What is Zscaler? Platform and Uses Guide

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More companies are shifting towards utilizing cloud-based technology to keep critical data secured. The company Zscaler has seen a significant rise in growth within the past couple of years, and it’s determined that it’s only going to continue to rise. This company is looking to replace network-based platforms and instead is geared towards using the cloud.

This alone creates this layer of protection and provides significantly more speed than companies are always looking to have. Even though the growth of Zscaler has been increasingly on the rise, it’s essential to get a firmer understanding of Zscaler and what it’s used for.

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What is Zscaler?

Zscaler is an example of a Secure Access Service Edge company. For short, it’s commonly called SASE (pronounced as “sassy”), and Zscaler combines networking and software-driven programs. These are then incorporated into security and access control, which all get bundled right into the cloud. Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly in demand. The cloud is not only becoming one of the best go-to’s for companies when it comes to networking and data management, but maintenance has become significantly more accessible as well.

What does Zscaler offer?

Zscaler offers an internet networking connection that is secure and private, and it interconnects the company’s users. But Zscaler also has it to where the data centers, third parties, cloud and data center infrastructure, and even SAAS (software as a service) are interconnected on this private internet connection. So this means that within one network, clients, companies, and third-party services will be interconnected. This also means that end users get to have virtual clients through their mobile devices.

This alone means that “security tunnels” are then created, directly connecting to the closest Zscaler data center. In addition, this company monitors the communications internally from the data center, allowing companies to have networking security all under one roof. So there’s no need to worry about traffic leaving the area.

What are the advantages of companies using Zscaler?

While it’s true that Zscaler has been growing and has even grown 1,300% solely in just one day, it’s also essential to recognize the reasons. Zscaler offers several critical advantages over traditional solutions, and it’s why their business is continuously growing. So here are three significant benefits which have been helping their growth.

1) Zscaler can protect your entire network through its unified endpoint protection platform.

2) It also offers advanced threat prevention with real-time malware detection and mitigation capabilities. Many businesses need to avoid making mistakes in terms of cyber security, and Zscaler helps.

3) The platform also includes a cloud-based firewall for enhanced visibility into the network traffic activity of the enterprise servers as well as the end-user devices connected

4) Instant reduction of downtime for networks and servers

While these may only be four benefits, these four have helped Zscaler be recognized for its efforts. Overall, Zscaler has undoubtedly built a name for itself and what they have built has the foundation of zero-trust principles. Their platform is flexible, can be used by several different industries, and is very easy to manage (including their VPNs). Their approach to networking is like no other.

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How does Zscaler stay so secure?

Even though Zscaler is known for its top security, it’s still understandable to ask questions on how they can even manage to stay so private for their clients. This company utilizes a scrub-and-filter communications system. Essentially, it simplifies what’s going in and out of a data center. Simplifying networking and security can then help secure internal networks. This also helps out in reducing the footprint that data centers create. Finally, it helps secure everything that’s in there.

So it’s the same service you can expect from a data center without the whole mess of appliances. While Zscaler products do vary from one another, each is in demand. One of their newer products, known as the Zscaler Cloud Protection, is a virtual machine that stays within one of their data centers. It’s essentially a private cloud for clients rather than the standard open cloud infrastructure major companies have, such as Google Cloud.

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Who are the competitors of Zscaler?

Even though Zscaler offers various services for its clients, such as cloud-based networking, there is a surprising lack of competition in the market. It’s been remarked that one of the only competitors that Zscaler currently has would be Palo Alto Networks. However, Palo Alto Network mainly focuses on tiny businesses, while Zscaler focuses primarily on large and mid-size clients.

But some of their products, especially those that have ZIA ( Zscaler Internet Access), have caught the attention of some companies. So this could very well lead to some competition eventually. While the current pathways for potential competitors haven’t crossed yet, primarily due to different sizes in the targeted customer base, it’s honestly just a matter of time before Zscaler and their potential competitors’ paths will cross.

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Is Zscaler worth getting for businesses?

Since the pandemic’s beginning, Zscaler has massively blown up in popularity for enterprise and mid-sized companies. Zscaler is an excellent tool for businesses because it provides fast, reliable protection against cyber-attacks. It also has a helpful feature that allows you to block malicious website domains in one click easily. While there are multiple perks, and you’re getting multiple services from one provider, it can be determined that this is worth it, primarily for large-scale companies.

How can companies get Zscaler?

Zscaler doesn’t sell its services directly to enterprises or customers. It works through channel partners. A couple of significant channel partners would be Verizon Wireless and AT&T. often, organizations are rethinking their data center strategy or how they want to organize their business. So it’s easy for Zscaler to focus on its channel partners. This is how they get sales, is through this channel. There’s a force multiplier within sales, and transformational network deals help.

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In general, the Zscaler platform is a service that has been growing for large-scale companies, and it’s proven to have become a significant asset since the pandemic began back in 2020. While technology is drastically changing every day, Zscaler has been helping out its clients remain safe and well-connected.

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