Active Optical Cable Vendor

Who can you turn to when you are looking for the best active optical cable vendor?

Active optical cable vendor

There are many things to consider when choosing a vendor:  quality, reliability, and delivery are probably the most important.

The active optical cable is used mainly in data centers to replace copper twinax cable to deliver short range, multilane data communications between multiple devices such as between racks, shelf to shelf interconnect, switches, routers etc. using multimode fiber and fiber optic transceivers. A network crash that interrupts mission critical applications or connectivity can be extremely costly in lost revenue, productivity, and liability. It is critical to deal with a manufacturer that can deliver quality product in a timely manner, cost effectively.

C&C Technology Group represents Legrand Communications powered by Integra Optics.  Legrand powered by Integra Optics promises interoperability, availability and reliability. They offer a full line of OEM compatible fiber and copper transceivers, direct attach cables and active optical cables. Headquartered in Albany, New York, Legrand powered by Integra Optics utilizes high speed robotics to manufacture, code and test Active Optical Cables. This ensures that you receive a quality product every time.

As an industry leader in the power and data communications world, Legrand has a large network of global distribution and installation partners. This ensures that your material is strategically placed around the world to allow for on time delivery with no project delays. Along with this, Legrand has access to $20 million dollars of optics inventory. This allows for 98% of orders to ship same day. You will receive your material when you need it.

Legrand Active Optical Cables (AOC) powered by Integra Optics are triple tested with a 100% compatibility guarantee. Legrand offers in-house engineering and custom capabilities. Flexible coding on either end, lower power consumption, less heat generation than standard transceivers makes Legrand powered by Integra Optics a clear choice for your AOC cable manufacturer needs.  The quality control at Legrand powered by Integra is second to none. 

Along with being an active optical cable vendor, Legrand has a complete offering to clients for power, light, and data. The Legrand umbrella of products includes products that cover electrical wiring systems, building control systems, commercial audio, and video, data communications, power distribution, cable management, and control as well as lighting.

Many of Legrand’s products can contribute to 4 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit categories. These are sustainable sites, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality. Please visit our website to learn more.

Reach out to C&C Technology Group for any technical assistance or questions when looking for an optical cable vendor or for your data center needs. We are uniquely positioned to answer and guide you on your network’s needs today and into the future with over thirty-five years of experience of representing Legrand Data Communications Solutions. C&C is one of the leading manufacturer’s representatives that will ensure your connectivity solution will serve you today as well as long into the future.

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