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Irisys Technology: People Counting Solutions

Reliability and Innovation

Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd, now known as Irisys, is the world’s largest purveyor of people counting solutions. Irisys designs and manufactures technology that detects and analyzes how people employ buildings to enable optimizations and improvements through comprehensively informed decision making. As a leader in the retail analytics industry, recently Irisys has brought its expertise to the workplace through a diverse array of smart building solutions. Numerous major global organizations trust Irisys for their occupational and smart building solutions. Irisys technology is employed in various sectors, from transport, banks, and retail to public buildings, leisure facilities, and corporate offices.

Irisys Company Bio

Irisys was founded in 1996 by a small group of engineers and scientists to develop infrared thermal imaging technology for the fire safety and security market. Irisys engineers adapted high-cost military technology to produce significantly less expensive devices, quickly expanding past the security market to sectors like retail.

Irisys used “people counting” technology to collect retail analytics and measure store performance. People counting evolved to include grocery markets, as supermarkets used Irisys technology to optimize customer service and measure their queue lengths. Recently, Irisys expanded its suite of sensors to have an extremely accurate infrared time-of-flight device. The device leverages the firm’s years of experience to set the gold standard in people counting accuracy and is a critical component of their latest solution, an occupancy analytics platform for corporate offices and workplaces. 

Irisys Innovation

Irisys’s commitment to constantly pushing technological boundaries along with its highly educated workforce keeps them ahead of the competition. Like any successful engineering company, Irisys reaches out to its customers to pinpoint the problems they are experiencing and formulate solutions to address them. However, Irisys isn’t just any standard engineering company- they also invent things that nobody has thought of before. The innovative idea of a queue management solution came about when Irisys spotted an opportunity for their technology and asked their customers: If Irisys produced this technology, would they invest in it? The answer was yes, and now the Irisys queue management solution is a vital tool employed by major grocery chains worldwide.

Irisys occupational technology

People Counting

Traditionally known as a people counter or a footfall counter, people counting refers to using an electronic device to measure how many people pass through a specific entrance or passage. Irisys is a global authority on this technology, with over 500,000 Irisys people counters installed worldwide. With a high ROI and rapid payback time, Irisys footfall counters are popular with many sectors such as public institutions, brands, and international organizations. Irisys people counter offers information used at all levels of business, from setting overall strategy to front-line planning activities. 

Vector 4D People Counter

The Vector 4D aims to be the most advanced people counter globally, with unrivaled count accuracy. Vital features like dwell time measuring, staff detection, and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings allow this state-of-the-art IoT device to assist innovative retailers in going beyond people counting and optimizing their entire customer experience. All of this is accomplished anonymously to protect customer and staff privacy. 

Occupancy monitoring

Occupancy Monitoring


Irisys’ automated occupancy monitoring solution SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting technology to count people as they exit and enter an area anonymously. After setting the customizable occupancy limit, the connected display signage updates in real-time to notify building users that the site is at capacity and unsafe to enter. SafeCount functions independently of existing IT networks and is excellent for rooms and buildings of any size, even with multiple exits and entrances.

Using SafeCount

SafeCount can monitor the occupancy of individual rooms, entire buildings, or anything in between. Some use cases include:

  • Higher education
  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Restaurants, hospitality, and leisure facilities
  • Corporate workplaces
  • Washrooms
Safecount sensor

The Reason For Measuring Occupancy

Buildings can be a significant source of expense for all businesses, so finding a way to run facilities as efficiently as possible is critical. With the current transition to flexible, remote working practices, occupational efficiency is more important than ever. By measuring people’s movement in a building, organizations can understand how it is used and avoid clumsy guesswork in crucial business decisions. In addition, occupancy measuring can be done while maintaining a safe and productive working environment for everybody in the facility.

Queue Management

Nobody likes to wait around in line. Well-documented research illustrates that queuing at the checkout is consistently the top cause of customer dissatisfaction in retail. On the flip side, short queues (and, critically, the expectation of short checkout queues) are vital to encourage spending and build customer loyalty. Queue management centers around making the checkout and customer service staff more effective in optimizing profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Why Utilize Queue Management Technology?

Due to increasing competition from online retail, brick and mortar grocers face more pressure to provide the best in-store experience possible. A queue management system can help retailers:

  • Reduce queues- Increasing basket size and shopping time
  • Improve customer service – Increasing shopping frequency and customer retention
  • Optimize staffing costs– Through the efficient and intelligent deployment of personnel around the store
  • Improve profitability– Through better sales
  • Measure queue performance– against productivity and service targets

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