Raritan Rack PDU PX2-5755V Review

Power management should not be a hassle. With Raritan’s innovative PX2-5755V, you can bring more stability to your data center with these simple solutions for your power needs. With real-time power and environmental sensors monitoring, this unit allows for three-phase power distribution and individual outlet metering

Why Choose the PX2-5755V?

No matter your power needs, the PX2-5755V can live up to your specifications. This power distribution unit features the patented Xerus Technology from Raritan. With that, your PDU is secure, reliable, and tested to meet the challenges of all those real-life situations. In real-time, you have access to alarms systems and infrastructure monitors. All of these advanced capabilities allow you to power your data center or other equipment while still keeping a watch on all of those necessary functions. 

Trust the Raritan Brand

Experience matters. You can rely on the expertise of Raritan’s PDUs. With the PX2-5755V, the equipment had a continuous uptime. So that eliminates any worries about damaging costly and valuable equipment. The low-profile circuit breakers reduce the need to change fuses that can put at risk your electrical components, which in turn can lead to compromised safety and voided warranties. 

Along with that, this PDU provides easy accessibility around your equipment, providing convenient access without the need to move heavy components. Raritan is known for its technological advances, and this PDU identifies any problem on the power grid. In turn, that helps to reduce your chances of unexpected errors and downtime. 

Configuring firmware is a snap with this flush-mount controller. You can trust the industrial-grade strength of the PX2-5755V that features both disaster recovery support and hot-swap capabilities. All these benefits can be a lifesaver when faced with an electrical malfunction. 

When you need to meter power, the PX2-5755V has an accuracy level of +1/-1%. With that, you can check your current power loads and make any necessary changes. With these features, you can prevent any downtime while ensuring the reliability of your center. 

Certified Rack PDU

If you want a reliable product, think about the PX2-5755V as it is a great product. Knowing that all of the products in the Raritan line must pass a rigorous set of tests, you are ensured only the best PDU reaches your home or business. As a result, this PDU provides you with a little more confidence that your electrical needs are met throughout the day or night. 

Easy Management

Some PDUs monitor your system and do nothing else. However, with the PX2-5755V, you are in complete control of your power distribution. The circuit breaker trip alarms can be programmed to monitor individual circuit branches of the PDU. If there is a break, you can view the current-voltage and system alerts to inspect potential issues.

Easy Network Access

The PX2-5755V offers USB webcam accessibility with connectivity to Apple or Android products. Managing is made simple with the easy-to-read LED screen. 

Don’t stress about your power needs! The PX2-5755V is an easy power solution for all of your data center needs.

Raritan rack pdu px2 5755v
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