Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit Review

Tired of tangled cords cluttering your workspace or entertainment area? We’ve recently tested the Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit, a versatile solution that not only organizes cables but also provides built-in power and surge protection.

This cable management kit features a white cord hider and a cable management box equipped with eight internal outlets—four stationary and four rotating outlets to accommodate larger plugs and bulky adapters. The Wiremold box is essential for those who require a neat, clutter-free space while using multiple devices.

Wiremold cable management kit

Ideal for home offices and entertainment setups, this easy-to-install kit eliminates the need for a separate power strip. Moreover, it comes with a 2160 Joules surge rating, ensuring the safety of your connected equipment. Its sleek and clean white design fits perfectly into any space.

Bottom Line

The Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit offers the perfect solution for managing power cords and creating a tidy workspace.

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Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit Overview

Just when we thought managing cords and cables couldn’t get any easier, we came across the Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit, a two-in-one solution that powers and organizes your cords in a sleek and tidy manner. The kit includes a white cable management box, which houses eight outlets, four fixed and four rotating ones. This design allows for easy accommodation of larger plugs and bulky adapters without any mess.

The installation process is a breeze, thanks to the built-in power strip that eliminates the need for a separate one. With a 2160 Joules surge rating, this cable management kit adds an extra layer of safety to your devices. The white box has a clean and classy look, ensuring that it fits seamlessly with any room’s décor.

Some key features of this Legrand – Wiremold kit are:

  • 1 cable management kit with cord hider and 8 outlets in the wire management box
  • Four fixed outlets and four rotating outlets with surge protection
  • Easy installation: All-in-one built-in power strip
  • Enhanced safety and stylish design: 2160 Joules surge rating and a white box for a clean look

Overall, this kit is a practical and stylish solution for maintaining a clutter-free workspace, home office, or entertainment area. It makes managing cords a breeze and keeps them safely organized. So, if you’re looking for an effective and attractive way to manage your cords, this Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit is worth considering.

Key Features

Built-in Power Strip

We were really impressed by the built-in power strip that comes with the Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit. It conveniently eliminates the need for a separate power strip, making it an all-in-one solution for managing your cords and cables. The built-in power strip provides 8 outlets, so you can easily plug in multiple devices without running out of sockets.

Rotating Outlets

Here’s an excellent feature we need to mention: four of the outlets on the Wiremold Cable Management Kit are rotating. This is extremely helpful for connecting large adapters or if you want to make better use of space. The rotating outlets make it much easier to manage bulky adapters, and you won’t have to worry about them blocking other outlets in the process.

Surge Protection

Safety should always be a top priority, and the Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit takes care of that aspect with its 2160 Joules surge rating. This means that in case of any sudden power spike, your devices are well-protected from potential damage. The grounded LED on the power strip makes it easy to know when your connected devices are protected.

Locking Mechanism

One feature we found really useful was the easy-to-use locking mechanism on the Wiremold cable management box. It ensures that the box remains closed, keeping your cords and cables neatly hidden and secure. Adding or removing cords is also a breeze, as the box can be effortlessly opened and closed whenever required.

In summary, the Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit is a practical and effective solution to organize and conceal your power cords while offering essential features such as built-in power strip, rotating outlets, surge protection, and a locking mechanism. The white box adds a clean, neat look to any space, making it a reliable and visually appealing choice for managing cords and cables in various settings.

Pros and Cons


We found a lot to like about the Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit. The installation process is straightforward, making it a breeze to set up. The all-in-one built-in power strip streamlines the process, so there’s no need for a separate strip. With 2160 Joules surge rating, the safety aspects of this kit are top-notch.

The design is not only functional but also sleek, allowing the cable management box to blend in seamlessly with a variety of environments. There are four fixed outlets and four rotating outlets for accommodating different plug types. The grounded LED further simplifies the identification of the outlets. The cord hider helps keep things organized and tidy, ensuring that unsightly cords are out of sight.


While there is a lot to appreciate about the Legrand Wiremold Cable Management Kit, we did encounter a couple of shortcomings. One issue we noticed is that the box struggles to accommodate external DC power bricks. A slightly larger design could easily resolve this problem.

Another concern we had is related to the plastic cover, which didn’t seem to stay put once all the cords were plugged in. We had to use a large rubber band to hold it in place, which may not be the most elegant solution. The price might seem steep for some users compared to other cable management options on the market.

In conclusion, this cable management kit offers a simple and effective solution for managing cords, with its surge protection, stylish design, and easy installation process being standout features. However, potential buyers should be aware of the limitations regarding DC power bricks and the plastic cover’s functionality.

Customer Reviews

We’ve gone through numerous customer reviews for the Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit and found that the majority of users praise the product for its simplicity and safety. As Legrand is a well-known brand and the product is UL listed, it guarantees satisfaction. However, some users have mentioned that the price may be a bit high, and the box doesn’t have enough space for various adapters.

On the downside, a few buyers have found that the cable management box doesn’t fit larger external DC power bricks, wishing it could have been made slightly bigger. Additionally, some users experienced difficulty with the plastic cover, claiming it does not hold well when cords are plugged in.

On a positive note, customers highlight how the cable management kit helps to neatly tuck away cords and connections for multiple devices, such as gaming consoles, DVD players, and TVs. The product’s appearance also seems to blend in well with white baseboards, despite initial impressions comparing it to a rat trap.

In conclusion, the Legrand – Wiremold Cable Management Kit offers a safe and simple cord management solution, though it may not be ideal for accommodating larger power bricks or thick cords.


In our experience with the Wiremold Cable Management Kit, we found that it lives up to its reputation as a simple and safe solution for managing cords. The 8-outlet power strip functions well, and the cable management box helps to keep cords neat and organized. The color effortlessly blends with white baseboards, so the aesthetics don’t disappoint.

However, we did notice that it’s not an ideal fit for external DC power bricks due to its size, and the cover may struggle with staying in place once multiple plugs are inserted. The price can also be a bit steep for some users. Despite these drawbacks, the overall performance and utility of this product make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to tidy up their cords and create a safer, clutter-free environment.

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