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When clients call us at C&C Technology Group, your local best DAC cables vendor, they often have questions about cabling and wire solutions. We are always more than happy to speak with you and answer questions. We can make recommendations based on your needs, and provide you with dependable technology products. For those who are interested in learning about wiring and cabling may ask us questions such as the following: 

What are the basics of wire and cable?

The basics of a wire and cable can be understood through explaining how they are different. A collection of wires that have been sheathed together are cables, and a conductor that sends electrical currents via a circuit is a wire. Most conductors are made of copper, which is resistant to corrosion and is a better conductor compared to aluminum. However, aluminum is the more light-weight, less costly option.

There are different sizes of wires, and the higher the gauge number, the smaller the wire is. There are regulations and mandates for cables and wire when using them for electrical purposes. There are other important definitions to know, including:

  • Voltage: the difference between two points in electrical potential
  • Wattage: the amount of electrical energy being used
  • Voltage Drop: the difference between each terminal device measurements
  • Amperage: measurement of an electrical current

Is it tricky to identify wires and cables?

It can be yes, which is why our services at the best vendor for DAC cables vendor can prove useful for many of our clients. We know that the lingo and science behind wires and cables can be confusing, so we can make things easier by offering information and clarification. A letter code and other details on the labeling will describe attributes of the wire, in addition to voltage rating, material, and gauge.

When it comes to taxonomy of cables and wires, there are a series of letters to help identify capabilities: THW, XHHW, THHN, and more. The most frequently used conduit and cable tray wires are for feeders, services, and branch circuits. Here are the attributes and letters that you may see in certain types of wiring: 

  • X: flame resistant synthetic polymer
  • N: nylon coated oil or gas damage resistant
  • W: appropriate for wet areas
  • T: thermoplastic insulation
  • H: resistance to heat

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