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1 Sound: Premium Loudspeaker Technology

1 SOUND is an industry-leading loudspeaker company that provides creative audio solutions for commercial use. With a group of audio industry experts known for their decades of experience, 1 SOUND supports the professional audio industry by providing tools and equipment created with the latest technology.

About 1 SOUND

1 SOUND performs cutting-edge R&D in its lab located in Italy and manufactures its loudspeaker products in the US. 

Founded by Lou Mannarino, who has over 35 years of experience in the audio and music industry, 1 SOUND provides leading solutions for the commercial sound market. At 12 years old, he was building speakers and mixing sounds. Today, Lou’s artist list includes Bon Jovi, Paul, McCartney, Jay-Z, and other music legends. He has also designed audio systems for The Four Seasons, the Lincoln Center for the Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other notable venues.

Other than 1 SOUND, Lou also founded L&M Sound & Light. 1 SOUND consists of a talented, experienced team of audio professionals and provides solutions from design to implementation.

Solutions For the Professional Audio Industry

1 SOUND brings over 35 years of experience to the professional audio industry to provide the latest in loudspeaker design. With premium materials and highly-trained craftsmen, 1 SOUND is the go-to for many audio experts.

The company’s product installations include some of the most popular venues, including:

  • The Hard Rock Hotel – NYC
  • Nusr-et – Dallas, Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills
  • The Goodtime Hotel – Miami Beach

They also work on live production for some of the largest performances in venues, including:

  • Louis Vuitton Pop-Up – NYC and SoHo
  • The New York Public Library
  • Top of the Rock – NYC
  • Naumburg Orchestral Concert – NYC
  • The Lobster Club – NYC

1 SOUND also builds custom audio solutions for a number of restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, libraries, and more. The company’s audio expertise and products allow it to bring the best quality to audio industry professionals all across the country.

1 sound mono stereo controller

1 SOUND’s Products & Services

1 SOUND’s product lineup includes the top audio equipment in the industry. 

Panorama Mono & Stereo

The company’s Panorama MS34 loudspeaker is a stand-alone audio device that’s one-of-a-kind. It works as a front fill, monitor, under-balcony, and an installed distribution system. Audio professionals can also use the Panorama as a horizontal line source to help preserve its off-axis frequency response while adding 4dB of gain.

The M+S Controller allows the Panorama MS34 to operate in mono & stereo. This controller is active, and it electronically balances audio output to enable longer cable runs. It can also provide audio for up to two discrete left and right mixes.

Cannon Coaxials

1 SOUND’s Cannons line is a unique, point source coaxial loudspeaker. They offer three models (C4, C5, and C6) that utilize low-frequency drivers and a coaxially-mounted high-frequency driver. With studio monitor quality drivers treated with ferrofluid, these loudspeakers can attain high sound pressure levels that professionals could only previously get by using 1” compression drivers.

Each model features a rear-facing passive radiator to extend bass frequencies. With their elegant design and finish, audio professionals can get studio monitor quality with louder levels. The Cannon Coaxials are IP55-rated for indoor, outdoor, and saltwater environments.

Tower Columns

1 SOUND’s tower columns (Tower LCC44 and Tower LCC84) provide some of the clearest, highest-quality sound on the market. Even with their compact size, they offer unrivaled low-frequency extension and sound clarity. Both models feature the company’s renowned Clarity Technology, which combines high-frequency technologies with coaxials and compression drivers.

Combined with cardioid cancellation, the speakers feature a coherent 120-degree dispersion pattern. These towers can stand alone, or you can use them with 1 SOUND’s proprietary rigging hardware to create long column arrays. The company’s Tower Columns require a dedicated preset and 2-amp channels.


The company also offers a range of top-quality subwoofers. 1 SOUND’s subwoofer product line includes:

  • The FSUB45 Floor Subwoofer: This subwoofer is ultra-compact, powerful, and lightweight. With a unique design and clean look, audio professionals can position it anywhere.
  • The WSUB45 Wall Subwoofer: This wall subwoofer is slim and powerful. Thanks to its unique design, it fits perfectly inside or against a wall, recessed in a ceiling tile, or suspended from the ceiling.
  • The SUB10 600W: This 600 watt subwoofer is high-powered and passive with a compact design for flush wall placement. It’s also available as a 1200 watt sub.
  • The CSUB210 Steerable: This multi-directional subwoofer offers omnidirectional, sub-cardioid, and cardioid modes. It’s suitable for perpendicular and parallel wall placements. The 210 is a double-stacked sub, and 1 SOUND offers a triple-stacked steerable subwoofer, too: The CSUB610.
  • The SUB310 Tetracoil: This loud, compact, and fast-responding subwoofer offers deep bass and produces the sound of an 18” sub while standing only 11.5” tall.


1 SOUND works with Powersoft’s T Series amplifiers to deliver high-quality and cost-effective loudspeaker processing. They are available in 2-channel and 4-channel configurations and support between 750 and 3,000 watts.

The T Series also includes ASD3 and Dante for daisy-chain optimization of 2-channel audio without the need for external splitters or switches. Advanced signal processing and remote control are two significant advantages of the T Series amplifiers.

The company also uses Mezzo 604 A & AD amplifiers, which bring the same build quality, reliability, and acoustic properties of the T Series products but at half the size. Their small form factors allow easy mounting almost anywhere.

Complete Systems

1 SOUND also offers complete tower audio systems to get a professional sound system up and running from scratch:

  • Tower 1 System: This completely portable stereo system includes:
    • Six LCC44 loudspeakers
    • Two CSUB610 subwoofers
    • Two Powersoft T604 amplifiers
    • Rigging and cable accessories
  • Tower 2 System: This line array system includes:
    • Four LCC44 loudspeakers
    • Two SUB310 subwoofers
    • Two Powersoft T604 amplifiers
    • Rigging pins, plates, and speaker cables
  • Tower 3 System: This compact portable tower system includes:
    • Two LCC44 loudspeakers
    • Two active tube speakers
    • Two SUB310 subwoofers
    • Two Powersoft T304 amplifiers
    • All necessary rigging hardware and speaker cables
1 sound line arrays

C&C is proud to partner with 1 SOUND for all your Audiovisual needs.

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