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Vaddio is Legrand’s line of Pro AV solutions, professional quality PTZ cameras, and Unified Communication and Collaboration systems for collaboration, audiovisual, and production markets. Vaddio products are backed by industry-leading support to elevate any AV experience through enterprise-class performance and system-configured design.

Vaddio: The Art of Easy

Vaddio Solutions

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Vaddio Enhances Learning

Educational institutions should strive to offer students the best technology possible to augment their education. George Washington University utilized Vaddio cameras for 55 of their multi-purpose rooms across seven buildings to be used as an event space, classroom, or meeting room. Moreover, the law school needed to host guest lecturers from anywhere in the world. Still, the system they had in place (mot Vaddio) could not optimally connect with cloud video conferencing technology. 

By using Cattura, a video streaming and recording tool chosen for its ability to record a high volume of classes while sharing with a limited number of students, the university could meet its video streaming and sharing needs. Vaddio solutions such as 30 PTZ cameras, RoboSHOT 12, and the AV Bridge system were employed to meet the university’s requirements. Vaddio AV Bridges were used to add soft client conferencing into classrooms. The AV Bridges convert audio and video inputs into a single USB signal, allowing for easy connection to any web-based video conference software like Zoom, Skype, and GoToMeeting. Vaddio’s AV bridges use Vaddio’s cameras to feed the far side of the room so that guest lecturers can enjoy HD quality video of the classroom while addressing students. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the AV Bridge is readily incorporated into the classroom experience.

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Vaddio For Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a cornerstone of music history. Only top-of-the-line AV systems are used in this monument to music, and Vaddio technology is up to the task. In the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame’s fourth-floor theater, four Vaddio RoboSHOT 20 UHD cameras were installed to capture and record historical moments in music, along with facilitating video conferencing, webcasting, streaming, and archiving the theater’s daily going-on. Vaddio’s PCC Premier controller is also used with a Newtek TriCaster Mini switcher. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Library and Archives building holds the Rock Hall’s research collection of vital audiovisual and written materials on rock and roll history. Vaddio’s high-definition cameras play an essential part in the library’s audiovisual element. 

The majority of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame’s content is archived, and Vaddio technology allows them to produce a superior product with better color accuracy. Vaddio camera zoom features allow archivers to control cameras remotely from a single location. One-person camera operating systems offer significant cost savings for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which is one reason they love Vaddio technology. The PCC Premier is a broadcast-quality joystick controller with a diverse range of precision controls that adjust to even the most demanding camera operation environments. Features include a full preset store and recall of up to 16 cameras, IP management for seamless camera control, and multiple color adjustments on the large touchscreen panel.

Vaddio Deployment Tool

The Vaddio Deployment Tool is designed to make installations faster, easier, and more cost-efficient. The Vaddio Deployment Tool offers:

  • Simple status monitoring and control
  • Device discovery
  • Remote configuration management
  • Mass firmware updates
  • Easy troubleshooting

Use the Vaddio Deployment Tool to simplify installations by viewing all your compatible Vaddio products across a deployment on a single screen with the click of a button. The Vaddio Deployment Tool enables users to choose devices from the network, select an action such as “unmute the audio,” reboot the device, or update firmware for easy, optimal troubleshooting success. Mass firmware updates on hundreds of devices at one time can be deployed, saving technicians and users a lot of time. 

Cloud-based management tools often feature complicated set-ups, necessitating expensive ongoing fees and opening up firewalls. The Vaddio Deployment Tool is a free native application that runs locally under your control and doesn’t transmit or collect video, audio, or shared content- keeping your business and meeting data completely private. The tool gives users the freedom to manage and set up devices however they choose, which means no maintenance fees, invoices, or license fees. The tool is ideal for valued integration partners and AV managers who depend on premium-quality Vaddio products to keep their AV installations running smoothly.

Scalable And User-Friendly

Use the Vaddio Deployment Tool to connect anywhere from one Vaddio camera to hundreds of Vaddioo devices, making it ideal for multiple deployment sites or repeat installations across campus. The tool highlights device status and offers in-depth device info to resolve problems rapidly. Technicians and users don’t have to keep track of IP addresses and firmware updates, thanks to how simple the Deployment Tool makes batch updating. Technicians can even conduct mass firmware updates with hundreds of devices simultaneously for large installations to save time and energy.  

The application offers continual updates and lets the user know when an update is available to make sure they have the best possible tool on hand, thanks to aggregated peer feedback. Since the Vaddio Deployment Tool was specifically engineered to simplify the lives of AV managers and AV integrators, Vaddio makes it extremely easy to submit feedback to the Vaddio team within the app directly. 

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Easy IP Ecosystem

Vaddio recently launched its EasyIP Ecosystem, a line of EasyIP products that are AV-over-IP systems that are easy to install, easy to use, and offer industry-leading video quality. EasyIP cameras use IP to send video, eliminating expensive video switchers and extenders and using Cat cables and a network switch instead. This shift to IP makes EasyIP one of the most cost-efficient systems available. EasyIP also makes video conferencing better and easier because you can connect up to four EasyIP cameras to your EasyIP Mixer or EasyIP Decoder. The Vaddio Device Controller touch panel puts simple control at your fingertips. Easily switch camera feeds in your training room, conference room, or houses of worship. 

Share a camera with multiple PCs! The video from one camera, EasyIP Cameras, can be delivered to two separate PCs since they live on the network. This makes them ideal for multi-function spaces or partitioned classrooms. 

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