Randy Klein

Randy klein advisory board headshot

An accomplished global enterprise CEO of Crestron Electronics is revered as an innovative and transformational industry leader, trusted advisor, and board member, having built and led a $1.5 B technology company of a privately owned multinational manufacturer of audio-visual automation, residential technology channels, and unified workplace technologies for recognized Fortune 500 enterprise companies.

Having a proven and successful track record of being a change agent, delivering industry-leading products, operational excellence, building growth strategies from $1M in revenue to $1.5B, double-digit CAGR and GM, Crestron has been recognized as the fastest growing and #1 privately owned company under his leadership. Randy orchestrated and advanced new ideas and streamlined technology to be universally understood across global markets, establishing key partnerships with Industry leaders Microsoft and Dell. along with being a leader in sustainable practices. Innovation included the building of state-of-the-art fully robotic manufacturing facilities extending into Mexico, being a leader in sustainable practices, and creating new product lines that represented 25% of annual growth.

Randy expanded the company’s presence globally being the first in the industry to have headquarters abroad in Asia, Belgium, India, and Australia including building the first Customer Support call center resulting in 5,000 calls per day to support and making the company more valuable to its wholesalers and add meaningful value to their customers. Investment in recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent was the cornerstone of the company’s success living its 3 core values of trust, integrity, diversity, and inclusion taking the organization from 75 to +5000.

Today, Randy invests his time and money primarily in early-stage technology companies. His passion is helping young bright entrepreneurs build their companies. In addition to angel investing, he serves on 3 Boards and works actively with several private equity firms, and invests in commercial real estate in New York and Florida

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