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Blaze Audio: Crafting Superior Soundscapes in the Commercial Audio Realm

Blaze Audio stands as a beacon in the world of professional audio, specializing in pro audio solutions for the commercial market. Backed by Pascal, a world leader in pro audio amplifier manufacturing, Blaze Audio delivers unparalleled sound performance demanded in commercial settings, combined with the technology, quality, and reliability expected by the professional audio market​​​​.

About Blaze Audio

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Founded on a wealth of experience in broadcast and image display systems, Blaze Audio has evolved into a specialist in the installed sound market. Operating on a global scale, they are a company driven by a passion for audio excellence and a commitment to delivering power and exceptional sound performance. With each product, Blaze Audio reinforces its reputation for innovation and quality, making them a preferred choice in the professional audio market​​.

Innovation and Quality

At the core of Blaze Audio’s ethos is a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. This commitment is evident in every aspect of their operation, from meticulous product design to rigorous quality control processes. Blaze Audio’s products are engineered to deliver outstanding sound performance, meeting the high expectations of the commercial sector, where audio clarity, power, and reliability are non-negotiable.

Expertise in Sound

Blaze Audio’s expertise extends beyond just manufacturing. They are sound experts, understanding the intricacies of acoustics and its application in various commercial settings. Whether it’s a retail space, a hospitality venue, an educational institution, or a corporate environment, Blaze Audio’s solutions are designed to enhance the auditory experience, ensuring clarity, depth, and consistency of sound.

Exceptional Product Range

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Blaze Audio’s product portfolio reflects their commitment to excellence in the field of commercial audio solutions. Each product is a blend of innovation, quality, and performance, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the commercial audio market.

PowerZone™ Series Amplifiers

PowerZone™ Connect 2U Series (1000W – 3000W): These amplifiers are designed for demanding audio environments, offering high power outputs suitable for large-scale installations. They are ideal for venues requiring robust sound amplification without compromising on clarity or quality​​.

PowerZone™ Connect 1U Series (125W – 500W): These units are more compact, perfect for spaces where efficient use of rack space is essential. Despite their smaller size, they deliver exceptional audio performance, making them suitable for various commercial settings​​.

Standard PowerZone™ Series (250W – 1000W): These amplifiers provide a balance of power and flexibility, suitable for a wide range of commercial audio applications. They are versatile enough to be used in medium-sized venues, from corporate boardrooms to retail spaces​​.

DSP-Enabled Amplifiers

Blaze Audio’s DSP-enabled amplifiers are notable for their ultra-reliable performance and full-matrix DSP capabilities. Designed for complex, multi-zone commercial installations, these amplifiers deliver exceptional efficiency and easy DSP configuration. They come in both 1U and 2U formats with 2 and 4 channel options, catering to diverse installation needs​​.

Advanced Configuration Features

The amplifiers are designed for flexibility, allowing outputs to be configured in low or high impedance. This feature, along with their automatic power-sharing technology, ensures optimal distribution of sound across different zones and speaker types. The ultra-compact form factor of these amplifiers means they can fit into spaces where others cannot, making them a practical choice for a variety of installation environments​​.

Network and Control Compatibility

Blaze Audio amplifiers offer optional compatibility with Audinate Dante™ AoIP networks, providing seamless integration into existing audio network setups. Additionally, the wireless and wired access to the embedded web app, PowerZone™ Control, allows for intuitive DSP configuration and management of various system features, making them adaptable for complex audio installations​​.

Wall-S1 Controller

The Wall-S1 is an advanced remote controller designed to manage multi-zone audio systems. It features a networked/PoE setup with a customizable on-screen color menu and backlight control button. This controller provides users with the ease and convenience of managing system inputs and volume, making it an essential tool for sophisticated audio systems​​.

Each product in Blaze Audio’s lineup is a testament to their commitment to providing professional-grade audio solutions. These products are designed to meet the high demands of commercial audio environments, ensuring that every audio experience is powerful, clear, and immersive.

Advanced Control Systems

  • PowerZone™ Control Web App: A versatile DSP controller for multi-zone audio setups, PowerZone™ Control offers effortless customization and management of detailed audio/voice systems. It’s ideal for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, educational facilities, and other locations requiring advanced audio configurations​​.
  • Wall-S1 Controller: The Wall-S1 provides ultimate control over multi-zone audio systems. This networked/PoE controller features a customizable on-screen color menu and backlight control button, simplifying the management of system inputs and volume​​.
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Why Choose Blaze Audio?

Blaze Audio stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative pro audio solutions. Their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial audio environments, offering superior sound performance, efficiency, and ease of use. With ongoing advancements like new firmware updates and speaker presets, Blaze Audio continues to lead in providing cutting-edge audio solutions​​.

C&C Technology Group Proudly Partners with Blaze Audio

Blaze Audio is redefining the professional audio landscape. Their expertise in creating superior soundscapes, combined with cutting-edge technology and intuitive control systems, makes them an ideal choice for any commercial audio project.

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