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To better serve our customers, C&C Technology Group has put together a state-of-the-art showroom conveniently located in Montvale, NJ. The C&C Technology Group Showroom features a broad range of product solutions and accessories including infrastructure, POE lighting, AV solutions, connectivity, rack systems, fiber and copper solutions, cable pathways, and power management solutions working together to model an intelligent high-performance building.

We have a collection of manufacturers represented at our showroom so you can see how cohesive solutions work together. These manufacturers that are represented at the showroom include Legrand, Superior Essex, CoreSync PoE Lighting, Fluke Networks and Sera4, to name a few. You will also see highlighted product solutions. Some of these include:

Data Cabinets

The Legrand line-up on data cabinets are designed to address demanding Data Center applications, with superior cable and thermal management, simplified access, and engineered integration with copper and fiber connectivity to maximize network uptime.

Legrand Mighty Mo Rack Systems

Legrand’s network and server racks include 4 post, 2 post, open rack systems, rack accessories, wall mount racks, and overhead cable pathway racks. These network racking systems provide ultimate flexibility with a wide range of sizes and features to meet any IT network challenge.

Premium Copper Connectivity and Wire Management Solutions

In our showroom, you will see 24 and 48 port angled, and flat patch panels installed with reduced diameter patch cords. Installed wire managers also give you the proof of organized management of patch cables within a cabinet.

High Speed Copper and Fiber Cabling

Superior Essex is the leading manufacturer of communication cables such as: CAT 6A POE PowerWise cable, CAT 6A, CAT 6, and Cat5e copper cables along with POE PowerWise Fiber cables, and Indoor/Outdoor fiber cables.

Best-in-class rack power distribution units (PDU’S)

The HDOT cx high-density outlet PDU has a hybrid of C13 and C19 outlets which accommodates both C20 and C14 plugs. The HDOTcx PDU is mounted in the LX Cabinet to show you the best PDU density in the market.

Ultra Low Loss Optical Fiber

Legrand’s new Infinium Quantum Fiber System is the industry’s lowest total channel loss in the market today. The Infinium Quantum fiber system includes: HD Infinium Enclosures, Modular patch panels both angled and flat, Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Cassettes, Singled Mode, and Multi-Mode fiber trunks and patch cords.

Wire Mesh Cable Management Tray

Cablofil wire mesh cable pathways and overhead brackets that integrate with the Legrand data cabinets provide an easy transition of data cables into the rack.

Data Security and Access Control

In our showroom, you can see a keyless platform for physical access control that is both easy to use and highly secure.

CoreSync PoE Smart Building Platform

Installed PoE Lighting system featuring CoreSync solution with wireless switches, LED Lights, and more.

Fluke Networks

Within our showroom you will see: the Versiv family of products, DSX cable analyzers, fiber inspector ultra-camera, OptiFiber Pro OTDR, and more.

Interested in seeing our showroom in person? Click on the “Contact Us” button or call your local C&C Representative to schedule a personal visit. We’d love to show you around and treat to a complimentary cappuccino!
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