Cabling Solution Designer

Cabling Solution Designer


Cabling Solution Designer

Arch Nexus is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm committed to regenerative design. To express its core values of inspiration, stewardship, and regeneration, Arch Nexus chose to embrace the Living Building Challenge for its Sacramento California Office.

The Living Building Challenge is an international green building initiative meant to exemplify sustainable design by encouraging new developments to emulate nature by replicating the net resource efficiency of a flower.

Says Patty Karapinar, Director of Sustainability for Arch Nexus, “We sought a Living Building certification because we felt that it was simply the best way to exemplify the values we strive for as a company and as individuals. We want to show that buildings must be a solution to human health and climate challenges, rather than a problem.” 


To meet their objective of a Living Building Challenge certification, Arch Nexus decided to retrofit an existing warehouse and office space for renewal. The goal became to transform this space into a power positive and water independent workspace without any harmful Red List chemicals in its materials. However, it soon became clear that to achieve the sustainability benchmarks Arch Nexus desired, and additional unexpected hours of manpower would need to go towards selecting and vetting a myriad of potential building materials to screen for harmful substances.

To bring their vision for the next level of smart building design forward, Arch Nexus brought in Valley Communications Inc. as a contractor to install their low voltage cable applications. The difficulty then became locating readily available cables with a Red List free chemical composition. 

Enter Superior Essex. As a large-scale communications cable manufacturer with over 30 years of leadership experience, Superior Essex products could easily handle the load required. The true selling point, however, came in the Environmental and Health Product Declarations, EPDs and HPDs respectively, that Superior Essex had already made available for all its products. With these documents in hand, the Arch Nexus and Valley teams could simply scan them against the existing Red List of over 800 harmful chemicals designated by the International Living Future Institute to make decisions about the overall safety of the building. This was a massive boon for productivity, and when coupled with the fact that Superior Essex holds a deep commitment to advancing sustainable projects like this one, the partnership was a no brainer.

Arch Nexus came to rely on Superior Essex as a trusted confidant in executing their vision, choosing their Cat6+ Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) cable as the backbone of their telecommunications systems.

Since then, Superior Essex has achieved the Living Product Challenge Certification (LPC), a rigorous multi-product product certification from the International Living Future Institute. A Living Product Challenge certification determines that a product is certified to be Red List free and fully transparent of chemical composition, along with verified reduced embodied carbon, made from a Zero Waste to Landfill facility. Within Living Building Challenge projects, LPC certification counts as two declare labels within the Responsible Industry Imperative requirements.


The Superior Essex Category 6+ LSHF CMR cable solution is designed for Power over Ethernet applications requiring a Low Smoke Halogen-free (LSHF) construction for which it meets IEC 62821 requirements for toxicity, acidity, and smoke. As a Category 6 cable,  it is near the peak of current data transmissions standards and It features a solid annealed copper conductor and multiple thermoplastic insulation tubes in a flame-retardant jacket which, in the event of fire, will not leak any hazardous chemicals into the air. Its sustainability benefits also include a contribution toward LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge certification through Environmental Product Declaration, Third-Party verified Health Product Declaration and Living Product Challenge certification.

The high level of data and power output, unparalleled safety measures, and environmentally conscious composition of this cable made it the perfect match for the Arch | Nexus SAC data, voice, and camera systems.


Arch | Nexus SAC is now the 1st Living certified project in the world that is an adaptive reuse of an existing building. It has also gained the LEED v4 certification of the highest rank, Platinum, while also being currently evaluated for WELL certification. The building generates more power than it expends thanks in part to Superior Essex low smoke halogen-free CAT 6+ cable, which connects and powers 40 client computer work stations, three private offices, and two conference rooms on top of security systems, and handles data for the entire complex.

Not only did choosing a cabling solution designer like Superior Essex products help to keep the building’s energy consumption to a minimum, Arch Nexus also saved untold hours of legwork due to our complete transparency in materials disclosure while also gaining contributions toward its LEED, WELL and Living Building certifications.

Learn more about Superior Essex Living Product Challenge Certification here: superior-essex-cat6

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