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Choosing the right security cameras is just one part of implementing an effective video surveillance system. Equally important is selecting the right video management software (VMS) that supports the functions your business needs.

While separate cameras and VMS can offer more flexibility, compatibility, and scalability, issues can arise, requiring technical knowledge to pair and maintain them. Integrated hardware and software solutions, on the other hand, are ready to use out-of-the-box and offer hassle-free compatibility. 

They also come with frequent updates and new features and often pair perfectly with other security software solutions. For instance, these systems seamlessly integrate with access control or visitor management.

We recommend choosing an integrated solution for the most streamlined and effective system if your budget allows. However, if a separate solution is necessary, it can still get the job done. Here at C&C Technology Group, we have a selection of the best security cameras and video management software for your business.

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Trends in the Video Surveillance Market

In recent years, the focus of new vendors in the video surveillance market has been on creating overlays on top of existing cameras or data analysis tools. The emphasis is on using the camera as a gateway to transmit visual data to cloud-based or locally-analyzing devices.

Launching IP-based cloud cameras has been difficult or uninteresting for new players, likely due to supply chain issues and the faster time-to-market for venture-funded software overlays that offer immediate value.

Going forward, we can expect an increasing focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence in video surveillance technology. It will enable more efficient and effective monitoring and analysis of video footage. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on video analytics that can provide actionable insights and improve business operations beyond just security.

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Privacy Concerns with Video Intelligence

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While video intelligence is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve security and operations, it raises significant privacy concerns. The use of facial recognition and people tracking technologies in public spaces has led to debates over surveillance and data protection.

One significant concern is the potential for the misuse of personal data.

Video recordings could be used to track individuals, monitor their behavior, and potentially be used for malicious purposes. It is essential to ensure that video intelligence solutions comply with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and only collect and use data for legitimate purposes.

Another concern is the need for more transparency around how data is collected, stored, and analyzed. Customers and individuals need to know what information video cameras collect, who can access it, and for what purpose. It is vital for companies that use video intelligence systems to provide clear and concise privacy policies to avoid any misunderstandings.

Overall, it is crucial to balance the benefits of video intelligence solutions with the need to protect personal privacy and data. InVue’s CE Brands solutions take user privacy concerns seriously. We employ the latest technologies and best practices to ensure our video intelligence solutions comply with relevant regulations and protect user data.

Choosing the Best Solution for Your Business

Choosing the right video management software (VMS) for your business is a crucial decision that will impact your security system for a long time. Here are key aspects to consider when evaluating software options:

  • Analytics and reporting: Look for a VMS with powerful analytics and reporting tools. These features can help you identify potential security threats, monitor activity in real-time, and generate valuable insights to improve your business operations.
  • Cloud storage capacity: Choose a VMS with sufficient cloud storage capacity for your needs. It will ensure that you can store and access your video footage securely and efficiently.
  • Ease of deployment: Consider a VMS that is easy to deploy and set up. It will save you time and resources and ensure the system is running without significant disruptions.
  • Onboarding and support: Look for a VMS provider that offers comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support to help you take advantage of all the features and benefits your provider offers. It will ensure that you have the assistance you need if you encounter any issues.
  • Integration with access control: Consider a VMS that can integrate with access control systems for a more comprehensive security solution. It can help you manage access to your facilities and secure sensitive areas.

Ultimately, your decision should rest on the specific needs of your business. If you’re looking for a short-term, cost-effective solution, keep the price in mind. If you need a long-term, hassle-free solution, choose a system that is as self-sufficient as possible. At InVue (our partner), we offer a range of video management software solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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Let C&C Technology Help You Choose the Best Solution for Your Business

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At C&C Technology, we stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the video surveillance market to provide our clients with the best solutions for their business needs. Our staff is here to help you evaluate different options and select the best video intelligence software for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a long-term solution or a short-term, cost-effective system. We can help you find the right fit. We offer comprehensive onboarding services, as well as ongoing technical support to ensure that you get the most out of your video intelligence system.

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