or power converter. 

The power path between the building entrance and the IT loads contains several power transformers and converters per conversion, resulting in power losses and inefficiencies. Lowering the number of transformers and operating at a higher voltage optimizes efficiency and reduces electrical costs.

PRO3X PDU Solutions

The PRO3x integrates the best functionality and features from Legrand’s Raritan and Server Technology power distribution solutions into a single intelligent rack PDU without forgoing the functionality, quality, and uptime Server Technology is known for. The PROx-line of rack PDUs represents the next step in PDU innovation as the first hybrid PDU featuring a new RamLock mechanical locking mechanism, flexible HDOT/HDOT Cx outlets, a fully hot-swappable onboard controller, a multi-color LCD with a push-button interface, the high-accuracy PIPS/POPS measurement circuitry, and the Xerus Technology Platform together in a small form factor.

Server Technology Switched Rack PDU Solutions

The Network Switched PDU offers the ability to monitor and control device power through network connection securely. These products integrate power distribution and power/environmental monitoring and remote configuration and management. With Server Technology’s Switched PDUs, you can:

  • Minimize surge currents through sequenced power-up
  • Control power to a server (or other devices) with a single command
  • Monitor every component of the Smartt PDU
  • Shed load depending on specific events (optional)

Colocation Solutions

No matter if you are deploying your critical equipment to an off-premise colocation provider or are operating a state-of-the-art colocation facility, quality, reliable rack power monitoring and management tools are mandatory. Server Technology has your organization covered with ready-made rack PDU solutions available in 3-5 days, along with 12,000 PDU varieties to support your unique requirements.

Edge Solutions

Edge computing can be used to improve services, speed up content delivery, and localize analytics. Edge computing is used close to the point of consumption to ensure that the network offers an optimal response time to the end client device, no matter if that’s an OTT streaming Roku, a home security system, or a mobile phone user watching television.

Government Solutions

Server Technology is an American company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, providing Federal Government data centers, server rooms, and telecommunications closets with rack power distribution units. Server Technology is proud to be the fastest-growing rack PDU provider in the IT industry.

Hyperscale Solutions

Hyperscale data centers are behind the most popular internet applications as the unsung heroes of internet applications, outputs from hyper-scale solutions are everywhere in applications like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, iTunes, Uber, and YouTube. Hyperscale data centers combine massively redundant computing hardware with extreme software resiliency. Hyperscale needs power that is “always-on” to guarantee the quality of web surfing today’s internet users expect. Server Technology hyperscale solutions keep everything running.

Higher Education Solutions

No matter if you’re supporting high-performance computing applications, high equipment density, a data center, or remote network closets in a campus environment, quality, reliable rack power is essential. Let Server Technology’s power strategy experts assist in choosing, choosing, and constructing the right PDU for your campus application. Connect the right outlet for the application at a fair price:

  • Minimize spending with large-circuit capacity
  • Maximize rack density and server count
  • Support high-performance research computing
  • Campus-wide solutions for power management
  • Flexible configurations for any circumstance

-48VDC Telecommunications Solutions

Telecommunications networks are evolving at a rapid and ever-increasing pace. It’s vital to find trustworthy remote power solutions with mission-critical reliability for your telecommunications operations. Server Technology can help your organization minimize “truck rolls,” operational costs, and customer network issues while optimizing network uptime, reliability, and service. Check out Server Technology’s telecommunications solutions to monitor, manage, and remotely operate your network.

Uptime Solutions

Datacenter power distribution systems offer a crucial opportunity to actively manage rising power costs by identifying problems and waste in real-time. There is an urgent demand for more intelligence within rack-based power infrastructures featuring high rack power densities as future-thinking organizations continue to share knowledge between IT and Facilities. Proactive power management at all stages has become a requirement in the distribution chain within enterprise data centers to generate optimization efforts and efficiency studies. With Server Technology’s Smart Rack and Switched PDUs and PRO2 Firmware, your organization has the peace of mind that your customers and data center are protected from downtime.

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