VIVOTEK: Security Brand Striving for Sustainability

VIVOTEK striving for esg score

As a global leader in the provision of IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK is working to advance sustainable development and compiles an annual ESG report in accordance with GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and TCFD. They are proactively responding to the UN SDGs and the global RE100 renewable energy initiative. The first-ever English version of the ESG report was made available this year by VIVOTEK, which has voluntarily published it for five years running. The development of ESG by VIVOTEK has made it the leader in Taiwan’s security business, and environmental topics have been combined into a new standalone chapter.

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VIVOTEK, A Leader in Sustainability

According to Allen Hsieh, Director of their Global Marketing Division and spokesperson for VIVOTEK, the company completed its brand overhaul, improved, and evolved in 2021. They asked their domestic and international employees to join the company’s events, which boosted cohesion and brand identification and responded to the spirit of sustainability

He also stated that the ESG report encompasses their corporate culture of speed, openness, quality, and teamwork. It also combines the company’s knowledge in the surveillance business to care for the local community and always focuses on ESG components of corporate social responsibility. He says that VIVOTEK is not only the first firm in Taiwan to strive for sustainable development, but it aspires to be the world’s leading brand in the surveillance sector. 

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VIVOTEK & The Three ESG pillars (Environment, Social, and Governance)

E – Make Every Effort to Protect the Environment

VIVOTEK has been gradually adopting renewable energy in response to Delta Group’s advocacy of the global RE100 renewable energy project. VIVOTEK USA had also officially launched roof-top solar PV equipment. VIVOTEK has been active in R&D, production, and manufacturing in Taiwan for over 22 years and established its first automated product-testing production line in the Zhonghe plant, continually introducing various pieces of automated equipment to save energy and increase production capacity. Furthermore, VIVOTEK is guiding its suppliers toward sustainability by implementing an internal GPM (green product management) system to foster a green supply chain.

S – Looking After the Local Community 

VIVOTEK has conducted several charitable initiatives in recent years. In 2021, VIVOTEK launched the “Community Safety Map” local care project, enabling employees to engage with their neighbors in genuine and everyday interactions. VIVOTEK also used its own strengths to deploy specialized surveillance solutions for neighborhood patrol, resulting in a completely safe and secure living environment.

G – Enhance Corporate Sustainability Evaluation

VIVOTEK advanced to Tier 2 in the 8th TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation, jumping five tiers in two years. VIVOTEK had also published the English version of its ESG report for the first time and has accelerated its compliance with the “Corporate Governance 3.0 – Sustainable Development Roadmap” to develop a GHG inventory plan. 

VIVOTEK says that the company will continue to watch international ESG and sustainability trends and take constructive initiatives to lead its partners into a future of synergy and sustainability in the future.

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Businesses & Sustainability Benefits

Sustainability. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? In the business world, sustainability refers to practices that help protect the environment while also benefiting the bottom line. More and more companies are beginning to adopt sustainable practices, and there are good reasons for this trend. Here are some of the top reasons companies should strive for sustainability.

If Can Save You Money in the Long Run 

Many sustainable practices have shown to actually save money for businesses in the long run. For example, investing in energy-efficient lighting may cost more upfront, but it will lower your energy bills over time. Also, using recycled materials can be less expensive than outright buying brand new materials. 

Enhances Your Reputation

Customers are increasingly interested in doing business with companies that share their values. So if you’re known as a company that cares about sustainability, you may have an edge over your competitors when it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. 

Improves Employee Morale 

Employees want to work for companies that care about more than just making money. They want to know that their company is making an effort to do good in the world. By striving for sustainability, you can send a message to your employees that they work for a company that is socially responsible and cares about its impact on the planet. 

Risks Associated With Not Being Sustainable

If your company isn’t seen as working towards sustainability, you may face some risks down the road. For example, if there’s a negative environmental incident at your facility, it could make headlines and damage your reputation. Or if one of your sustainable competitors beats you to market with a new product or service, you may lose customers who are looking for sustainable options.

Three Light Bulbs Hung from sky

You Have a Responsibility to Future Generations

We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet and leave it in better shape for future generations. As a business owner, you have the power to make positive change happen. So why not use that power to make your company more sustainable

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VIVOTEK and its Strive for Sustainability   

At VIVOTEK, sustainability is a key part of their business model. They are constantly striving to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our blog to keep up with the latest technology and business trends.

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