Intelligent Building Vendor

Intelligent building vendor

More and more property owners are turning to intelligent building designs to improve the structure’s efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide other solutions that also provide financial benefits. What many of us could not even imagined less than 20 years ago, technology has now provided us with the tools to achieve. C&C Technology Group has been assisting property owners just like you in providing intelligent building designs for both new buildings and existing structures for more than 30 years and would be happy to discuss how we can help you. Call our office today to speak with an intelligent building vendor

What Is an Intelligent Building?

As an intelligent building vendor can explain, in an intelligent building design, the HVAC system – heating, ventilation, and air – conditioning – of the entire building is connected to an information network that controls all components of the system in real-time. By using sensors and monitoring the system, optimum temperature, humidity, climate, and other environmental considerations are continuously maintained.

This network allows building owners to see what HVAC patterns take place, allowing owners to anticipate what the future needs for the building will be. The ability to control HVAC via an intelligent building design can provide the following benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency:  By installing an intelligent building design in your property, you will be able to achieve optimization of the energy efficiency of the building. Intelligent buildings are able to check climate and temperatures and ensure it is at the optimum setting at all times, considering the number of people in the building and the outside weather conditions when determining what those settings should be at.
  • Less energy consumption: When a building is able to achieve greater energy efficiency, this also results in lower energy consumption. Lower consumption means lower energy costs. A building’s HVAC system eats up most of the building’s energy consumption, so owners can see a significant reduction in their energy bills when they invest in an intelligent building design.
  • Better maintenance: Another benefit of having your HVAC connected to an intelligent building network is that by having all controls in one place, it is easier to keep track of and to detect any system malfunctions. This gives you the ability to make repairs immediately. By knowing there is a possible issue when it happens, this can also avoid much bigger – and more expensive – problems of an undetected, unrepaired malfunction. The intelligent building network not only lets you know there is a problem, but can also provide data to help diagnose what the problem is.
  • Energy is cleaner: The results of optimal temperature and climate conditions in your building and the saving of energy also help contribute to a cleaner environment.

Find Out More. Call an Intelligent Building Vendor

There are many other benefits of intelligent buildings in addition to HVAC controls. C&C Technology Group can also design your building to include control of lighting, security, and even computer systems.

If you would like to learn more about how an intelligent building design can benefit your structure, saving money and making your energy-efficient building more attractive to tenants, contact C&C Technology Group today to speak with an intelligent building vendor for more information. 

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