Chief TS525TU | Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount Review

TS525TU Chief Thinstall Wall Mount for Flat Panel Display 37-58

Chief TS525TU THINSTALL™ Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount is a low-profile, lightweight, and full-motion wall mount for TVs 42-75".

  • Ultra-Low Profile
  • Centris™ Technology
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Post Installation Adjustment Made Easy

We could all use more space around our homes and offices – why not give yourself some extra breathing room by mounting that TV on the wall? The Chief Thinstall Wall Mount for Flat Panel Display is the perfect solution for customers who need assistance connecting their TV onto a wall mount. 

This motion-adjustable steel construction offers easy installation and accommodates TVs 37-58 inches in size. So you get more space on your desktop or entertainment system!

5 Minute Installation

It’s never been easier to mount your flat panel display with the innovative Chief Manufacturing’s TS525TU. Just pick a spot, make sure it’s leveled, tight in some screws… and that’s it! Keep in mind that mounting the TV to the wall mount will require two people. 

The only tools you’ll need to install are a screwdriver and an allen wrench. The allen wrench will help you tilt the TV to the angle that you are most comfortable in. 

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be enjoying your favorite TV shows! So take your home theater experience up a notch by installing one today.

TS525TU: What’s Inside The Box?

A beautiful and sophisticated wall mount for your TV. It will allow for both top or bottom attachment that’s stable and adjustable, varying between 22-68 inches for optimal viewing experience.

Once mounted, it can swivel in any horizontal direction with ease – bringing you closer to the action no matter what room you are in. 

All accessories to install the wall mount are included, such as:

  • 1 main assembly
  • 1 wall rail
  • 1 right upright
  • 1 left upright
  • 1 top interface support and bottom interface support

Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount Top Benefits

Display all of your content with ease! With 37-58″ screens, this lightweight mount is compact and versatile. The TS525TU Chief Thinstall Wall Mount can be adjusted to many positions, so you can see it perfectly no matter what chair or height you prefer. 

You can easily move the screen without having to worry about cords or cables getting in the way because there are none! You’ll always be able to sit back and enjoy everything on the big screen without hassle.

Cheif TS525TU Top Features

She’s definitely not your average wall-mounted TV because she has her very own personality! The Chief Wall Mount Panel Display will securely hold any TV within the height range of 37 to 58 inches and a maximum load of 125lbs.

This immersive display mount is built to amplify your theater system in the office, bedroom, or anywhere you see it fit. The ultra-low-profile sleek design collapses down to 1.5 inches (38 mm) and can extend up to 25 inches (635 mm).

It has 15 degrees of effortless fingertip tilt that will allow all types of TVs, including LEDs, LCDs, and Plasmas for excellent viewing angles without any obstruction. 

Perfect For Your Business

The TS525TU Chief is the best mount on the market. It’s perfect for gamers, bingers, movie lovers, and more. Its sleek design matches any décor, whether you are looking to install it in your office or at home. 

Finding a place for this mount couldn’t be simpler – unlike other mounts, it has lateral shift posts integrated into its frame, so no additional accessories are needed. Installation is so easy even non-technical people can do it!

chief ts525tu
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