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Smart Building Vendor

Smart Building Vendor

Smart Building Vendor

In today’s world, everything is now smart and is only getting smarter. There are smartwatches, smartphones, and even smart refrigerators, so it is no surprise that real estate is getting in on the “smart movement.” About a decade ago, commercial real estate started talking about the idea of having smart buildings. These buildings are considered smart as they have state-of-the-art systems that integrate into light sensors that are motion-controlled, fire safety, security key card access, and many more features. In today’s New Jersey real estate market, it is clear that smart buildings are here to stay and are getting smarter as more money is being put into different smart technologies. If you would like to learn more, contact C&C Technology Group to speak with a smart building vendor.

What is “smart”?

People define “smart buildings” differently. As with cell phones, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 8 are both considered smartphones, however, each version is better than the last. The newer versions are smarter and faster. The same goes for smart building technologies. The capabilities of innovative smart building technologies are constantly changing and growing. 

Real estate is losing its reputation as being an old school industry and is starting to embrace the “Internet of Things” to do many tasks automatically. Internet of Things is the connectivity of physical objects to sensors, software, or electronics that exchange and store data. Examples of this would be thermostats or light switches. 

A smart building vendor can explain how smart buildings are able to use the Internet of Things to do a wide variety of tasks, which include:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Diagnostic checks
  • Making adjustments automatically
  • Monitoring performance of equipment
  • Finding inefficiencies
  • Creating alerts to changes or problems
  • Collecting data for building analytics

Why should a building be smart?

As a smart building vendor can demonstrate, there are many incentives that make owners want to add smart technologies to their building. Smart technologies have been found to reduce costs, provide greater efficiencies, improve operational performance, reduce the risk of failing equipment, and enhancing the property’s value. 

  1. Energy Efficiency. One key benefit of smart building is the focus on energy efficiency. The growing interest in sustainability and LEED building certifications helps to make a stronger cause for smart buildings as many of the smart tools focus on reducing the use of natural resources by a building. 
  2. Better Data. Many of the advantages of a smart building revolve around generating data. This data can be used to figure out ways to enhance the building’s performance and usage. 
  3. Requests by the Tenants. Today’s building tenants are looking for smart technologies when signing their leases. Many tenants want buildings that allow them to dim lights remotely or control the temperature automatically. 

There should not be any doubt that the future for smart buildings is only growing at a fast pace. The future of smart buildings could expand to one day creating smart cities which would promote the connectivity of city-wide systems such as transportation, telecommunications, and utilities. Smart buildings can help create large amounts of change in the real estate industry and could make major metropolitan cities connected in a broader vision. 

To learn more, call C&C Technology Group to speak with a smart building vendor today.

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