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Fluke networks 5018508 ms poe

Fluke Networks MS-POE Cable Verifier & PoE Tester Review

If you want to take the confusion out of your next PoE installation project, you need to grab Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner Copper Cable Verifier. These testers can help you to find and detect any available PoE classes from 0-8. Along with that, the tester will display the voltage from those passive PoE sources. When

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Liq kit ie

Fluke Networks LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester Kit Review

When you need a cable network tester kit, reach out for the best choice – Fluke Networks LIQ-KIT cable and network tester kit. This device allows you to find the maximum cabling speed for your components. Plus, you can quickly identify switch names, port numbers, and VLANs. All of the work is documented through the

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Compact edge cecwm4rupl m

Ortronics Compact Edge Cabinet Review

If you want a solution for your IT infrastructure, look no further than the Compact Edge Cabinet with Plexiglass Door. The Compact Edge Cabinet (CEC) series of wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect option for cutting-edge computing. You can use them for managing advanced applications and equipment while still keeping that compact form. The low profile

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999 8210 000 av bridge

Vaddio AV Bridge 999-8210-000 Review

The 999-8210-000 AV Bridge from Vaddio allows users to easily integrate soft codecs into their traditional AV designs, including Microsoft Lync, Skype, Cisco Jabber, and several other commonly used video streaming programs. The AV Bridge offers the benefit of simplistic user interface and controls, switchable audio and video inputs, and can seamlessly interface with most

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Vaddio ConferenceSHOT FX Review

Suppose you’re looking for a high-quality video conferencing or collaboration camera to help enhance the quality and productivity of your virtual conferences. In that case, the ConferenceSHOT FX Collaboration Camera by Vaddio is one product you’ll want to consider. The camera features a Full HD video capture resolution of either 1080p or 720p with 3x

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Hp 10 32

Middle Atlantic HP 10-32 Rack Screw Review

When it comes time to put together a rack for your valuable equipment, you want something that can hold up to the job. Middle Atlantic’s HP 10-32 Rack Screw is the answer. These screws are durable, and they can easily work with those racks designed by Middle Atlantic. When you need something to secure your

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Middle atlantic br1

Middle Atlantic 1 RU Brush Grommet Panel Review

Are you tired of having all of your cables looking disorganized in your data center? It may be time to order the Middle Atlantic’s Brush Grommet Panel BR1. This panel can keep all of your cables out of sight. When you need a solution for those multiple cables in your computer spaces, make sure to

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Middle atlantic utr1

Middle Atlantic UTR1 Rackshelf Review

If you have ever walked into some data centers or recording studios, it can look like an equipment explosion. With all of that valuable gear, the last thing you want is to store it on top of each other where it can fall to the ground. The Middle Atlantic UTR1 – Rack Shelf – Black

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Middle atlantic u1v

Middle Atlantic U1V Vented Utility Rackshelf Review

If you are searching for a durable product that can hold your valuable equipment, look no further than Middle Atlantic U1V Vented Utility Shelf Accessories and Cables. This vented utility shelf is strong enough to keep everything securely in place. When you need to make room in your data center or other space, think about

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Middle atlantic brk8

Middle Atlantic BRK8 Audio Rack Review

The BRK8 BRK Series Rack from Middle Atlantic is an exceptional 8 RU rack enclosure that is designed to house your studio rackmount gear. It features MDF construction with an elegant black laminate woodgrain finish. This BRK-8 Series Rack comes with a steel rack rail and all of the hardware needed to assemble the unit.

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Chief pg2aw

Chief PG2AW | Projector Security Cage Review

The Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard is a top security solution. It fully encloses projector mounts in a locked steel cage. This projector guard protects against theft and regular damage from use. Related: Find the Best Ethernet Cable For Your Needs Chief PG2AW Mount Projector Guard Overview & Features The White Chief PG2AW Mount Projector

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Chief ts525tu

Chief TS525TU | Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount Review

We could all use more space around our homes and offices – why not give yourself some extra breathing room by mounting that TV on the wall? The Chief Thinstall Wall Mount for Flat Panel Display is the perfect solution for customers who need assistance connecting their TV onto a wall mount.  This motion-adjustable steel

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Chief ts218su

Chief TS218SU | Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount Review

Are you thinking about purchasing the Chief Swing-Arm Wall Mount? We’ll review why you’ll want this wall mount and highlight its benefits, weaknesses, and usability. The swing-arm is very versatile, allowing the display to extend from the wall for optimal positioning or compact into the wall to keep a lower profile when not in use. Features of Chief TS218SU

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Chief rpau

Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Review

Are you thinking about purchasing the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount? We’ll review why this is a good idea, and highlight its benefits, weaknesses, and usability. Overall, we would highly recommend the Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount for businesses and individuals that need quick installation without knowing their projector specs. Main Features of

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Luxul xap 1510

Luxul XAP-1510 | AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless Access Point Review

Access points (AP) help to improve the range of Wi-Fi in your business. They increase the Wi-Fi range far greater than a range extender- up to 60 accompanying connections altogether.  Your business needs reliable coverage of Wi-Fi to function properly, especially if you are offering free Wi-Fi to your customers.  Today, we’re reviewing the Luxul

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Luxul ags 1016

Luxul AGS-1016 | 16-Port Gigabit Rack Mount Switch Review

An ethernet switch helps improve the overall performance of a network. Essentially, it is a box that connects to the main router, allowing more ethernet ports. A network is like a road to every device connected to it. When multiple devices are plugged in and use Wi-Fi, this clogs the traffic.  An ethernet switch takes

