Legrand Plugmold UBS BK20GB506TRUSB Review

Have you been searching for a sleek and efficient power solution for your kitchen or workspace? Our experience with the Legrand – Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip has proven it to be a fantastic option for decluttering and powering devices.

The power strip is 5 feet long and has 9 outlets and dual-USB ports, making it easy to charge multiple phones, tablets, or other devices at once. Its slim design allows you to install it in tight spaces, making it perfect for under cabinets or desks.

Legrand - wiremold kitchen power strip

Installation is a breeze, and the power strip’s black finish adds a touch of style to your space without being obtrusive. We found that the product offers reliable performance and, more importantly, helps keep cables organized and out of sight.

However, some users have mentioned that the 2.4 amp shared charging capacity between the USB ports may not be the fastest option on the market, but it still provides adequate charging for everyday use.

Bottom Line

If you’re in need of a convenient and aesthetically pleasing power solution for your kitchen or workspace, the Legrand – Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip is definitely worth checking out.

With its ample number of outlets, dual-USB ports, and easy installation, this power strip is ready to simplify your life and keep your power needs organized.

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Legrand – Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip Overview

Recently, we used the Legrand – Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip, which proved to be an excellent addition to our kitchen setup. The 5-foot under counter power strip is not only convenient, but it also features 9 outlet plugmold with USB ports. This means we could charge multiple devices simultaneously without any hassle.

What we appreciated was the cable management feature. The dual-port charging modules share 2.4 amps of charging capacity, making it perfect for charging phones, tablets, or other mobile devices. Moreover, this kitchen power strip is easy to install, making it perfect for desks, under cabinets, and more.

The enhanced design embraces a low-profile and aesthetic look, with outlets spread six inches apart. Accompanied by dual USB Type A ports, it allows easy access for charging purposes. It’s worth noting that Wiremold products are known for their flexibility and seamless installation, enhancing their use in various environments.

Although the product is quite versatile, some users may find the USB charging a bit slow when charging multiple devices at once. Regardless, the Legrand – Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip is a fantastic addition to any kitchen or workspace.

Specific Product Features

Under Counter Installation

We’ve found that this Legrand – Wiremold power strip is perfect for under counter installations. Its slim design, measuring just 3/4″ H x 1 9/32″ W, allows it to fit into tight spots, such as under kitchen cabinets or desks. Installing the power strip is quite simple, and the included instructions make it even easier.

Dual Port USB Charging

The power strip is equipped with dual-port USB charging modules, which share 2.4 amps of charging capacity. This feature enables us to charge multiple devices such as phones and tablets simultaneously. It’s a convenient addition, especially when you need to power up several gadgets at once.

Wiremold Quality

Wiremold products are known for their quality and compatibility, and this power strip is no exception. From residential dwellings to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, Wiremold products have proven to be reliable, saving both time and effort during installation. With over 100 customer ratings, the Legrand – Wiremold power strip has a solid 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Easy Access Charging

This 5-foot power strip comes with nine single outlets spaced six inches apart, making it easy to access multiple charging points at once. The standard 15A rating ensures you can plug in various devices safely. Additionally, the built-in dual USB Type A ports add to the charging convenience, especially when you need to power up mobile devices quickly.

In conclusion, we believe that this Legrand – Wiremold power strip is a fantastic addition to any space, offering versatile charging options and easy installation. Its slim design, dual USB ports, and wide compatibility make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to upgrade their power management situation.

Pros and Cons


We found that the Legrand Wiremold power strip, being a 5-foot-long plugmold with USB ports, offers plenty of space for charging multiple devices at once. With nine single outlets spaced six inches apart, it has a standard 15A rating and dual USB Type-A ports, making it a versatile and convenient option for various charging needs. The dual-port charging modules can share 2.4 amps of charging capacity, meaning it can efficiently charge phones, tablets, and other mobile devices simultaneously.

In terms of design, the Wiremold strip has a slim, low-profile aesthetic, perfect for inconspicuous placement in tight spots, such as under desks or cabinets. As a bonus, it’s not too difficult on the eyes, either. Installation-wise, it is generally not as challenging as some reviewers might have experienced, especially if you have some electrical know-how.


Despite its practicality, the Legrand Wiremold power strip has a few drawbacks. Some users reported that their package arrived defective or without the necessary mounting pieces, which may cause some inconvenience. Additionally, the installation process might be frustrating for those less familiar with electrical tasks—at times, it might take a little extra effort to fit the wiring properly inside the track.

Moreover, while the strip’s design has an air of sturdiness thanks to its metal construction, it seems to have changed very little over the years, leaving it somewhat outdated compared to other options on the market.

Overall, the Legrand Wiremold provides a functional, easy-to-use solution to charging and power needs. Its spaciousness and versatility, along with its inconspicuous design, make it a useful addition for anyone in need of extra outlets and device charging ports. However, potential buyers should be prepared for the possibility of challenges during installation or, in some cases, defective or missing parts.

Customer Reviews

We noticed that the Legrand Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip has received mixed feedback from its users. Despite having a decent average rating of 3.9 stars, the opinions vary across the board. A number of customers praised the sleek appearance of the power strip, especially when installed under kitchen cabinets, as it provided a clean and unobtrusive look to their new tile backsplash.

However, a common concern among the users is the difficulty in installing the power strip. Some found the process to be time-consuming and frustrating. Although a few customers seemed to have managed the installation without much hassle, others pointed out that it would be best for someone with electrical experience.

In terms of functionality, the tamper-resistant outlets and USB charging ports received positive feedback for their usefulness and convenience. But, some customers raised concerns regarding their product arriving without mounting pieces and appearing heavily used.

Overall, the Legrand Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip seems like a valuable addition to the kitchen, but be prepared for potential installation challenges or consider hiring a professional.


In our experience, the Legrand Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip is a reliable and useful addition to any kitchen setup. This 5-foot under-counter power strip with 9 outlets and USB ports adds convenience and eliminates the need for standard wall outlets on your backsplash. While we found the installation process to be challenging for some, it’s manageable for those who are handy with electrical work.

The overall look of this power strip is fantastic and enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen. We appreciate its sturdy metal construction and tamper-resistant outlets, keeping your home code-compliant. However, there have been cases of defective units and missing mounting pieces, so make sure to inspect the product upon arrival.

Despite some installation hurdles, we believe the Legrand Wiremold Kitchen Power Strip is worth considering for those looking to streamline their kitchen’s power outlets and elevate the overall appearance.

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