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Wiremold by Legrand offers comprehensive end-to-end wire and cable management solutions for outdoor and indoor applications. C&C Technology Group partners with Legrand to provide clients with maximum connectivity and power products.

About Wiremold by Legrand

Commercial Spaces Power Solutions

Many commercial facilities are forced to rapidly adjust to new requirements and regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wiremold offers immediate ways to reconfigure commercial spaces for optimal safety despite all of the unknowns involved in long-term planning. As people return to schools and offices, your organization should implement new precautions wherever possible to ensure a productive, safe space. Along with establishing new recommendations for hygiene, your space can swiftly install electrical devices that are engineered to handle harsh cleaning agents or are touchless.

Wiremold By Legrand Product Line

Adorne Wave Switch & Motion Sensor

Turn lights on with a simple hand wave or just by walking in. Wiremold’s line of easy, hands-free switches is ideal for commercial spaces like classrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, and patient waiting rooms. The Adorne Wave Switch fits into existing electrical boxes and doesn’t require any new wiring so that you can complete the installation in less than 15 minutes.

Wireless Charging Puck

Wiremold by Legrand’s Wireless Charging Puck enables a full phone charge from right in the table so you can transform any desk or table into a smart wireless charger! Featuring a DIY installation, the Wireless Charging Puck sits right against the surface to offer a seamless solution. Connect users looking to recharge their tablets and smartphones with speedy Qi-certified wireless charging that installs below or above the furniture surface.

Chemical Resistant Switches & Outlets With Stainless Steel Wall Plates.

Take electrical safety to the next level with electrical wiring devices engineered to withstand harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. Easy installation into existing electrical devices allows for a seamless transition.

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Flexible Facility Solutions

With facilities facing so many unknowns, they need to move and respond to continual layout changes quickly. Even if you’re unsure about how space will be utilized in the future, it’s a safe assumption that social distancing will play a key role. Wiremold offers power options easily removable and installed in indoor and outdoor environments to redesign spaces with lower density.

Furniture Power

Connect everybody with an outlet no matter how their desks are structured. Directly install units into furniture to provide convenient access to charging and power. Wiremold round furniture chargers come with USB-A/USB-C ports and traditional power outlets, perfect for tables, seating, and more.

Plugmold Strips

Run power to wherever you need it, no matter the distance between workstations or desks. Space your facility out by setting up power stations with Plugmold strips.

Outdoor Power

Today, outdoor spaces are no longer just for coffee and lunches. Wiremold outdoor power solutions bring charging and power to workers who want to be productive, maintain six feet of separation, and enjoy the fresh air.

Cable Management

Conduit cable management can be difficult to maneuver, and power systems are intricate. Legrand’s wire mesh cable tray easily installs, moves, and reconfigures so your facility can directly mount G-Trays under any desk or table to organize cables and cords at individual workstations.

Healthcare Industry Solutions

As healthcare facilities evolve, so must their electrical wiring. Every space in your healthcare facility needs power that adapts to new electrical codes, healthcare requirements, and patient needs. A strong electrical infrastructure optimizes staff effectiveness, patient comfort, and operation efficiency. Power solutions need to be as flexible as ever-changing environments demand, which is why when times get tough, Legrand gets even tougher. Wiremold by Legrand’s comprehensive line of permanent and temporary power solutions is here to solve your biggest healthcare challenges. Your healthcare facility can utilize Wiremold by Legrand to:
Build new units and wings to meet capacity requirements local governments mandate
Update healthcare facilities to power up increasing amounts of vital equipment and deal with higher patient numbers
Install temporary healthcare setups in buildings not originally constructed for healthcare uses, such as convention centers, gymnasiums, and campuses.

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Easy Connections And Solid First Impressions

Enable a safe, open environment for facility teams and visitors with solid first impressions and easy connections. Wiremold applications offer infotainment access and internet that blend into your space seamlessly.

Power-Prepped Patient Rooms

Construct a patient-friendly environment with Wiremold systems that increase safety and reduce stress, no matter what they need to power up, offer care, or stay connected. Wiremold systems increase safety and reduce stress for your patients and staff by increasing power station accessibility.

Round Furniture Power Center

Wiremold offers all the charging and charging necessary in a small, central design that is easy to install and perfect for upholstered furniture and tables.

Evolution Poke-Thru Devices

Wiremold boasts the most complete line in the industry with configurations ranging from 4-10”:

  • Sliding cover opening 180 degrees and closes when not utilized to minimize tripping risk
  • Recessed design secures people and connections
  • Multiple finishes and cover options
  • Works with any floor covering
  • Meets ADAstandard4.5
  • Meets any floor type’s 2-hour fire rating

Evolution Floor Boxes

  • One box for concrete, wood, and raised floor applications
  • Ideal for large capacity communications, power, and A/V services
  • Options include 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10-gang variations
  • Available in six finishes to match any space aesthetic
  • Sliding cover opens a full 180 degrees and closes when not in use to minimize risk of tripping
  • Meets the 2-hour fire rating of any floor type

Hospital Grade PlugTail Switches And Outlets

  • Easily make changes or upgrades later
  • Installs 5x faster than conventional devices
  • Meets rigid test rest requirements for instant removal, impact resistance, ground contact overstress, assembly integrity, and impact resistance.

Hospital Grade Plug-In Outlet Centers

Bring power conveniently and safely with Wiremold by Legrand’s portable plug-in unit:

  • Convenient for future changes or upgrades.
  • Low, aesthetically pleasing, space-saving profile
  • Includes resettable circuit breaker and lighted switch

Chemical-Resistant Switches

Wiremold’s chemical-resistant switches feature surfaces engineered to handle harsh oils, cleaners, and solvents:

  • Meets UL Fed Spec Standards
  • Comes in both standard and PlugTail versions

C&C Technology Group Partners With Wiremold by Legrand

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