What Is KyotoCooling? KyotoCooling for Data Centers

KyotoCooling for Data Centers

Are you looking for a smarter cooling choice for your data center? You may want to consider KyotoCooling. This advanced system uses patented technology to cool down your equipment without using massive amounts of power or water. Here are some facts about KyotoCooling and how it can help efficiently cool down your servers and other computer equipment. 

KyotoCooling Basics

What is KyotoCooling? This water-free data center cooling system has been designed and created by the manufacturer of the same name, KyotoCooling. This system uses a rotating heat exchanging wheel, known as the patented KyotoWheel. This component is situated above the equipment floor. This air-to-air heat transfer will not bring outside air into the data center. For over 25 years, the KyotoWheel has consistently performed in all weather conditions.

All KyotoCooling systems are designed with a redundant N+1 or N+2 design. With that, there will always be continuous operation during the unit’s service, maintenance, or possible failure. With these N+1 or N+2 deployments, you will achieve the Uptime Institute Tier 3 and 4. KyotoCooling is an exceptional solution for those data centers with various load or ambient conditions.

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This system has been created to act and react to the environment within the data center. All load changes are automatically established to predetermined operating metrics, meaning it can reach an additional load within minutes – no matter the floor location. That does not disrupt services or create a risk to the cooling system. No site programming is required with the KyotoCooling system; it is entirely self-tuning. 

KyotoCooling can be used in combination with a traditional air conditioning unit. These systems are energy efficient and can reduce the compressor’s idling by almost 75%, depending on your geographic location. Many data center owners use KyotoCooling because it saves power and water. Additionally, KyotoCooling can be installed on cement floors rather than those traditional raised floors found in data centers. That means the cooling equipment and racks can share the same space in your room. 

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Smarter Data Center Cooling Options

With other cooling systems, there are many moving parts and a need for constant programming. However, KyotoCooling features a proven and simple design. With that simplicity, you can eliminate the risk of operational mistakes. KyotoCooling provides self-regulation controls that will reduce the risk of failures. This cooling option has the lowest power usage effectiveness in the industry, saving you millions of kWh per year. You will not have to worry about using a large amount of water. KyotoCooling can save millions of gallons of water with each installed unit. 

KyotoCooling offers better modularity and flexibility, all while reducing your operating and capital costs. In today’s market, no other cooling system provides a more proven platform to protect your critical data center applications. With KyotoCooling, you will have better access to alerts, helping you adapt to changes in your data center’s environment. All with that, KyotoCooling provides more innovative support. The company offers 24/7 monitoring with a help desk and escalation management services. 

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How KyotoCooling Is Different

Today, data center operators and managers deal with limited resources, rising energy costs, and increasing environmental regulations. With that, there is a greater need for energy-efficient and sustainable data centers. When designing a data center, owners need to think about more sustainable solutions for the entire data center infrastructure. KyotoCooling wants to change the preconception about cooling options for data centers, creating the lowest risk option for these data centers. 

To cool the room, you need to control the air. You can cool the air with maximum efficiency by delivering the right amount of air to the data center. With that system, the cold air doesn’t mix with the expelled hot exhaust, eliminating any inconsistent temperatures in the racks. 

Recirculation and air bypass can often account for a 30% loss of efficiency in cooling for data centers. With KyotoCooling, the warm and cold air is separated and controlled. That control of the temperature will provide consistent cooling from the top of the rack to the floor. 

KyotoCooling can control the flow of air in your data center. To develop the optimal environment, you must balance your server room’s cold and hot air. With this system, you can have the exact volume of air delivered at a precise temperature to your racks, even with changing loads, and without the need for operator intervention. 

About KyotoCooling

Since 2008, KyotoCooling has provided water-free, mission-critical cooling with unparalleled levels of modularity, efficiency, and reliability for data centers. These systems have been installed in hundreds of data centers worldwide, in various climates. KyotoCooling is one of the industry’s most experienced suppliers of indirect cooling solutions. The company has offices in China, South Africa, the Netherlands, and the United States. 

KyotoCooling creates scalable and modular models, helping to accommodate both legacy and next-generation computing environments. All system controls are self-reliant and support all workload changes within the public and private cloud networks. KyotoCooling is available as a standard manufactured product or can be integrated with a customized design. This company has worked with many clients, including Hewlett Packard, United Airlines, Bell Canada, and Rogers Communications. 

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Simple and Eco-Friendly Solution

The KyotoCooling system is simple and eco-friendly. The patented design offers sophisticated controls and high-quality mechanical components, helping to provide the maximum return on investment with the lowest operating costs and risks. When you want a better cooling solution for your data center, consider KyotoCooling. 

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