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TiniFiber: Micro-Armor Fiber Optic Cable

TiniFiber is a leading provider of flexible, durable, and adaptable optic cables for various applications from residential buildings to data centers and critical infrastructure.

About TiniFiber

TiniFiber is a brand of CertiCable, an industry-leading company founded in 2010. They offer custom copper and fiber optic cables and assemblies.

In 2015, TiniFiber launched to bring the marketplace an alternative to the current industry standard. They released a future-proof, next-generation solution.

TiniFiber’s optic cables are much lighter and smaller than the previous standard and have the industry’s smallest outer diameter.

These cables quickly became the optimum choice for use in all environments and commercial, residential, government, and industrial applications.

Here’s how TiniFiber compares to the previous industry standard (AIA):

  • 65% smaller
  • 75% lighter
  • 100% crush proof
  • 500% more adaptable

TiniFiber Works For

Commercial Applications

TiniFiber ensures that challenges do not compromise wireless access due to a building’s location, design, access points, and demand on the network. They provide reliable services in hospitals, colleges, office buildings, sporting venues, convention centers, and more. Their cabling solutions are highly durable and impervious to the harshest conditions, rodents, and crushing.

Residential Applications

In residential settings, TiniFiber’s optic cable solutions result in an FTTH product that doesn’t require any special training to install, and technicians can pre-terminate them for fast and easy installations. The company’s residential solutions are ideal for multi-dwelling units, rural broadband, high-rise buildings, and fiber to the home.

DAS & Wireless Applications

TiniFiber’s DAS and wireless solutions help companies connect and secure a large number of antennas. Previously, AIA couldn’t quite meet the challenges of this task, but TiniFiber changed the outlook with its new cables. These applications are ideal for cell towers, large events, in-building wireless systems, emergency response communications, and fiber to the antenna.

Broadband Applications

TiniFiber cables are widely used to get the fastest and most efficient long-distance broadband installations. Because broadband service providers and operators count on future-proof and high-quality fiber optic cable to support their services, they require the best cabling solutions. TiniFiber provides these companies with a turnkey cabling solution to master last-mile connectivity and reduce labor costs and installation times. This cabling solution is perfect for broadband applications in rural areas, fiber to the home, and long-haul carriers.

Security Applications

Few fiber optic cable solutions have earned the prestigious GOVIES security award. TiniFiberhas won the coveted award twice in the fiber optics category. The company’s products are a testament to the first significant innovation in the industry in over 20 years. TiniFiber’s cabling solutions are ideal for various security applications, including building access, perimeter surveillance, and CCTV infrastructure.

Data Center Applications

Modern data centers are under a lot of pressure. They must maintain secure operations, reliability, and the ability to accommodate technologies like AI and IoT. Because they rely on a constantly evolving infrastructure, the future-proof fiber optic cable solution provided by TiniFiber is invaluable. It’s a solution that’s both flexible and scalable. TiniFiber’s cabling solutions are ideal for protecting private data centers, locations, and high-density applications.

Transportation Applications

Transportation operators and passengers rely on high-speed network access. TiniFiber cabling solutions assure reliable connectivity and access in airport, marine port, and rail applications in the most challenging conditions and over the longest distances. In addition, the company’s products are more adaptable, flexible, and durable than any other options. The wide range of its applications includes regional and international airports, rail transit systems, and marine port infrastructure.

A/V Applications

TiniFiber helps companies ensure maximum performance in the high-demand applications of today’s audio-visual industry. The company’s leading-edge fiber optic solutions deliver on all fronts. Regardless of the number of fibers, location, infrastructure, or terminations, TiniFiber’s solutions can accommodate any fiber optic audio-visual system. They provide reliable transmission of bandwidth for data transport, excellent image quality, and audio feeds. AV applications for this cabling solution include digital signage, video conferencing, and any size event.

Tinifiber fiber cables

TiniFiber Products & Services

TiniFiber carries industry-leading fiber cables for various applications and has established itself as the industry leader for fiber optic cabling. Their high-quality offerings include:

Outdoor Fiber Cables

The company’s outdoor fiber cables include aerial, duct, and direct burial cables. These TiniFiber cabling solutions are ideal for almost any outdoor application.

Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cables

TiniFiber’s indoor and outdoor fiber cables include LSZH, plenum, duct, and riser cabling solutions. These products are ideal for when you need to run identical cabling through both indoor and outdoor areas.

Indoor Fiber Cables

Their indoor fiber cables include riser, LSZH, and plenum options. No matter the application, companies won’t find a better cabling solution for indoor use.

Fusion Splicers

TiniFiber also manufactures a next-generation fiber optic fusion splicer that utilizes the latest technology in core alignment. It features autofocus and six motors that guarantee a perfect splice every time. The splicer uses quad-core CPU technology, has a high-resolution 5-in screen, and is among the fastest fiber splicing machines available. With up to 300 times magnification, it makes observing fiber wires extremely easy. And with its 5-second core alignment and fast splicing, it can increase efficiency by up to 50% over other fusion splicers.

MPO Kits

TiniFiber carries a line of MPO kits designed to accommodate the industry-standard LC connector adapters. They have multiple special configurations available in pre-terminated and plug-and-play cassettes.

Tinifiber mpo fiber cassette

Why We Partner With TiniFiber

C&C Tech Partners with TiniFiber because it provides industry-leading fiber optic cabling solutions for all projects, including AI, 5G, and big data. Their cables are tightly wrapped in stainless steel and combined with Kevlar to provide unrivaled resilience and strength. They also have an unmatched armored bend radius to deliver superior flexibility, reliability, scalability, and sustainability. The company’s patch cords are adaptable to accommodate all links for both standard and custom projects.

With their Micro Armor Fiber design, TiniFiber brought a much-needed solution to the market. For all applications, whether residential, commercial, governmental, or industrial, companies won’t find a better cabling solution than TiniFiber.

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