Get the Best Internet Connection With These Top-Rated Cat-6 Ethernet Cables

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Wi-Fi isn’t everything! Nearly 70 million Americans use Ethernet technology every day. Ethernet provides faster and safer internet connections than Wi-Fi. Cat-6 Ethernet products handle speeds of one Gigabit per second, perfect for nearly all work and home purposes. 

But you must find the best Cat-6 Ethernet cable to enjoy high speeds and safe connections. Here are a few of the best Ethernet cables on the market today. 

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InstallerParts Cables

If you’re looking for the best Cat-6 Ethernet cable or single-pair Ethernet, buy an InstallerParts product. InstallerParts cables are high-performance items that can provide speeds of up to ten Gpbs. They also carry up to 550 MHz bandwidth, perfect for video chatting and cloud storage. In addition, they work for all devices, including Macbooks and routers. 

InstallerParts cables have 100% copper with gold-plated plugs. Copper and gold are sturdy metals that resist wear and tear and do not cause fires. You can use them with RJ45 plugs, terminating your wires safely. 

Cat-6A cables are backward compatible with Cat-5 and Cat-6 networks and devices. If you plan to update your Ethernet system, purchase Cat-6A products instead of Cat-6. Cat-6 wires are backward compatible with Cat-5E systems and devices. 

The standard size for InstallerParts is ten feet, which is suitable for desktops you can connect easily to the wall. You can buy wires as short as one foot and as long as 200 feet. You can purchase packages of ten cables for less than $35, allowing you to connect all computers in your office. They come in nine colors, including white and gray, which are easy to conceal. 

Jadaol Flat Cables

A flat ethernet cable

Jadaol designs its flat cables to be as inconspicuous as possible. You can fit them behind shelves and underneath tables. You can also lay them flat against walls or underneath carpets, making them completely invisible. 

The cables are waterproof, UV-resistant, and safe for all environments. Each package has clips to pin your cables against surfaces or keep them steady. You can attach several products together, creating the length you need.

They connect personal computers, servers, printers, and switch boxes. You can enjoy a performance of 250 MHz and 10Gbps. 

Jadaol cables come in a variety of sizes. The standard size is 50 feet, which is suitable for connecting computers to outlets underneath desks or against shelves. You can also buy one-foot and 200-foot cables, letting you make connections across rooms. You can purchase 50-foot products for $12.99, making them one of the most affordable products in the Ethernet industry. 

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Monoprice Cables

Monoprice offers several different types of Cat-6 Ethernet cables. Bulk cables contain 100% pure copper wire and comply with fire and safety codes. They have center spines that prevent crosstalk between connections, allowing you to connect multiple devices through the same product. You can buy 250-foot and 1000-foot products, perfect for connecting computers throughout your office. The cables also have foot-marked jackets, letting you track how much cable you have left.

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Patch cables carry 550Mhz bandwidth. They have unshielded twisted pairs, creating compatible and safe Ethernet connections for all your devices. Each cable has a boot that does not snag, strain, or become trapped on objects. You can buy products of various lengths, though customers prefer shorter cables over longer ones, as they carry more sustainable connections. 

Internet cords are short and thick copper wires with gold plates. They provide fast internet speeds and great bandwidth, though they are at most ten feet. If you need to fit your wires through tight spaces, buy Micro SlimRun cables. They are only 2.6 millimeters in diameter so you can run them through small holes in walls. 

Monoprice also offers Cat-6A cables with 500MHz bandwidth that are great for laptops, desktops, and personal computers. Monoprice does not produce Cat-6A products longer than 100 feet, so they are unsuitable for large offices or data centers. 

Do you need assistance finding the right Ethernet cables for your office or smart building? Visit C&C’s showroom and see how you can set up your Ethernet! 

UbiGear Cables

A blue ethernet cable

UbiGear cables are basic yet reliable Ethernet products. Most people buy 300-foot-long cables, which are great for connecting computers in home offices far away from servers. They are thin enough to place them through skirting boards, inside walls, and underneath carpets or rugs. You can use small clips to secure and put them where needed. 

You can buy cables between 100 and 300 feet in length. Three hundred feet is a good length for a 1Gbps connection; if you want a faster connection, you should get a smaller cable and move your computer closer to the server. UbiGear products are good for routers, modems, and hubs. They are not UV-resistant, so you should not run the Ethernet cables outside, though you can bury them underground in PVC pipes. 

UbiGear makes its products in various colors, though blue is the most popular. Blue cables are easy to spot from a distance, making them easy to repair and replace. However, they are more noticeable and intrusive than white or flat products. You cannot paint over or adjust your UbiGear products. 

If you’re looking for outdoor cables, you can purchase direct burial products that you can place underground. UbiGear’s outdoor products are waterproof, UV-resistant, and oxygen-free. They are made with solid copper and gold plates, making them hard to break. Outdoor cables are best for security cameras, but you can use them in garden offices. 
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