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Willard IoT: Smart Exit Technology

Willard IoT has over 50 years of business history in the Internet of Things industry. Together with Willard IoT, C&C Technology Group offers our clients the best smart products for their business.

Willard IoT Company Bio

Willard IoT is a subsidiary of Sangha Associates Inc. owned by Dean M. and Emily Willard. 25 years prior to forming Sangha, Dean Willard successfully ran a NYSE company that earned a position in Forbes’ top ten small companies for two years before selling.

Sangha, formed in 1997, has achieved many accomplishments during its time of operation. It partnered with William Gates II to restructure two investments, which turned the $5 million in proceeds from the sale of Gates’ Automotive Performance Group into a $150 million producing company: Permatex, an aftermarket chemicals company. 

Willard IoT focuses primarily on European, North American, and Middle Eastern markets. The subsidiary was established with the intent to maximize Sangha’s partnership with IBM to bring the most advanced IoT technology solutions to the global market. Willard IoT is known for developing and introducing the Willard Smart Exit—the smart exit sign which meets all of the compliance requirements of the Joint Commission for Certification of Hospitals, the National Fire Protection Association, and Medicare and Medicaid.

Industries Willard IoT Serves

Willard IoT serves many of the largest market industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Defense
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Telecom
  • Private Equity
  • Financial Services
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial

Willard IoT’s Products and Solutions

Willard IoT’s line of smart products include:

Willard IoT Smart Stairwell

Willard’s Smart Stairwell lighting solutions provide businesses with a centralized, real-time status for all of a company’s stairwell lighting. It’s secure, flexible, fast, and it facilitates a reliable, scalable administration.

The IoT-enabled Smart Stairwell is self-reporting, self-monitoring, and self-auditing. Its notable features include:

  • Secure IBM to cloud management
  • Direct connectivity to IBM Cloud through the use of the IBM Watson IoT Platform
  • Industry-standard message-oriented middleware and MQTT event-driven protocol
  • Emergency battery backups that meet OSHA standards
  • Patented LED lighting that delivers maximum visibility illumination in critical areas to increase life safety in crucial evacuation paths
  • Customer-owned data and encrypted TLS communications

The Smart Stairwell meets all compliance requirements and reduces the potential for injury and compensation claims in critical environments.

Willard iot smart ledger

Willard IoT Smart Ledger

Willard’s Smart Ledger reduces compliance reporting risks and costs associated with compliance inspections. Designed to maintain a thorough listing of life safety equipment assets, the IoT Smart Ledger automates compliance and tracking.

The Smart Ledger from Willard IoT features:

Integrated Data Tracking

Willard’s Smart Ledger was designed specifically by compliance experts to streamline and simplify compliance data reporting, monitoring, and collection. It uses a cloud-based service to deliver to mobile and desktop devices to provide a comprehensive environment, integrating:

  • Physical layouts
  • Equipment management
  • Compliance inspections
  • Surveys
  • Task forms
  • Inventories
  • Fire drills

24/7 Accountability

The Smart Ledger is fully configurable to any healthcare facility and provides all of the necessary information for compliance in the palm of your hand. It uses state-of-the-art CAD tech to make compliance easier than ever. It features:

  • Complete data security
  • 24/7 reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • One-click access
  • Device agnostic

Easy Access Reporting

The IoT Smart Ledger from Willard IoT provides healthcare facilities with one single application that houses all of its compliance information regarding all federal regulations. It uses state-of-the-art algorithms to monitor your business’s asset statuses and features reports that are ready to be emailed or printed for on-site inspectors, including:

  • Safety
  • Hazardous waste and materials
  • Dire safety
  • Medical equipment utility systems
Smart exit

Willard IoT Smart Exit

The Smart Exit technology is Willard IoT’s flagship solution offering.

The Smart Exit solution provides real-time, automated compliance and exit sign statuses, reducing maintenance costs by up to 90%. Willard IoT’s Smart Exit signs meet NFPA regulations, along with regulations set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The Smart Exit signs are powered by IBM’s Cloud, and it offers additional utility and value by utilizing known location and device omnipresence.

Smart Exit features smart optimization for worry-free, automatic reporting. It keeps businesses compliant by providing real-time statuses and producing documented evidence. It has a user-friendly dashboard that promptly notifies staff of any failures along with details of each sign and location in a single place.

Willard’s IoT Implementation Solutions

Willard IoT provides everything a company needs for IoT implementations. Willard is a turnkey solution for businesses who want to incorporate IoT into their business practices. They offer solutions for each stage of the IoT implementation process:

  • OT manufactured hardware
  • Cloud-based software
  • IT system integration, hosting, managed services, and app development
  • OT system integration, hardware specification, panels, programming, design, and engineering
  • IoT solutions to market, installation, support, billing, project management, finance, and repeatability and scale

Willard brings IT and OT together for their own IIoT convergence strategy, combining:

  • Finance, supply chain, logistics, HR, sales, etc.
  • Quick adaptation to computing trends
  • Coordinate and manage business transactions
  • Cloud solutions
  • ERP anchor platforms
  • CIO ownership
  • Technology advancements
  • Limited technology advancements
  • Reliability over innovation
  • On-site solutions
  • Asset centric
  • Legacy equipment
  • COO ownership
  • PLC and DCS anchor platforms
  • Data silos from the rest of business
  • Reduced costs and improved productivity

These turnkey solutions include:

  • IT services
  • IoT software solutions and cloud offerings
  • Building and worker insights
  • Asset monitoring and health
  • Inventory optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • TRIRIGA, continuous engineering, and Maximo
  • OT services
  • Hardware specification, programming, and acquisiton
  • Installation services and maintenance
  • Tier 1 support
  • Aggressive OT SI partner strategy
  • Massive Rockwell investment
  • Extensive OT protocol support through Kepware
  • Strong visualization for ease of use
  • Kitting & panel build
  • Heavily focused on OT manufacturers
  • Strategic partnerships

C&C Provides Williard IoT Solutions for Your Business

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