Max2 72

Matrix systems have long been at the core of effective audio and video management in a plethora of sectors – from event production to advanced home theaters. When you’re in search of a matrix solution that not only meets but transcends industry standards, PureLink’s Media Axis stands tall.

Introducing Media Axis
Media Axis is touted as the world’s premier large-scale matrix switching and extension system capable of supporting Ultra HD/4K60 4:4:4 through both Native and IP architectures. It’s not just about the sheer quality of the visuals and audios; it’s about delivering them seamlessly. No longer is there a need to compromise between size, flexibility, and quality – Media Axis marries them all.

Revolutionizing the Matrix Landscape
What sets Media Axis apart? Its key lies in its dynamic and proprietary features. No other matrix system currently in the market offers such a comprehensive amalgamation of scaling, routing, and processing capabilities for high-bandwidth content. In short, Media Axis is not just another matrix switcher; it’s the future.

Live Demonstration and Omni-Flex
For those keen on seeing this marvel in action, PureLink offers a live demonstration of Media Axis’s flexibility. The Omni-Flex design is particularly eye-catching. This fully modular, scalable design ensures that operating and maintaining your matrix system is both intuitive and hassle-free. With field-upgradable and hot-swappable components ranging from I/O cards to cooling units, Media Axis epitomizes adaptability.

Diving Deep into the MAX2-72X Matrix
The MAX2-72X 4K60 Matrix and Extension System is PureLink’s pièce de résistance in the Media Axis line. It builds upon its predecessors, presenting an even more advanced modular matrix switching and extension solution.

Key Features of the MAX2-72X include:

  • Ultra HD/4K 60Hz 4:4:4 capabilities with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, Displayport V1.2, and 12G-SDI.
  • Seamless switching with built-in Motore™ 2.0 Scaling and Don’t Blink™ technology.
  • Comprehensive audio solutions featuring Dante™ Audio input and output cards.
  • Extended transmission distances with 1LC Fiber I/Os, covering up to 1.24 miles.
  • Omni-Flex™ Modular Design enhancing component longevity with its hot-swappable features.
  • Reliable power supply mechanisms, including off-board power for HDBaseT 3.0 Extenders.
  • AirLift™ Advanced Fan Blade Constant Pressure Cooling System for optimal performance.
  • Multiview, Videowall Processing, and HDR to maximize visual potential.
  • Comprehensive control, diagnostics, and monitoring, ensuring optimal system health and performance.

The PureLink Media Axis, and more specifically, the MAX2-72X Matrix, is a testament to what the future of matrix systems looks like. With unparalleled capabilities, adaptability, and robustness, it is set to be a mainstay for professionals seeking the best in audio and visual solutions. It’s clear that in the matrix arena, Media Axis is not just participating; it’s leading.

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