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Superior Essex has been an industry leader for more than 90 years, creating and innovating wire and cable requirements for the industrial, automotive, commercial, energy, residential, and communications markets. Superior Essex continually expands its global product portfolio, producing new manufacturing processes and driving industry change throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Superior Essex Communications has placed itself at the top of communications cable product design, innovation, and manufacturing through strategic acquisitions emphasizing future-forward communications product sustainability and technology development.

About Superior Essex: Solutions for Enterprise Networks

Data Centers

“In recent years, data center servers and storage devices have had to increase speed, throughput, and storage capacity at exponential rates to meet the growing demands on the communications industry. Whether it’s for enterprise, micro, multi-tenant, cloud service provider, or colocation applications, the highest level of data transmission performance and reliability is critical to creating high-density solutions that can support this ever-changing technology.

Superior Essex cables play a crucial role in this growth, not only in their capacity to carry incredible amounts of information while limiting attenuation, but also in their small, unobtrusive size, allowing for very dense cabling infrastructures.” (source)

Commercial Offices

Your business requires the fastest communications and best data to keep your commercial office running at full speed. Superior Essex International’s enterprise-building solutions match your organization with the perfect cable you need to optimize your network- for the present and the future.


Average human lifespans keep creeping up as medical technology moves forward and becomes more advanced. Healthcare facilities must also evolve with medical technology to stay abreast of treatment demands. No matter if you’re upgrading, constructing, or running an assisted-living facility, hospital, or medical office building, Superior Essential International cables help you prioritize patient health and safety.

Digital Buildings

The future will be digital buildings. Digital buildings create smart environments that both house and enhance our everyday lives. Whether it’s a retrofit, new construction, or a tenant finish-out, Superior Essex International has every kind of cable required for all building capabilities- from digital signage and A/V to networking, security, lighting, and more.

Large Venues

Arenas, entertainment venues, and stadiums face the challenge of supporting ever-higher volumes of data traffic during events and game days. To help managers and venue owners meet their expanding network demands, Superior Essex International offers a wide variety of cabling solutions with industry-leading, reliable electrical performance across several frequency bands to keep your network running at optimal capacity.


Modern resorts, hotels, and casinos are often more than just a place to sleep at night. They are increasingly integrated with smart technologies to take the guest experience to the next level. Interconnecting with the best cable in the industry is the best way to engineer a hassle-free, memorable, future-proof hospitality experience.


Technology is changing the world around us at a rapid pace. For student learning to keep up, campuses need to integrate with the same technology. Keep your college campus, housing, K-12 school, and higher education research facilities ahead of the curve with cables that power and connect technologies for student success.

Superior essex communications

Superior Essex Communications Wireless Network Support

5G Networks

As our world continues to become more wireless, and as true 5G network mesh coverage keeps expanding, more and more cables are required to keep the millions of nodes that support these communications connected and powered. Whether it’s a backhaul connection, DAS system, Macro Cell site, RF transmission, Active Antenna, or RRH application, your network must utilize exceptional cable famous for its performance and quality to promote maximum capacity, coverage, and reliability.

In-Building Wireless

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) acts as an extension of a wireless network (Wi-Fi), offering added capacity and coverage within a structure or geographic area. Whether your network requires a passive, active, or hybrid DAS, Superior Essex International provides the cables to formulate comprehensive wireless coverage throughout the entirety of your in-building infrastructure.

Outdoor Small Cell Sites

Functioning as a way to optimize available network coverage more efficiently, small cell sites provide a less intrusive infrastructure while bolstering capacity in areas that are densely populated. With a diverse array of configurations, sizes, and rugged designs, Superior Essex International has all the cable you need to finish your small cell installation from beginning to end.

Wireless Internet Service Providers

Superior Essex International partners with some of the best wireless internet service providers to connect the world. To give wireless careers and building owners uninterrupted coverage both indoors and out, the firm manufactured families of cable solutions designed specifically to power and connect their network devices.

Long-Term Evolution

5G networks are the wireless technology of the future. But even after becoming fully operational, 5G networks still need to work together with advanced Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks to offer the lowest latency, fastest connectivity, and greatest reliability in a specific geographical area. Superior Essex International cables make it all possible.

Broadband Networks

We use many data-hungry applications every day, which are supported by today’s broadband networks. To power these networks, particularly for telecom applications, they need to be versatile, flexible, and durable. 


Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE), known for its application versatility and low-voltage efficiency, has quickly turned into the preferred cabling solution that IT professionals, building managers, and contractors increasingly depend on to simultaneously supply data and power to different devices in their enterprise spaces. Superior Essex International’s entire family of PowerWise cabling products supports both enterprise and broadband networks, allowing you to customize, optimize, and connect your environment and meet your organization’s unique demands.

Data Centers

Modern data center servers and storage devices require expanding through-put, speed, and storage capacity at exponential rates to handle the communications industry’s growing demands. Whether it’s for micro, enterprise, cloud service provider, multi-tenant, or colocation applications, Superior Essex International cables play a crucial role in creating high-density solutions to support this evolving technology.


Staying connected is critical in our modern world- your customers demand the most reliable and fastest networks to connect them with the necessary data. Superior Essex International cabling products have a long reputation of meeting and exceeding demands for global internet and telecommunications service providers.


Government facilities require the highest levels of data reliability and security, and have exceptionally specific and heightened requirements for enhanced attenuation, security protocols, and fine-tuned network infrastructure. Superior Essex International offers affordable, future-forward cabling solutions to meet the highest standards for government contractors.

Sustainable Cabling

Superior Essex International became a global leader in manufacturing communications cable through continually setting and raising the industry standards for product sustainability in the telecommunications industry. The firm prides itself on full transparency regarding their products’ health and environmental impacts and supports intelligent building design through their Power-over-Ethernet technology solutions.

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