Hybrid Workplace

Human-Centric Optimization Enabled by Cognitive Technology

Start unlocking critical insights to enhance employee wellbeing, productivity, and satisfaction. Deploy the right tools to enable the ability to define clear actionable workplace programs to achieve an efficient hybrid workplace model.

C&C Technology Group’s Cognitive services provide insights for strategic decision making, including portfolio management, return-to-work projections, digital transformation and workplace optimization. 

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Our Approach

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Master Planning – Cognitive Spaces

Ensuring a continuous state of workplace optimization requires a broad approach encompassing facility, corporate real estate, technology, operations, corporate security, and data driven insights from IoT, AV and IT systems. The complete organization needs a cohesive vision and roadmap.  Cognitive services cover inception trough commissioning.

Data Driven Insights

Begin your new workspace transformation journey. Identify different working styles and how they evolve. Make informed workspace design decisions to satisfy when, where and how people work. Optimize the supply and demand of your portfolio – anytime, anywhere.

Optimizing Technology Utilization

We assist you in optimizing workplace experience (WX) within two primary dimensions: Modal work efficacy and Tool adoption and efficacy. We work with your teams to develop their version of a technology optimized workplace. 

Technology Adoption and Utilization 

Understand how deployed technology is being leveraged across the organization. Gain insights to optimize spend and ensure successful technology refreshes. Analytics provide deep insights into capacity, usage, and adoption within specific environments. Our services optimize your remote work collaboration experience, helping to ensure Digital and Physical Workplace Alignment.

Complexity Mastered – Cognitive Collaboration

Our strategists work with your teams to understand and document key components of your business strategy and roadmap. We help your team ideate undiscovered opportunities, originate new technology solutions, and ensure globally diverse built environments are all aligned to the long term investment strategy.

Delivering Strategic Outcomes

We deliver detailed collaborations that identify opportunities, inform integrated digital/physical/service outcomes, and inform your investment plans. We stay connected for the entire lifecycle providing information for designers, technologists, and business owners to align stakeholders, mitigating the risk of downstream issues. We build a long-term decision road map, which identifies important points in your business framework and your technology landscape; we guide your teams in the best technological approach to key business milestones.

Maintain and Optimize: Insights-as-a-Service

We create adaptable technology  platforms that are fit for purpose and fit for future. To keep them optimized we stay connected, working with your teams. Additionally, we keep the insights and impacts relevant by continually aligning insights and impacts to ever changing strategic needs and functionality as your occupants needs evolve.

Aligned and Relevant

To ensure your solutions and insights remain aligned and relevant, we perform regular report outs that inform your future workplace iterations. We do this by remotely connecting to your platforms and conducting in-person site visits. Your transition from Activity Based Workplace (ABW) to Outcomes Based Workplace (OBW) will require exceptional spatial analytics, and technology solutions for health and wellness all while ensuring a seamless connection between the digital workplace and the physical workplace.  

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Director of Workplace Experience

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Near real time occupant insights

A|B comparisons

Technology to support Outcomes Based Workplace

Digital / Physical workplace optimization

Health and Wellbeing   optimization 

Meaningful KPI insights

Head of Facilities Management

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Extend analytics into workplace

Enhanced alignment with workplace design initiatives

Enhanced ROI on ‘Smart building’ systems

Cognitive AE Index for procurement


Head of Technology Services

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Technology utilization and ROI

QoS Insights

Support of workplace optimization 

Greater alignment with Workplace Experience Director

Architectural Design Firm Principal

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Data driven Insights to inform design

Data driven Insights to inform design

Cognitive AE Index

Pilot Efficacy

Modal work insight

Utilization and Occupancy insights

Technology adoption insights

Agile tenant fit-out systems design 


Building Owner Operator/Occupier

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Improved Tenant Experience

Smarter human-centric building 

Increased tenant retention

Insights into portfolio optimization

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Total Optimization

With data driven insights, strategy alignment and policy and procedure development your, CRE initiatives can be common initiatives across Facility, IT, HR and CSO. 

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Improve ROI

With an optimized workplace portfolio, one that is bespoke to your needs and optimizes employee experience, one that encompasses people, place, technology, ease of use and wellness.

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Cognitive Focus

Consistently providing vision, planning, design and oversight across a full spectrum of strategic objectives, technologies and tactical projects focused exclusively on workplace optimization. 

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