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Third-Party AOC Vendor

Third-Party AOC Vendor

Are Active Optical Cables the right solution for you?

Third-Party AOC Vendor

As a third-party AOC Vendor, C&C Technology Group can provide great insight into the technology of an AOC solution. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to design a full solution for your data center needs. C&C Technology Group represents many different manufacturers that complement each other to make one full solution. Today, we are going to focus on one of the larger manufacturers that C&C represents, Legrand Data Communications powered by Integra Optics. They offer a full line of OEM compatible fiber and copper transceivers, direct attach cables and active optical cables. During this discussion we will take a deeper dive into what an AOC solution is, how it works, and what the key benefits and advantages can be rather than using a traditional fiber optic solution.

AOC stands for Active Optical Cables. They are growing in popularity as data center and enterprise usage continues to grow. They can greatly help improve your networks performance as well as increase your network speeds. They are also very user friendly. AOC cables are plug and play and are available in a variety of configurations to meet network requirements. Today, networks require much higher performance from network cabling as well as cost effective connectivity. AOC cables manufactured by Legrand powered by integra Optics are made based on three guiding principles. First, they are manufactured 100% interoperable across all OEM platforms. Secondly, they are coded and triple-tested by a team of experts in optics and high-speed robots making them much more reliable in the field. Lastly, Legrand powered by Integra Optic’s AOC cables are available on demand when you need them.

There are many advantages to using AOC cables. Unlike a traditional fiber optic solution, AOC cables are manufactured with the transceivers attached during the manufacturing process. They are lightweight in design and use light signals which are not able to conduct an electric current, making them immune to electromagnetic interference. Because they are made with transceivers connected at the factory, achieving greater bandwidth is easily attained without having any major equipment upgrades. The cables are also very thin, allowing them to have a significant bend radius. The thin cables allow AOC cables to be a versatile solution for data centers without enough space for traditional cabling. Another advantage to the thinness of AOC cables is that air is able pass to and from your equipment more freely because less space is being taken up. This allows for cooling to be much more efficient and the lifetime of the connected equipment will benefit significantly.

As you can see, the use of AOC cables is a very different way of thinking when it comes to powering your networks. As we continue to push our equipment for faster and faster speeds it is important have a system in place that can adjust with the changing times. For more information on this technology, reach out to C&C Technology Group, your trusted third-party AOC vendor.

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