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Luxul xws 1810

Luxul XWS-1810 High Power AC1200 Wireless Controller System Review

Access to high-speed internet is essential in the world we live in today. With so many different options to choose from it’s incredibly simple to make the wrong choice. However, I’m here to tell you that the Luxul Wireless, XWS-1810 | Standard Power AC1200 Wireless Controller KIT, is the undisputed champion of its kind. This

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Luxul xwr 1200

Luxul Wireless XWR-1200 Dual-Band Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Router Review

Distribute Wi-Fi coverage and connect up to two additional access points (APs) with the Luxul Wireless XWR-1200 Wireless Router. Featuring 802.11 ac MU-MIMO technology, the Luxul AC1200 Router provides powerful routing and Wi-Fi coverage ideal for both residential homes and commercial businesses.  Luxul XWR-1200 Gigabit Router Details This LUXUL router comes standard with Luxul’s signature

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Fiberfox mini 4s

FiberFox Mini 4S Fusion Splicer Review

The Fiber Fox Mini 4S Active Clad Alignment Splicer is the smallest lightweight fiber fusion splicer. The device runs off two Lithium-Ion batteries and has the ability to space fiber up to 5mm. Due to its portability, it can fit in tight spaces, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments where fiber

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Fiberfox mini 6s core alignment splicer

FiberFox Mini 6S Fusion Splicer Review

The Fiber Fox Mini 6S Fusion Splicer is SOC compatible and quite possibly the smallest fiber fusion splicer. Its small size could easily be mistaken for a toy. However, don’t let the looks deceive you. This splicer even came packed with everything you could need to splice both single-mode and multimode fiber supports all standard

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Minuteman enterpriseplus lcd series e1500rtxl2u ups

Minuteman UPS E1500RTXL2U Review

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units are electrical apparatus that provide emergency power to a device when the primary power source fails.  During power surges and failures, these products are a saving grace. These devices are vital for mission-critical environments. They provide backup power for a specific period of time until the generator can be activated

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Minuteman ups enspire series en900lcd

Minuteman UPS Enspire EN900LCD Review

The Minuteman Enspire EN900LCD Uninterrupted Power Supply buys you time when the power goes out, and you’re working on sensitive systems. Instead of everything crashing with the power, five dedicated outlets for battery power plus surge protection will continue powering your devices another 3 to 11 minutes, depending on load capacity. That gives you time

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Minuteman ups enspire series en350

Minuteman Enspire UPS EN350LCD Review

The Minuteman EN350LCD Uninterrupted Power Supply buys you time when the power goes out, and you’re working on sensitive systems. Instead of everything crashing with the power, four dedicated outlets for battery power plus surge protection will continue powering your devices another 3 to 11 minutes, depending on load capacity. That gives you time to

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Minuteman entrust lcd series etr550lcd

Minuteman Entrust UPS ETR550LCD Review

The Minuteman ETR550LCD Line-Interactive AVR Tower Uninterrupted Power Supply buys you time when the power goes out and you’re working on sensitive systems. Instead of everything crashing with the power, four dedicated outlets for battery power plus surge protection will continue powering your devices another 3 to 12 minutes, depending on load capacity. That gives

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Minuteman power technologies etr1500lcd

Minuteman Entrust UPS ETR1500LCD Review

When you need to power up some equipment, think about the ETR1500LCD Entrust LCD Line Interactive UPS. With this model, you have automatic voltage regulation that helps to power small to medium load applications. Along with that, it features a slim-line profile that can fit in a small space, so you don’t have to struggle

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5147r

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5147R Review

Powering up all of your equipment shouldn’t be difficult. However, it can be hard to find the right device to meet your needs with so many options. With Raritan’s PX3-5147R, you have the best power distribution unit for your money. Its features are innovative yet simple to use in many commercial settings.  Should You Purchase

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5666v c5

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5666V-C5 Review

When it comes time to keep your high-value equipment connected, you want to count on a reliable device. If you put too much drain on an outlet, you could have a blown fuse. In turn, that can lead to damaged equipment or lost data. The Raritan PX3-5666V-C5 PDU is the best unit for the money. 

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5902v

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5902V Review

If you have a lot of equipment that needs to be powered up, there are a few choices on the market. You can use several power strips and connect them together, but that could lead to a blown fuse. With the Raritan PX3-5902V PDU, you have a safer alternative for your power needs.  Do You

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5497v

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5497V Review

Want a more intelligent power distribution unit for your data management needs? Raritan’s PX3-5497V PDU offers more stability and flexibility to your business or home than other power distribution units. You can use it to monitor environmental sensors and manage data center infrastructure while providing real-time remote powering needs.  Reliable Power Distribution Unit The PX3-5497V

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Raritan rack pdu px2 5755v

Raritan Rack PDU PX2-5755V Review

Power management should not be a hassle. With Raritan’s innovative PX2-5755V, you can bring more stability to your data center with these simple solutions for your power needs. With real-time power and environmental sensors monitoring, this unit allows for three-phase power distribution and individual outlet metering.  Why Choose the PX2-5755V? No matter your power needs,

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5520r

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5520R Review

Are you searching for an intelligent rack solution that does more than distribute power? It’s time to look at the PX3-5520R PDU. With this unit, you can launch your data center into the future. This PDU allows for real-time monitoring of environmental sensors and infrastructure. You can choose to meter individual outlets, provide three-phase power

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Raritan rack pdu px3 5460v c5

Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5460V-C5 Review

You can skip the multiple cords and power bars. This product allows you to give power to all of your electrical devices. This unit provides real-time monitoring of current amps, power, voltage, and energy consumption. This unit is perfect for managing all the power within a data center or other structure that relies heavily on

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