Cabling Solutions Vendor

Cabling Solutions Vendor

Cabling Solutions Vendor

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology and new innovations, building owners throughout New Jersey are on a quest to create cosmopolitan-style spaces that are comfortable, ecologically sound, and smart! Some of the more ostentatious amenities include poolside lounges, rock climbing walls, and even spas. These perks are no doubt attractive and can give a company an edge on social media; however, the savviest business owners are turning to strategic investments through upgrades by a cabling solutions vendor that benefit the tenant and the owner at the same time. One of these investments are known as smart building systems. 

Smart building systems are a type of network-enabled management system that allows owners, or management, to automate a building. Once a revolutionary building technology, smart building systems are quickly becoming a standard tool in the most premier buildings. 

A smart building system can have substantial benefits for business owners, including: a reduction of costs, improved time management, and offering a greater sense of comfort to occupants. 


Sustainable Electricity Consumption

A smart building system by a cabling solutions vendor can help you to manage your electricity consumption in part by working with demand response incentives, also known as scheduled load reduction programs, offered by many utility companies. During certain time periods of the day, you can reduce your electricity usage by a certain percentage of your building’s monthly demand for power. Smart building systems can effectuation the load reductions while certifying they have actually occurred. You might even receive money back from the utility company for every kilowatt-hour you have cut back on. This is a great opportunity to save money and pass these savings along to the growth and efficiency of your business. 

HVAC Optimization

Manually heating and cooling a building can account for over a third of a buildings water consumption. A smart building system can include advanced software that controls the flow of water, fan and pump speeds, temperature, and more. This kind of optimization is known as an HVAC system and automatically calculates the most efficient way to heat, cool, and ventilate a building based on the time of the day. As a result, you can save water and maximize the performance of your building. 

Better Building Security

A cabling solutions vendor from C&C Technology Group uses smart building systems that leverage a network-based system to manage and maintain the security of a building. The options are vast and can include expediting the check-in process of visitors, wireless intrusion detection, motion sensors, automated protection, and much more. 

Smart Lighting Sensors

A smart building system can be programmed to use a certain amount of wattage per square foot. This is done through implementing a system that aligns with a web-based interface, and can help to control motorized window shades, LED drivers, sensors, lighting controls, and more. With this system in place, you can save up to 70% of your energy usage. 

Monitor Kitchen Appliances

In addition to the above, a smart building system can help you to monitor the humidity, temperature, lighting, and electricity usage of refrigeration systems, freezers, and other large appliances. 

Smart building systems are only as effective as your buildings’ internet connectivity. To make the most out of this technology, it is prudent to have high-speed internet connections and sophisticated building infrastructure. If you would like to know more about smart building systems, call C&C Technology Group to speak with a cabling solutions vendor.

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