Wiremold PM48C Multi Outlet Strip Review

Looking for a handy solution to handle all your power needs in the kitchen, workshop, or entertainment center? We’ve been testing out the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip in Ivory, and it’s proven to be a useful and versatile choice.

This 8-outlet strip provides plenty of power for all your electrical devices, and the 6-foot cord means it can be easily installed under counters, in workshops, or behind your TV setup.

Wiremold legrand pm48c multi outlet strip

What really impressed us was the ease of installation – simply mount it using the included mounting clips, plug it into an existing power source, and you’re good to go. With a slim and discreet design measuring 52″ L x 1 9/32″ W x 3/4″ H, it effortlessly blends into any space.

However, keep in mind that although it offers extra outlets and a circuit breaker, it doesn’t provide additional surge protection – so if that’s a concern, you may want to consider adding a dedicated surge protector to your setup.

Bottom Line

The Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip is a reliable and convenient solution for anyone who needs extra power outlets without compromising aesthetics or space.

With its simple installation process and slim design, you can effortlessly power up your essential devices.

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Wiremold Legrand PM48C Outlet Strip Overview

Having recently used the Wiremold Legrand PM48C multi outlet strip, we found it to be an incredibly convenient way to expand our power access without adding extra outlets. Its 10 outlet capabilities allowed us to power multiple devices simultaneously, and the 6-foot cord made it perfect for any setting, be it a workshop, kitchen, or entertainment center.

The ivory strip is 52″ long with eight outlets and a 15A rating, ensuring ample power supply for all electrical needs. Installing this power strip was a breeze—just mount it and plug it into an existing source, making it ideal for discreetly adding outlets under a cabinet or desk.

Moreover, the enhanced design and style blend well into most surroundings. The package includes the power strip, a circuit breaker, mounting clips, and a 6-foot cord, ready to be used. Wiremold is known for creating products that save installation time while offering flexibility and productivity in various environments, and this outlet strip is no exception.

Despite its numerous benefits, it’s essential to note that the PM48C is discontinued by the manufacturer, but it still ranks high in customer reviews, true testament to its quality. Currently, the product is available for shipping only within the U.S. Keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing the Wiremold PM48C outlet strip.

Key Features

Inclusion and Convenience

With the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip, you’ll get a power strip with 10 outlet capabilities, perfect for providing the extra power you need without the fuss of adding more outlets. Ours provided consistently reliable power in our workshop and even in our kitchen, showing its practical versatility.

Workshop Management

We understand the importance of keeping things organized and safe in a workshop. The Wiremold PM48C has proven itself to be perfect for managing power efficiently. With a 15A rating, it offers ample power to run your tools and devices without overloading the circuit. We found it to be especially helpful in maintaining power for all our equipment.

Ease of Installation

We appreciate things that are easy to install, and the Wiremold PM48C didn’t disappoint. It easily mounts in any location, whether it’s under a cabinet, at your workstation, or even behind your home entertainment center. The 6-foot cord provides flexibility in reaching a power source, making it the perfect choice for discreet and efficient power provision.

Enhanced Design and Style

The Wiremold PM48C’s sleek design measures 52″ L x 1 9/32″ W x 3/4″ H, ensuring it blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The ivory color lends a touch of elegance and complements a variety of environments. We particularly enjoyed its inconspicuous presence both in our workshop and under our kitchen cabinets.

Wiremold’s Quality

Throughout our use of the Wiremold PM48C, we were continuously impressed by its functionality and durability. Wiremold products are known for working cohesively to save installation time while providing flexibility and productivity in a range of settings, from homes to healthcare facilities and educational institutions. With this power strip, we experienced Wiremold’s high-quality performance first-hand.

Pros and Cons


We found this Wiremold Legrand PM48C power strip to be commercial-quality and fairly priced. It’s sleek and slim, and doesn’t require a surge protector. The 8 outlets are generously spaced, allowing for large adapters, making it a great choice for home entertainment systems or workshop settings.

Customers mentioned that the easy installation is a bonus. It comes with mounting hardware, so adding it beneath cabinets or workbenches is simple. Its 6-foot cord is long enough to reach power sources without hassle.

The all-metal construction adds durability, and the product is highly rated for its sturdiness by users. The workshop management feature, which allows for extra power without the need for additional outlets, is another pro.


Although we appreciate the design of the Wiremold Legrand PM48C, we found some drawbacks that could be worth considering before making a purchase.

Some buyers mentioned that the product’s mounting clips are plastic rather than metal, which might be less durable in the long term, but they reported no installation issues and the clips seem to hold up fine. There is also a minor concern regarding the strip sliding as the mounting hardware does not lock it down completely. However, it wasn’t a dealbreaker for many users.

A few users have commented on the sharp edges along the sides of this power strip, which can cause small cuts if not handled carefully during installation.

Lastly, while this power strip is designed to handle standard 15A power, it might not be suitable for heavy electrical loads.

Overall, the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip is an excellent choice for workspaces, kitchens or entertainment centers where extra outlets are needed, offering a balance between its pros and cons.

Customers’ Reviews

As we looked through customer reviews of the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip, we noticed that many praised its commercial-quality build and reasonable price. Users found it particularly useful in situations where surge protection is not needed or already in place. The provided mounting hardware received mixed feedback, as some customers expressed disappointment with the plastic clips, although they suffice in practice.

One drawback that users mentioned is the sharp side edges, which can be a hazard while handling the device. Despite that, customers have praised the product’s sleek, slim design and the ample spacing between outlets—perfect for accommodating various power adapters. Users find the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip to be ideal for various settings, from garage workshops to entertainment stations, highlighting its versatility and utility. Overall, the customers are pleased with their purchase and believe it’s a great value for its price point.

Final Thoughts

After using the Wiremold Legrand PM48C Multi Outlet Strip in various situations, we can confidently say it offers excellent value for its reasonable price. Its commercial quality, sturdy design and slim profile are great features, though we would have preferred metal mounting clips instead of the plastic ones provided. When we used this multi outlet strip, we found it ideal for powering several devices without the need for a surge protector, making it perfect for workshops or entertainment stations. However, keep in mind that it’s not designed for handling heavy electrical loads.

One thing to note is that the side edges can be a bit sharp, so be careful not to cut yourself during installation. Overall, the Wiremold PM48C is a reliable and well-built power strip that simplifies organizing plugs and accommodating larger adapters. We would definitely recommend it for those seeking a durable and versatile power solution.

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