Managed SD-WAN

Simple. Reliable. Turnkey.

Performance like no other SD-WAN

The cost and unreliability of traditional network today create challenges for every business. With the ever-increasing bandwidth demands, many technology professionals are looking for SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) solutions that fit their needs.

We give every business access to the secure multi-site networks they need to transform their businesses, boost productivity, improve customer and employee satisfaction—all in a cost-effective way.

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Our Technology

C&C Technology Group’s SD-WAN solution delivers 99.999% uptime and 95%+ aggregated throughput. How is this possible? Unique technology that bonds together seamlessly connections from various providers.

‣ MPLS  ‣ Cable  ‣ DSL  ‣ 5G  ‣ Etc.

If the answer is best in class security, superior performance, and unrivaled speed, while still allowing the customization to fit any business – Then our SD-WAN is for you.

Our Differentiators

  • Edge routers move beyond complex mesh VPN solutions.
  • Full-service containerized platform for workload mobility and ease of deployment.
  • Cloud-first philosophy ensures rapid deployment across multiple public clouds.
  • Prioritized voice and video traffic.
  • Same-IP-failover ensures sessions remain available.
  • End-to-end visibility.
  • Simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage.
  • Optional hosted or on-premise security solutions.
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