Willard Emergency Exit Sign

Willard Emergency Exit Sign

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At C&C Technology Group, we provide services for Willard emergency exit sign needs that business and property owners can rely on. We understand that your business must abide by a set of regulations for emergency lighting and exit signs. We can inform you about what regulations may impact your business and then provide solutions for ensuring you are compliant while optimizing operations.

If you want to hear more, a representative at C&C Technology Group is ready to take your call or email.

What are the regulations for emergency exit signs and lighting?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established regulations for emergency lighting and exit signs. The focus of this association is to increase safety and reduce incidents that involve fire, damage, and/or injury. Their regulations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Emergency exit signs and lighting must be operational during testing
  • Monthly written records and yearly tests must be maintained (documentation regarding retesting and maintenance must be logged)
  • An activation test must be performed monthly requiring that exit signs and emergency lighting comes on and provides proper illumination for no less than 30 seconds
  • Yearly testing where exit signs and emergency lighting has to be activated for 90 minutes, simulating a long-term emergency

Can you explain what the Willard Smart Ledger is?

Our team is always here to help you with smart technology related software and devices. The Smart Ledger is an app you can download on your smartphone or device to monitor your life safety assets, including fire doors, exit signs, fire extinguishers, and more. CAD files can also be downloaded onto this app and assets can be virtually dropped into place. Surveys can be assessed to ensure that NFPA regulations are being met.

What does a “smart” Willard exit sign do differently than any other kind of emergency sign?

An emergency exit Willard sign that is connected to a smart network can make it easier to monitor the status of every sign within the network, so that you can see on demand reports and whether a problem has occurred that needs fixing (such as a low battery or failure). Your standard non-smart Willard signs can serve a similar purpose, however, without connection to a smart system there isn’t a quick way to get in the moment information and perform other controls.

Does the Willard smart exit sign link to the IBM cloud?

Yes, a smart exit sign is connected to the IBM cloud via Wi-Fi, either on a new network or existing network. If you have questions about how to improve emergency situations through smart strategies, then we encourage you to call C&C Technology Group today.

How does a smart emergency exit sign compare to costs for fluorescent signs?

The primary issue with fluorescent signs is compliance with the NFPA. If a fluorescent sign fails, there is no backup automatic system that will notify the facility that it is not in proper working order. This can be an issue in the event of a serious event that requires these exit signs to work as they were intended to. Furthermore, the fines for a violation can be steep, and smart emergency signs can keep you ready for an unfortunate event and to remain consistently in compliance.

A smart emergency sign can save on costs, as a fluorescent light only has a life cycle of 8,000-12,000 hours, and then a replacement is required. By comparison, a smart exit sign utilizes LEDs, which have a life cycle of more than 80,000 hours (which is on average approximately 13 years).

What are the fines for not being compliant with exit sign regulations?

OSHA will fine a company for not complying with regulations for exit signage. The costs can be in the thousands, such as more than $13,000 per violation. Any company that fails to abate is charged at this rate per day past the deadline. Any intentional lack of compliance or repeated penalties can be fined in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per violation.

Trust us when we say that what you need is a group of people who will watch out for your best interests and help you fix any regulation issues that you may be dealing with. To learn more, contact C&C Technology Group about our signs for exits and other services.

Can you tell me more about the Willard Exit Sign solutions?

The Willard exit sign smart solution provides real-time updates about your exit signs, and offers a secure, flexible, and quick way to manage your operations. This solution consists of a few components, including Smart Ledger App, Executive Dashboard, and Hardware. It has patented technology that monitors internal battery, defines battery status, and replaces the need for testing manually. Any problems are issued through a work order so maintenance can occur, and reports can be easily generated right away upon request. 

C&C Technology Group

As you can see, there is much to consider when saving on energy and financial costs for your building. Smart technology can help you achieve the goals you envision, in an easy and efficient way. Whatever your needs may be, we hope that you contact C&C Technology Group today to learn more about our emergency Willard exit signs and other ways we can improve your business operations through technological solutions.

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