Managing Time and Budget Constraints for a Health Insurance Provider

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We recently talked with Diane Ferguson of C&C Technology Group to learn more about some challenging projects her company has been a part of. We specifically focused on the unique challenges faced in light of the recent COVID-19 epidemic. C&C Technology Group is a manufacturer’s representative in the telecommunications industry in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania footprint. Their company has proven throughout the years and through their many projects to be a leader among rep groups in managing unique and specialized building projects. The manufacturers they represent have a sterling reputation within the industry of leading the field in innovative solutions. They are constantly searching for ways to grow and stay up to date as the technology they work with continues to evolve. By doing this, C&C Technology Group, and the manufactures they represent are able to offer their clients not only the greatest products and solution but also the most adaptable and future proofed designs and infrastructures. Their collective goal is always to help their customers not only now but on into the future. They do this by utilizing these adaptive methods and solutions to create a customizable and long-lasting solution.

 “Now more than ever, it’s important to be a reliable and stable resource for our clients,” says Diane Ferguson. Diane has worked in the telecommunications industry for long enough to see the industry grow and evolve. Now in the face of recent challenges, she has seen the need to be adaptable and forward thinking more than ever. “While the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and requires greater flexibility, the fundamental principles of client relations still apply to each and every project we undertake”, says Diane. “The importance of future proofing and adjusting to the needs of each individual client are still our ultimate and prevalent goal.”

In talking to Diane, she was able to give us an in-depth look at a project in Pennsylvania that C&C Technology Group had taken on with some very individualized challenges. These challenges were especially heightened in the face of the recent shutdowns, distancing, and delays caused by the global pandemic. How does a company not only survive but thrive in the face of these new and difficult circumstances? Below, Diane details the reasons C&C Technology Group was chosen for this specific project, the unique challenges the customer was facing, and the innovative solutions C&C Technology Group provided to meet the company’s needs not only on time but also on budget. This particular project was for a Health Insurance Provider in Newtown Square PA.

The Unique Challenges.

Many businesses designing new and updated locations today are no longer just thinking about their present needs. They want solutions that will withstand the test of time and also help them build out a productive future. With the added stress of the recent pandemic, they are facing unforeseen challenges as they continue to strive to grow. They not only need solutions that will be long-lasting. They also need solutions that will adapt to challenges that are unparalleled. To enable that goal, they need to work with products and solutions that will prove to be malleable and forward-thinking.

As we continue to battle this health crisis on a world-wide scale, healthcare is on our collective minds now more than ever before. Health Insurance providers need to be up and running efficiently during this challenging time so they can support their clients and prove to be a reliable resource. Downtime and delays are simply not an option for companies at the forefront of this epidemic. With that thought in mind, getting things done quickly is always a top priority. This particular company was no different in their needs and goals. Quick turnaround was of the utmost priority for them as they were looking to build a new headquarters. They were a growing company, so they wanted to enable network upgrades without doing a change out of cabling. Efficiency and speed of installation was key here. Their main goals centered around a future-proofed building that could not only withstand the test of time but also be delivered in a timely manner so there would be no delays for the clients who were depending on them. Being in business for over two decades and housing several hundred employees, they’d seen the business landscape change and adapt over time and wanted a solution that would fit and evolve with them.

Why was C&C Technology Group chosen? As mentioned, the biggest challenge presented was a tight budget and quick timeline. The company needed a rep group with a solid reputation for meeting goals on time and effectively. Fortunately, the contractor already brought on to work with this company had already worked with C&C Technology Group in the past and had seen first-hand their ability to find unique solutions in a timely manner. Because of this firsthand experience, the company felt confident that C&C Technology Group could get the job done and done right. Thanks to their long-standing reputation within the industry, C&C Technology Group proved to be a reliable option to meet their needs efficiently. But reputation aside, the COVID-19 epidemic certainly creates new and unique challenges to each and every rep group and manufacturer in the area. With that in mind, how would C&C Technology Group accomplish this project up to their usual standards in the face of these new challenges?

The Innovative Solutions.

Once onboard, C&C Technology Group was able to utilize their years of experience and technical resources to help the insurance company with a design that would work for their unique and specific infrastructure. “First, we worked with a consultant to specify parts, and then we worked with distribution to stay on top of and ahead of material deliveries. Since time was key with this project, staying on top of each individual component was our top priority”, explains Diane. The Cat6a cable was used to help the company to achieve their goal of efficiency. In addition, the density that these solutions allow enabled the company the room needed for future growth without a footprint in the data center.

Coordination was also key. With time being the main factor, it was absolutely essential that C&C Technology Group stay on top of each individual component. They handled both the copper, fiber, and PDUs. This coordination of resources gave the company the ease of one point of contact to handle delivery which would help to enhance the efficiency of their time and budget throughout the project. How did the pandemic present certain challenges throughout this project?

Like every job of late, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 became an issue. With job shutdowns and quarantines in place, C&C Technology Group had to adapt accordingly. They were able to hold the material at distribution until the company was ready and able to receive it. This alleviated unnecessary stress from the insurance company so they could focus on managing their other concerns. C&C Technology Group also conducted weekly conference calls with the contractor so they could be more aware of issues before they became issues. C&C Technology Group believes communication is key to fixing problems before they even present themselves. All of these detailed steps contributed to C&C Technology Group being able to address concerns in a timely manner and keep the project on track to the best of their ability.

The End Result.

What was the end result after all the preventative measures and adaptability C&C Technology put into place? The solution implemented used Superior Essex Copper and Fiber and Legrand Cabinets and PDU’s. At the completion of the job, C&C Technology Group was able to complete all components of the project and to finish up on schedule. This was a seven month schedule from start to finish which was compliant with the company’s timeline. In addition, the customer received a lifetime warranty and the material needed was delivered on time despite worldwide delays. All of this led to a happy customer and another successful solution from C&C Technology Group. In addition, C&C Technology Group was able to once again set itself apart as a rep group that can get the job done even in the face of obstacles such as delays and shutdowns due to a global pandemic. We don’t know what the future will bring, but we do know that adaptability, communication, and customer service will be even more significant as we navigate whatever comes next in our industry. Creating a safe and efficient place for our customer’s will continue to be our utmost priority”, says Diane. While the future may be murky in many ways, one thing is for certain: C&C Technology Group and the manufacturer’s they represent will be able to weather the storm and help their clients do the same.

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