Wiremold PM48TC Power Strip Review

Are you looking for a reliable power strip to keep all your electronics organized and powered? We’ve recently been using the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip with Circuit Breaker. This 4-foot diamond plate power strip (PM48TC) is both stylish and functional.

This power strip is designed to handle a wide range of electronic devices, thanks to its 10 outlets and built-in circuit breaker. Not only does the PM48TC prevent tangled cords and keep your workspace clutter-free, but it also offers maximum protection to your gadgets.

Wiremold plugmold pm48tc power strip

One minor drawback we noticed is that the outlets are spaced closely together, which might make it challenging to plug in larger adapters. However, this compact design allows it to fit into tight spaces easily.

We found the diamond plate finish not only adds durability but also gives a touch of style to your workspace. Overall, we’re impressed with the Wiremold PM48TC’s performance and safety features.

Bottom Line

If you’re in need of a dependable power strip to organize and protect your devices, we recommend the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip with Circuit Breaker (PM48TC).

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Overview – Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip

We recently tried out the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip and were quite impressed with its features and functionality. We loved the under-counter design, making it perfect for various settings like home, office, workshop, or garage. With ten 15A outlets, it offers reliable power wherever and whenever needed.

The aluminum diamond plate body adds durability and a stylish touch. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included mounting clips and the heavy-duty six-foot cord. Simply mount on the wall and plug into an existing outlet. Its 48-inch length fits most workbenches, conveniently providing ample power sources.

Wiremold products are known for their seamless compatibility, saving time during installation while enhancing flexibility and productivity in various environments. Overall, the Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip offers excellent cable management and power distribution without compromising on style or durability. However, it’s essential to note that this item is only available for shipping within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.

Unique Features

10-Outlet Diamond Plate Power Strip

The Wiremold Plugmold Tough Power Strip stands out with its 10 outlets, giving us the freedom to power all our devices simultaneously without having to juggle between different power sources. Moreover, its diamond plate design adds some style to our workshop, making it both practical and aesthetically appealing.

Cable Management

We appreciate how this power strip allows for excellent cable management. The Plugmold Tough 10-outlet power strip keeps cables organized and reduces clutter, making our workspace neat and more efficient. No more tangled cords or messy workbenches!

Easy to Install

One feature we truly value is the ease of installation. The Wiremold power strip package includes mounting clips and a heavy-duty six-foot cord. Simply mount the power strip on the desired surface, plug it in, and start enjoying the benefits of having ten 15A outlets at our fingertips. The 48-inch length works well for most workbenches.

Durable and Style Enhanced Design

This power strip’s build quality is noteworthy. Constructed of aluminum, the diamond plate design ensures durability while its bright finish adds a stylish touch. It’s a welcome addition to any home, office, workshop, or garage, reminding us that practicality and good looks can coexist.

Wiremold Quality

Finally, we can’t overlook the brand’s reputation. Wiremold is known for offering products that work seamlessly together, helping users save on installation time while providing enhanced flexibility and productivity. Its products are widely used in various settings, from residential homes to educational institutions and healthcare facilities. We can trust that this Wiremold Plugmold Tough power strip will meet our expectations with its top-notch quality and performance.

Pros and Cons


We found the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip to be a high-quality and versatile product greatly appreciated by many users. Its 10 outlets provide ample access to power, making it ideal for various settings such as homes, offices, workshops, and garages. The included cable management feature allows for a cleaner and more organized workspace.

The 4-feet length is perfect for most workbenches, and it is relatively easy to install. The package comes with mounting clips and a heavy-duty 6-foot cord that you can simply plug into existing outlets. The aluminum construction with a diamond plate design not only adds durability but also gives it an attractive, sleek appearance.

Another advantage of this power strip is its compatibility with Wiremold products. This makes installation easier and saves time while ensuring seamless integration in different environments like residential dwellings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.


Despite its many benefits, we noticed a few areas where the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip could be improved. Some users reported that their package arrived without clips, causing difficulties in mounting the strip. Unfortunately, they experienced poor customer service when attempting to resolve the issue with Legrand.

Additionally, while the overall quality and durability are impressive, some users perceived the power strip as pricey. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this product does not have an on/off switch, which could be a drawback for some users who prefer having that feature for added control and convenience.

In conclusion, the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip with Circuit Breaker offers a solid, high-quality power solution for various environments and needs. Its easy installation, impressive design, and compatibility with other Wiremold products make it a great choice even as one weighs the minor drawbacks.

Customer Reviews

Our experience with the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip has been mostly positive. Many customers praise the sleek design and durability, mentioning that it matches their kitchen backsplash or looks great in their garage or workshop. The ease of installation stands out, and the included black plastic clips are appreciated.

However, there have been a few minor issues reported. Some customers received packages without the necessary clips, and several attempts to contact Legrand for support went unanswered. Another slight drawback is the lack of an on/off switch on the power strip.

In general, this 4-feet PM48TC model has received a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars from 800 ratings, indicating that most customers are happy with their purchase. The product delivers both in functionality and aesthetics, making it a worthwhile investment for various settings.

Overall, we can confidently say that the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip is a reliable and well-designed product for anyone looking to expand their power options in style.

Installation and Use

Our experience with the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip was quite positive. First and foremost, the installation process is simple and straightforward. The package comes with mounting clips and a heavy-duty 6-foot cord, allowing you to easily mount it on most workbenches and plug it into existing outlets.

The under-counter placement also provides tidy cable management, keeping your workspace clutter-free. Operation-wise, the PM48TC offers 10 spacious 15A outlets to ensure you have all the power you need in one place.

The diamond plate finish gives it a stylish, aluminum appearance that is not only durable but also catches the eye. The 4-foot length is suitable for various settings, from home offices to workshops and garages. Furthermore, the included circuit breaker adds an extra layer of safety in case of power overload.

While using the Wiremold Plugmold power strip, we noticed that all outlets are easily accessible and well-spaced. The product, however, is a bit heavy, weighing 2 pounds. But that’s a small trade-off considering its quality and functionality. Overall, we are confident in recommending the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip for an organized and efficient workspace.


In our experience with the Wiremold Plugmold Tough 10-Outlet Power Strip, we found it to be a reliable, durable, and visually appealing addition to any workspace. Its installation was simple with the included black plastic clips, making it a hassle-free setup. The 10 outlets and circuit breaker offer sufficient power management, accommodating various devices in the kitchen, garage, or workbench.

However, we did notice that some customers received their package without clips and faced difficulties in obtaining replacements from the brand. We also wished that it had an on-off switch for better control.

Overall, despite its relatively higher price, the PM48TC model’s quality and functionality make it worthwhile. Its diamond plate design adds a touch of elegance, blending smoothly with most surroundings. We recommend this power strip for those seeking a practical, sturdy, and visually pleasing solution for managing multiple electronics.

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