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Utelogy is an industry leader in intelligent management and monitoring software for communication and AV systems. Utelogy services enable enterprises to monitor, analyze, and optimize AV and Unified Communications.

By utilizing the Utelogy platform, enterprises, education, and government organizations can efficiently manage their collaboration technology, advanced technology integrations, and IoT environments. To paint an informed company review, we’ll review Utelogy’s history, team, products, and services.

About Utelogy

Founded in 2009, Utelogy created a platform for managing and optimizing your cumbersome, proprietary AV hardware and communication systems. Utelogy enables your IT personnel to configure, manage, and monitor these AV communication solutions from a central interface.

Utelogy platform has grown significantly in its functionality and adoption, earning several awards and building strategic partnerships with rep firms, technology partners, and professional services. They have a solid executive team and are involved in several industry associations.

The Utelogy Platform

The Utelogy Platform is a robust system for monitoring, managing, analyzing, and controlling your audiovisual technology regardless of your hardware. This non-proprietary system allows you to optimize efficiency over your existing AV hardware and software, providing a single platform management system.

It’s sort of like a universal remote but with way more controls, automated analysis, and data storage. The Utelogy Platform service offers several key benefits:

  • Single platform automation, control, monitoring, and management
  • Has an open architecture that supports standard web technologies like Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, and SNMP.
  • Can integrate with most new hardware and protocols.
  • Alerts that you can customize depending on your needs.
  • Can enable automated preventive maintenance control.
  • Provides data connectors for BI tools.
  • Integrates with several key collaboration systems.

The platform consists of several key innovations that enable the system to provide efficiency and productivity:


U-Manage is a system that enables AV monitoring and management for proactive and reactive support. By identifying issues, the system can minimize the impact of the problems on the service.


The U-Server acts as the backbone by integrating applications and devices onto a centralized platform. Acting like a processor, it simplifies, increases security, and makes it easy to run AV services on your network.


U-Console allows you access to a fully integrated suite of services and tools for remotely configuring, assessing, and troubleshooting to increase efficiency. IT can set up and manage AV rooms without replacing the entire room setup.


U-Automate is newer functionality that enables processes to run independently, reducing costs, time, and resources for implementing processes and tasks. U-Automat helps your IT build scripts with customized parameters, test devices, video, and audio, create scheduled scripts for common processes, and analyze test logs to proactively identify issues.


The U-Control functionality provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring rooms to be flexible depending on the needs of the collaboration environment. Participants can connect through any web-enabled device with a screen, such as a tablet, phone, or computer.


This functionality allows you to integrate your PC into the AV system. Your IT can then monitor and control the PC for soft conferencing, launching and closing applications, rebooting the computer, or adjusting the computer’s camera or volume.

You can customize your solution to incorporate the applicable functionality based on your organization’s needs.

Utelogy platform breakdown

Utelogy Creates Targeted Solutions for These Industries

The Utelogy Platform can improve the efficiency and productivity of your AV systems while reducing the costs of managing and maintaining the systems. Some of the main benefits of leveraging the Utelogy Platform include:

  • Less up-front investment
  • Fast implementation
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased productivity

The robust Utelogy Platform is an ideal solution for the following industries:


Utelogy is well suited for enterprises that need a flexible platform for managing and configuring:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Video Conferencing
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Boardrooms

Utelogy allows your IT to administer, configure, optimize, and troubleshoot collaboration and communication with remote workers and global offices through a seamless, single platform. The enterprise can connect its existing hardware because the platform is ubiquitous, eliminating the need for additional hardware.


For educational institutions, Utelogy creates a flexible platform for managing:

  • Smart classrooms
  • Theaters
  • Auditoriums
  • Collaboration systems

As more schools have moved to remote or hybrid learning, effective communication technology is critical for classroom learning. Teachers and professors need high-quality AV technology to enrich their classrooms.

This can become a time-consuming effort for IT to help a less tech-savvy workforce. Utilizing the Utelogy Platform, your IT team can configure and manage all the classrooms remotely, saving time, personnel, and resources.


Government agencies need integrated applications and a centralized platform for capturing data and analyzing data from multiple sources. The Utelogy Platform can enable command and operations centers to track mission-critical data and share it in real-time with the proper channels.

The Utelogy Platform creates an optimized environment for remote forces and inter-agencies to collaborate more easily and effectively. By increasing the efficiency and productivity of the AV in the operations centers, managers can deliver real-time updates and monitor communication.

Customers of Proprietary AV Communication Technology

While Utelogy can work with any system or hardware configuration, it is optimized for customers of the following communication solutions:

  • Cisco Telepresence Touch: Utelogy software integrates easily, allowing users to configure Cisco Touch 10 devices for a seamless AV experience without proprietary programming to manage and monitor the system.
  • Zoom Room: Utelogy integrates with Zoom Room, allowing IT to control, monitor, manage and customize Zoom Room elements from their control panel. It can also collect and analyze data from the rooms.

Utelogy is a Smart Solution for AV and Communication Management

If you have a significant need for collaborating between remote workforces, global offices, classrooms, or other remote communication needs, then you may want to consider integrating your AV devices and technology with Utelogy.
This flexible, central platform can save you money because it can integrate with your existing devices and systems. It creates a single interface for configuring, managing, and monitoring AV collaboration environments.

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