The Best Cable Certifier, Period.

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Fluke Networks is top-of-the-line.

The Versiv Platform is the best cable certifier in the industry to date with the capability of testing and trouble shooting Copper and Fiber Cables through it’s modular based system. Check out some of the key features:

What Value does Versiv bring to the Table?

Extended Testing capabilities beyond industry standards.

Faster Set up Time

Faster Testing

Reduced Mistakes

Faster Reporting

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Faster Troubleshooting

User Friendly

Error Free Labeling

Cloud Reporting

Save Time and Money by getting the job done quicker and more efficient!


What Does Each Model Do?

DSX Cable Analyzer

  • Copper Certification up to CAT8
  • 8 seconds a test
  • Find your Faults with graphical analysis

Certifiber Pro

  • Fiber Certification testing at 2 seconds a test
  • SM and MM testing in one Quad Module
  • Encircled Flux Compliance per TIA/ISO testing requirements

Optifiber Pro

  • Extremely accurate Fiber trouble shooting
  • Easy to read Event Map to show what is happening throughout a fiber
  • SmarLoop Testing to cut bidirectional test time in half

Fi-7000 FiberInspector

  • Pass/Fail testing on Connector End-Faces
  • Save images of the connectors with Test results

Want to Learn More?

Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Decide what your needs are for testing? Copper, Fiber, or Both?

Step 2

We will help you choose the right kit that best meets your immediate needs.

Step 3

Pricing and Purchase from our Distribution Partners.

versiv cable certifier fluke networks company promo

We are here to support you!

We offer FREE onsite and Virtual demos as well as FREE hands on Training.


What sets us apart from our Competitors?
  1. Versiv is Faster
  2. Versiv is Easier to Use
  3. Cloud reporting with Linkware Live

Studies have shown that Versiv produces a 66% reduction in problems with testing and a 10% increase in overall profitability.

When using the Fluke Networks Certifiber Pro setting a reference is easy with the Set Reference Wizard – just tap ‘Set Reference’ and then ‘Run Wizard’

Yes. Versiv is the only tester verified in the market to support all CAT 8 requirements.

Save Time and Money by getting the job done quicker and more efficient!

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